The Lich King killed by PuG

Lich King 25 puggedRavencrest has been well known for its fabulous PuGs, but this is definitely our best success so far.

Last november we PuG’ed Anub’arak on heroic – though we never made it better than with 49 tries unfortunately – but this is definitely the new highlight.

Considering we only raid Fridays and Saturdays for like 3-4 hours maximum, this is awesome progress and we can finally get some hard modes done.
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How to Solo Gehennas

After the post below where my Retribution Paladin soloed Molten Core I got a lot of questions regarding soloing Gehennas. There aren’t many things that can’t be outhealed by Judgement of Light or Seal of Light, but Gehennas casts a -75% healing debuff (curse)  which makes the encounter still challenging.

But how can you do it? Basically I cleared the path back up towards the entrance, to get some room for kiting and started off with Seal of Command and Shadow Aura since the shadow damage is the most damaging move.

Keep in mind:

  • use Shadow Protection Aura
  • always move backwards to minimize the time you stand in Rain of Fire
  • at first get the Guards down
  • make good use of Sacred Shield and instant Flash of Light
  • delay Bubble as long as possible to remove the healing debuff, heal up before you get the debuff again.
  • once the adds are down switch to SoV and outlast Gehennas

I have put up a short video of my last – but not best 😀 – Gehennas kill.

Good Luck! Let me know how it worked for you!

Solo’ed Doomwalker

Usually we duo/trio Doomwalker for a fast kill and easy cash, but a few days ago there was noone around that was willing to help to kill Doomlord Kazzak and Doomwalker so I decided to give it a try solo.

Doomlord Kazzak worked out nicely at the start but the constant mana drain and the need for dispells ended up in a  heavy consumption on mana. Either I was not able to keep up the hp or the mana  and I am not really sure how to counter that. After a few tries I decided to skip him and rather try my luck on Doomwalker.

Doomwalker was really easy, I could keep up nearly 100% hp using Judgement of Light and Seal of Vengeance, it just took some time to get him down 😀

Doomwalker at 20%

At 20% however things start to become tricky, Doomwalker enrages and attacks harder and faster (hat some 10-12k hits).

Doomwalker at 07%

Even with Sacred Shield, Seal of Light, Judgement of Light he was slowly wearing my HP down.

Doomwalker at 04%
Doomwalker at 01%

The Earthquake Phase during his Enrage is probably the best time to gain up some hp. Other than that I was slowly drained of HP, let Argent Defender keep me alive, saved LoH for the next time I was low on hp, to have Argent Defender available right after.

Doomwalker Dead

The fight took roughly 17 minutes, which is a long time on a PvP Realm. Fortunately people were busy hunting turkeys at the time 😀

The loot was 498G and 2 BoE Cloaks that I sold for 275g each, nothing to complain about!

TotGC 25 PuG with Mad Skill!

Saturday is Treebearman’s Trial of the Grand Crusader (TotGC) 25 day. It is our third kill now and today we managed to get the Achievement „A Tribute to Mad Skill (25 player)„, for killing Anub’arak in 49 tries. Only one silly wipe on Twin Val’kyr away from a Tribute to Insanity which we will hopefully get soon.

With Justicebringer my Paladin is almost better geared soon than my Shaman 😀 We also had the third Death’s Verdict in a row which ispretty nice, considering that in the main raids on normal and heroic we have seen only 1 Death’s Verdict drop so far.


Thanks for the awesome performance and next goal is Insanity! Congratulations to all!

Total Gold Acquired: November 09

It has been a little over 1 year that wotlk and the achievement system came live now. With all the 10 raids instances a week on 2 characters cost a lot of time, the summary is a little late this month, but here is the 2 monthly Total Gold Acquired overview.

cash_200911(note: the picture is quite big, give it some moments to load)

Summary November 2009:

  • Total gold acquired: 800713 g
  • Average gold earned each day: 2149 g
  • Gold looted: 80222 g
  • Gold from Quest rewards: 56708 g
  • Gold earned from auctions: 660548 g
  • Auctions posted: 377604

I shifted my sales a bit, as you can see from the previous post

Here are the changes since the last post:

  • Daisan: +72655 g
  • Exorial: +18730 g
  • Slanty: +1722 g
  • Gregorius: + 49650 g
  • Myrddin: + 100530g
  • Finewares: +15433 g
  • Myrddin, V2: + 25552 g

As you can see I mainly focused on Daisan and Gregorius for income, basically only enchanting Materials. glyphs are a nice income, but it just takes too much time to put all the glyphs up all the time. Also parking my alts in instances for BRD and Scarlet Monastery summons did not really boost sales. I logged my Myrddin (the orc shaman) on Magtheridon only 3-4 times the past few months, it is really too easy to make gold there.

Even now, with the recent disenchanting changes, there is still lots of profit to make with Infnite Dust and other enchanting materials. The buy cheap, sell expensive tactic is still working like a charm.

Requested: Sound on Maelstrom Weapon Stacks

I get a lot of questions on how to create A sound for Maelstrom Weapon Stacks. In my opinion it is a nice helper in norder to not have to watch buffbars all the time and get full focus on the encounter.

At first I chose a fast mp3 sound that I will definitely not ever hear ingame and it will thus be easy to differ from other sounds. I created a folder named „Audio“ inside the „InterfaceAddons“ Folder. For example on my pc the full path is: „C:GamesWorld of WarcraftInterfaceAddOnsAudio“ and the file name „laser.mp3“

There are lots of files to choose, but I think has a suitable Laser or Laser Blaster sound.

It is quite easy to add a sound like that to SCTScrolling Combat Text – by creating a custom Event. Just open the options menu, select SCT Custom Event, create „New Event“.


In the next Window enter the Values below:

  • Name: Maelstrom Gain
  • Event Type: Aura Gains
  • Display: *1
  • Target: Player
  • Search: Maelstrom Weapon
  • Wave Sound: InterfaceAddOnsAudiolaser.mp3
    the location is relative to your WoW Folder
  • Aura Count: 5
  • Make Critical

and then „Save Event“


This is all, your sound should now be working, have fun! An example YouTube Video is here:

Trial of the Grand Crusader PuG’ed

Not sure if this is the first Pickup Group to defeat the Evil Anub’arak on the Trial of the Grand Crusader (25, heroic), but I think it is definitely worth mentioning.

I think it is pretty amazing to gather 25 players and reach Anub’arak with 49 tries left in the first place, there was a wipe on twins, and then to need only 7 further tries to kill the final boss of the Trial of the Grand Crusader.


The setup was far from perfect, for example we had 1 ret paladin in like 50% tanking gear (due to lack of alternatives), and there were also many alts which makes this kil even more  impressive. A big /salute to Treebearman from Pacifism to get this started!

Anub'arak_PuG_DPSWell done everyone!

Borked: Tribute to Insanity

So we finally did a Tribute to Insanity today, Trial of the Grand Crusader without any wipes and 50 tries remaining! The Anub’arak fight becomes so very tense at this point, because any mistake can mess things up and cause a wipe.

Personally I am not a fan of this limited tries per boss strategy, due to the extreme delays it may cause to wait for cooldowns and, which is even worse, the huge frustration that comes with a wipe.

Not like Ravencrest is a particular stable Realm, but we have many players with random disconnects here and there, especially hunters and rogues which have the particular important job of misdirecting adds to the tanks. A little disconnect may cause a wipe and ruin Insanity.

In the end you are never happy that you killed Anub in 49 tries, which is still better than most guilds manage. Instead you are insanely frustrated by a mistake. Imo Blizzard should think this over and find more suitable ways to create challenges.

For some reason I forgot to take a Screenshot of this, but here is the WoL Log:

Borked: Alone in the Darkness

We almost forgot about Alone in the Darkness and decided to give it a try again. It turned out to be still somewhat challenging and we almost made it in a clean kill!


Doh, I lost the Roll on Mimiron’s Head, but there is always another try! Anyway Gz to <Borked> for Alone in the Darkness! Without the help of any Watchers!

Edit: I found it quite funny, but here is a picture fo our second kill:

Yogg_Saron_0_Watchers_take_2As you can see it was another flawless kill! But who cares as long as the Boss is down!