It has been a blast!

You probably wondered why I haven’t posted about World of Warcraft in a while. The simple truth is that my motivation has been steadily declining with the lack of updates and content. Just do the math, from November ’11 to Sept’12 that is 10 months and fees without new content …

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9/11/2001, 10 years ago

10 years ago, it was an afternoon at the office … not too much to do and I was browsing the forum. We were posting about game stuff, when someone posted that a plane hit the World Trade Center. I recall being amused at first … not about the incident, but about the fact that a pilot could actuall hit such a big obstacle by mistake.

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Theme Showcase

As some of you may know I sometimes create wordpress themes. Once in a while you run across a design, that doesn’t fit the goal you had in mind, but at the same time is too nice to just thrash. There are probably a a couple of people who can use these and finish customization for themselves.

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Personal: Helicopters

Alouette II

In 1991-1996 I have been part of the German Army Aviation Forces. I had the choice to waste 1 year of my life as conscript or actually get something back from the army. I decided to become offcier, helicopter pilot and study at the University of German Armed forces in Hamburg. Back then you had to sign up for 14 years for this career.

In 1994/1995 however I noticed that my real interest was computers and also my professor told me I was too intelligent to „waste my life in the army“ 😀
Fortunately the forces got reduced at the time and the Bundeswehr was happy for each pilot that was willing to go sooner. For economic reasons they decided to dust in 30% of their helicopters in order to have the reamining ones 10 years longer in service.

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Borked: The Frostwing Halls (heroic)

After what felt like and endless amount of tries and many many 3-8% wipes, we finally got Sindragosa on heroic mode with the last possible try (2/35).

You can’t possibly feel the weight that fell off our shoulders and the tension that built up during the last 2 minutes of this fight.

As you can easily see here the fight was a pretty close call at the end, about to hit the enrage timer and a tank death during the fight. Fortunately we made it anyhow!

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Borked: Tribute to Insanity

So we finally did a Tribute to Insanity today, Trial of the Grand Crusader without any wipes and 50 tries remaining! The Anub’arak fight becomes so very tense at this point, because any mistake can mess things up and cause a wipe.

Personally I am not a fan of this limited tries per boss strategy, due to the extreme delays it may cause to wait for cooldowns and, which is even worse, the huge frustration that comes with a wipe.

Not like Ravencrest is a particular stable Realm, but we have many players with random disconnects here and there, especially hunters and rogues which have the particular important job of misdirecting adds to the tanks. A little disconnect may cause a wipe and ruin Insanity.

In the end you are never happy that you killed Anub in 49 tries, which is still better than most guilds manage. Instead you are insanely frustrated by a mistake. Imo Blizzard should think this over and find more suitable ways to create challenges.

For some reason I forgot to take a Screenshot of this, but here is the WoL Log:

Borked: Alone in the Darkness

We almost forgot about Alone in the Darkness and decided to give it a try again. It turned out to be still somewhat challenging and we almost made it in a clean kill!


Doh, I lost the Roll on Mimiron’s Head, but there is always another try! Anyway Gz to <Borked> for Alone in the Darkness! Without the help of any Watchers!

Edit: I found it quite funny, but here is a picture fo our second kill:

Yogg_Saron_0_Watchers_take_2As you can see it was another flawless kill! But who cares as long as the Boss is down!