Borked: The Frostwing Halls (heroic)

After what felt like and endless amount of tries and many many 3-8% wipes, we finally got Sindragosa on heroic mode with the last possible try (2/35).

You can’t possibly feel the weight that fell off our shoulders and the tension that built up during the last 2 minutes of this fight.

As you can easily see here the fight was a pretty close call at the end, about to hit the enrage timer and a tank death during the fight. Fortunately we made it anyhow!

I kind of like the challenges hard modes provide right now. I recall durin the last weeks we just rushed through ICC, with no need to optimize anything and just zerged through the encounters.

But now with so many heroic modes like Festergut/Saurfang/Blood Queen that we actually had to work for the reward is a sensation of  achieving something, which is what raiding used to make out.

Anyway, we lost some people the last weeks and if you are interested in joining <Borked>, head over to our forum and write an application!

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