Total Gold Acquired: March 2010

Lots of Gold!It has been a while since the last report and as you can easily see, I slacked. There is no real use for anymore gold and it doesn’t make much sense to use so much time on the auction house.

I have cut down massively posting glyphs and enchanting mats, sparing me 3000 auctions per 48 hours. On the other hand it means that even doing only minimal AH Business it is merely impossible to not gain masses of gold these days. Often I am even to lazy to relog alts to send materials and rather buy them expensive on the auction house.

Income March 2010

The gains of the last 4 months have come mostly from looting gold and lower level items players need to advance their trade skills. It seems atm that this gives out the most profit for least effort.

Enough talking! Here is a screenshot of the characters statistic achievement tabs.

Summary March 2010:

  • Total gold acquired: 966109g  (old:800713g)
  • Average gold earned each day: 1964g (old:2149g)
  • Gold looted: 112020g (old:80222g)
  • Gold from Quest rewards: 65175g (old:56708g)
  • Gold earned from auctions: 783381 (old:660548g)
  • Auctions posted: 463689 (old:377604g)

You can find the summary for november here.

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