Myrddin receives Ashes of Al’ar

Countless kills were needed, but finally Ashes of Al’ar dropped! We have been duoing TK with FS for quite some time when we finally got lucky – me a bit more than FS 😀 In all the years since TBC it was only the second mount that dropped for us. First one went to Nhiha, on his first and only run since TBC 😀

Heroic: Lich King (25 player) killed by PuG

Lich King 25 heroic, PuG, Light of DawnLight of Dawn

The Treebearman Pick up Group on EU-Ravencrest has completed another Milestone, Arthas – The Lich King has been defeated on heroic difficulty in 25 player mode.

The group’s raiding schedule, Fridays & Saturdays from 15:00-18:00, did not leave much time for practice.

3-4 weeks ago I had been complaining to a friend that we would never kill this Boss, especially with this group. I complained about the focus and the lack of killing spirit. Apparently I was proven wrong and everyone pulled themself together and improved focus many times over.

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Daisan Progression update: Putricide 25 heroic!

Professor PutricideThe last 2 resets we tried to get Professor down in our PuG. We had a very good try the first week with only 400k hp left on Professor Putricide the endbboss of the Plaguewing in Icecrown Citadel. But since our PuG is on limited time we kind of had to stop. Our hopes were high for the reset after but we had many new players and some others were unable to attend.

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Total Gold Acquired: March 2010

Lots of Gold!It has been a while since the last report and as you can easily see, I slacked. There is no real use for anymore gold and it doesn’t make much sense to use so much time on the auction house.

I have cut down massively posting glyphs and enchanting mats, sparing me 3000 auctions per 48 hours. On the other hand it means that even doing only minimal AH Business it is merely impossible to not gain masses of gold these days. Often I am even to lazy to relog alts to send materials and rather buy them expensive on the auction house.

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Borked: Tribute to Insanity

So we finally did a Tribute to Insanity today, Trial of the Grand Crusader without any wipes and 50 tries remaining! The Anub’arak fight becomes so very tense at this point, because any mistake can mess things up and cause a wipe.

Personally I am not a fan of this limited tries per boss strategy, due to the extreme delays it may cause to wait for cooldowns and, which is even worse, the huge frustration that comes with a wipe.

Not like Ravencrest is a particular stable Realm, but we have many players with random disconnects here and there, especially hunters and rogues which have the particular important job of misdirecting adds to the tanks. A little disconnect may cause a wipe and ruin Insanity.

In the end you are never happy that you killed Anub in 49 tries, which is still better than most guilds manage. Instead you are insanely frustrated by a mistake. Imo Blizzard should think this over and find more suitable ways to create challenges.

For some reason I forgot to take a Screenshot of this, but here is the WoL Log:

Borked: Alone in the Darkness

We almost forgot about Alone in the Darkness and decided to give it a try again. It turned out to be still somewhat challenging and we almost made it in a clean kill!


Doh, I lost the Roll on Mimiron’s Head, but there is always another try! Anyway Gz to <Borked> for Alone in the Darkness! Without the help of any Watchers!

Edit: I found it quite funny, but here is a picture fo our second kill:

Yogg_Saron_0_Watchers_take_2As you can see it was another flawless kill! But who cares as long as the Boss is down!