Daisan Progression update: Putricide 25 heroic!

Professor PutricideThe last 2 resets we tried to get Professor down in our PuG. We had a very good try the first week with only 400k hp left on Professor Putricide the endbboss of the Plaguewing in Icecrown Citadel. But since our PuG is on limited time we kind of had to stop. Our hopes were high for the reset after but we had many new players and some others were unable to attend.

My hopes for today were kind of not so high after last resets failure 😀 But it turned out to be the best run we ever had in Treebearman’s PuG here on Ravencrest. We killed everything, except for a wipe on Blood Princess, on first try on heroic difficulty. It just went amazingly well. The whole isntance was cleared in 3:30h. Very well done!

Too bad that in all joy, I kind of forgot to make a screenshot :S

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