Shadowmourne for Retribution Paladin

Daisan ChaosbaneIn case you did not know, as Retribution Paladin you might consider clicking off the Chaos Bane Buff to increase your dps.

„Your melee attacks have a chance to drain a Soul Fragment granting you 30 Strength. When you have acquired 10 Soul Fragments you will unleash Chaos Bane, dealing 1900 to 2100 Shadow damage split between all enemies within 15 yards and granting you 270 Strength for 10 sec.“

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Daisan Progression update: Putricide 25 heroic!

Professor PutricideThe last 2 resets we tried to get Professor down in our PuG. We had a very good try the first week with only 400k hp left on Professor Putricide the endbboss of the Plaguewing in Icecrown Citadel. But since our PuG is on limited time we kind of had to stop. Our hopes were high for the reset after but we had many new players and some others were unable to attend.

„Daisan Progression update: Putricide 25 heroic!“ weiterlesen

The Lich King killed by PuG

Lich King 25 puggedRavencrest has been well known for its fabulous PuGs, but this is definitely our best success so far.

Last november we PuG’ed Anub’arak on heroic – though we never made it better than with 49 tries unfortunately – but this is definitely the new highlight.

Considering we only raid Fridays and Saturdays for like 3-4 hours maximum, this is awesome progress and we can finally get some hard modes done.
„The Lich King killed by PuG“ weiterlesen

How to Solo Gehennas

After the post below where my Retribution Paladin soloed Molten Core I got a lot of questions regarding soloing Gehennas. There aren’t many things that can’t be outhealed by Judgement of Light or Seal of Light, but Gehennas casts a -75% healing debuff (curse)  which makes the encounter still challenging.

But how can you do it? Basically I cleared the path back up towards the entrance, to get some room for kiting and started off with Seal of Command and Shadow Aura since the shadow damage is the most damaging move.

Keep in mind:

  • use Shadow Protection Aura
  • always move backwards to minimize the time you stand in Rain of Fire
  • at first get the Guards down
  • make good use of Sacred Shield and instant Flash of Light
  • delay Bubble as long as possible to remove the healing debuff, heal up before you get the debuff again.
  • once the adds are down switch to SoV and outlast Gehennas

I have put up a short video of my last – but not best 😀 – Gehennas kill.

Good Luck! Let me know how it worked for you!

Solo’ed Doomwalker

Usually we duo/trio Doomwalker for a fast kill and easy cash, but a few days ago there was noone around that was willing to help to kill Doomlord Kazzak and Doomwalker so I decided to give it a try solo.

Doomlord Kazzak worked out nicely at the start but the constant mana drain and the need for dispells ended up in a  heavy consumption on mana. Either I was not able to keep up the hp or the mana  and I am not really sure how to counter that. After a few tries I decided to skip him and rather try my luck on Doomwalker.

Doomwalker was really easy, I could keep up nearly 100% hp using Judgement of Light and Seal of Vengeance, it just took some time to get him down 😀

Doomwalker at 20%

At 20% however things start to become tricky, Doomwalker enrages and attacks harder and faster (hat some 10-12k hits).

Doomwalker at 07%

Even with Sacred Shield, Seal of Light, Judgement of Light he was slowly wearing my HP down.

Doomwalker at 04%
Doomwalker at 01%

The Earthquake Phase during his Enrage is probably the best time to gain up some hp. Other than that I was slowly drained of HP, let Argent Defender keep me alive, saved LoH for the next time I was low on hp, to have Argent Defender available right after.

Doomwalker Dead

The fight took roughly 17 minutes, which is a long time on a PvP Realm. Fortunately people were busy hunting turkeys at the time 😀

The loot was 498G and 2 BoE Cloaks that I sold for 275g each, nothing to complain about!

Paladin versus Molten Core!

On Tuesday evening I decided to try to see how I could do in Molten Core on my Paladin. While some bosses seem to not be a real threat, Gehennas and Golemagg turned out to be somewhat tricky. It took me 3 hours to clear the whole place and a fair share of deaths to get the proper strategies for each boss, but in the end I managed ot get everything down.

To make the run perfect I got the achievement and the Eye of Sulfuras in the first run – I am such a lucky guy!