The Lich King killed by PuG

Lich King 25 puggedRavencrest has been well known for its fabulous PuGs, but this is definitely our best success so far.

Last november we PuG’ed Anub’arak on heroic – though we never made it better than with 49 tries unfortunately – but this is definitely the new highlight.

Considering we only raid Fridays and Saturdays for like 3-4 hours maximum, this is awesome progress and we can finally get some hard modes done.


More Information

Here is the World of Logs meter for the fight.

Treebearman from <Pacifism> has done a great job leading this PuG to success and I would like to thank you for keeping this PuG running despite all the migration issues we have faced the past weeks.

On a sidenote, if you are an exceptional player with decent Skills you might like to contact Treebearman ingame or here on the forum to join this PuG. After the recent wave of migrations we have to fill our spots with fresh meat!

Lich King PuG'ed!

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