Heroic: Lich King (25 player) killed by PuG

Lich King 25 heroic, PuG, Light of DawnLight of Dawn

The Treebearman Pick up Group on EU-Ravencrest has completed another Milestone, Arthas – The Lich King has been defeated on heroic difficulty in 25 player mode.

The group’s raiding schedule, Fridays & Saturdays from 15:00-18:00, did not leave much time for practice.

3-4 weeks ago I had been complaining to a friend that we would never kill this Boss, especially with this group. I complained about the focus and the lack of killing spirit. Apparently I was proven wrong and everyone pulled themself together and improved focus many times over.

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Daisan Progression update: Putricide 25 heroic!

Professor PutricideThe last 2 resets we tried to get Professor down in our PuG. We had a very good try the first week with only 400k hp left on Professor Putricide the endbboss of the Plaguewing in Icecrown Citadel. But since our PuG is on limited time we kind of had to stop. Our hopes were high for the reset after but we had many new players and some others were unable to attend.

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The Lich King killed by PuG

Lich King 25 puggedRavencrest has been well known for its fabulous PuGs, but this is definitely our best success so far.

Last november we PuG’ed Anub’arak on heroic – though we never made it better than with 49 tries unfortunately – but this is definitely the new highlight.

Considering we only raid Fridays and Saturdays for like 3-4 hours maximum, this is awesome progress and we can finally get some hard modes done.
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TotGC 25 PuG with Mad Skill!

Saturday is Treebearman’s Trial of the Grand Crusader (TotGC) 25 day. It is our third kill now and today we managed to get the Achievement „A Tribute to Mad Skill (25 player)„, for killing Anub’arak in 49 tries. Only one silly wipe on Twin Val’kyr away from a Tribute to Insanity which we will hopefully get soon.

With Justicebringer my Paladin is almost better geared soon than my Shaman 😀 We also had the third Death’s Verdict in a row which ispretty nice, considering that in the main raids on normal and heroic we have seen only 1 Death’s Verdict drop so far.


Thanks for the awesome performance and next goal is Insanity! Congratulations to all!

Trial of the Grand Crusader PuG’ed

Not sure if this is the first Pickup Group to defeat the Evil Anub’arak on the Trial of the Grand Crusader (25, heroic), but I think it is definitely worth mentioning.

I think it is pretty amazing to gather 25 players and reach Anub’arak with 49 tries left in the first place, there was a wipe on twins, and then to need only 7 further tries to kill the final boss of the Trial of the Grand Crusader.


The setup was far from perfect, for example we had 1 ret paladin in like 50% tanking gear (due to lack of alternatives), and there were also many alts which makes this kil even more  impressive. A big /salute to Treebearman from Pacifism to get this started!

Anub'arak_PuG_DPSWell done everyone!