TotGC 25 PuG with Mad Skill!

Saturday is Treebearman’s Trial of the Grand Crusader (TotGC) 25 day. It is our third kill now and today we managed to get the Achievement „A Tribute to Mad Skill (25 player)„, for killing Anub’arak in 49 tries. Only one silly wipe on Twin Val’kyr away from a Tribute to Insanity which we will hopefully get soon.

With Justicebringer my Paladin is almost better geared soon than my Shaman 😀 We also had the third Death’s Verdict in a row which ispretty nice, considering that in the main raids on normal and heroic we have seen only 1 Death’s Verdict drop so far.


Thanks for the awesome performance and next goal is Insanity! Congratulations to all!

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