Total Gold Acquired: November 09

It has been a little over 1 year that wotlk and the achievement system came live now. With all the 10 raids instances a week on 2 characters cost a lot of time, the summary is a little late this month, but here is the 2 monthly Total Gold Acquired overview.

cash_200911(note: the picture is quite big, give it some moments to load)

Summary November 2009:

  • Total gold acquired: 800713 g
  • Average gold earned each day: 2149 g
  • Gold looted: 80222 g
  • Gold from Quest rewards: 56708 g
  • Gold earned from auctions: 660548 g
  • Auctions posted: 377604

I shifted my sales a bit, as you can see from the previous post

Here are the changes since the last post:

  • Daisan: +72655 g
  • Exorial: +18730 g
  • Slanty: +1722 g
  • Gregorius: + 49650 g
  • Myrddin: + 100530g
  • Finewares: +15433 g
  • Myrddin, V2: + 25552 g

As you can see I mainly focused on Daisan and Gregorius for income, basically only enchanting Materials. glyphs are a nice income, but it just takes too much time to put all the glyphs up all the time. Also parking my alts in instances for BRD and Scarlet Monastery summons did not really boost sales. I logged my Myrddin (the orc shaman) on Magtheridon only 3-4 times the past few months, it is really too easy to make gold there.

Even now, with the recent disenchanting changes, there is still lots of profit to make with Infnite Dust and other enchanting materials. The buy cheap, sell expensive tactic is still working like a charm.

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