Requested: Sound on Maelstrom Weapon Stacks

I get a lot of questions on how to create A sound for Maelstrom Weapon Stacks. In my opinion it is a nice helper in norder to not have to watch buffbars all the time and get full focus on the encounter.

At first I chose a fast mp3 sound that I will definitely not ever hear ingame and it will thus be easy to differ from other sounds. I created a folder named „Audio“ inside the „InterfaceAddons“ Folder. For example on my pc the full path is: „C:GamesWorld of WarcraftInterfaceAddOnsAudio“ and the file name „laser.mp3“

There are lots of files to choose, but I think has a suitable Laser or Laser Blaster sound.

It is quite easy to add a sound like that to SCTScrolling Combat Text – by creating a custom Event. Just open the options menu, select SCT Custom Event, create „New Event“.


In the next Window enter the Values below:

  • Name: Maelstrom Gain
  • Event Type: Aura Gains
  • Display: *1
  • Target: Player
  • Search: Maelstrom Weapon
  • Wave Sound: InterfaceAddOnsAudiolaser.mp3
    the location is relative to your WoW Folder
  • Aura Count: 5
  • Make Critical

and then „Save Event“


This is all, your sound should now be working, have fun! An example YouTube Video is here:

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