Macro: Disenchanting, Milling, Prospecting

Myrddin disenchantingMacros are the perfect way to ease mass production of Disenchanting, Milling and Prospecting materials without relying on addons. The best suited macro command for this is /use. Basically always when you get a target cursor, like when you click on disenchant you can set a target with /use item or /use itemid. This one click macro is a great time saver.

The only limit that you should look out for is if you have 1-4 leftover ores or herbs, the macro will get stuck at some point. It will target material you but since the number is lower than 5 it cannot prospect/mill it. To get around this I mail uneven numbers of materials to a different character.

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Addons: Mail Opener, Bulkmail2Inbox

Mail OpenerNice! Mail Opener cam in a vew Version with many nice features. For the Characters I am playing with I use Bulkmail2Inbox, but my AH Characters use Mail Opener. The big benefit of Mail Opener is the automatic opening of your mails.

It can be quite bothersome to get around the 50 mails per 60 seconds limit and more than once I totally forgot about these mails. Like right now I like to alt-tab and do something productive when emptying the box 😀

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Requested: Sound on Maelstrom Weapon Stacks

I get a lot of questions on how to create A sound for Maelstrom Weapon Stacks. In my opinion it is a nice helper in norder to not have to watch buffbars all the time and get full focus on the encounter.

At first I chose a fast mp3 sound that I will definitely not ever hear ingame and it will thus be easy to differ from other sounds. I created a folder named „Audio“ inside the „InterfaceAddons“ Folder. For example on my pc the full path is: „C:GamesWorld of WarcraftInterfaceAddOnsAudio“ and the file name „laser.mp3“

There are lots of files to choose, but I think has a suitable Laser or Laser Blaster sound.

It is quite easy to add a sound like that to SCTScrolling Combat Text – by creating a custom Event. Just open the options menu, select SCT Custom Event, create „New Event“.


In the next Window enter the Values below:

  • Name: Maelstrom Gain
  • Event Type: Aura Gains
  • Display: *1
  • Target: Player
  • Search: Maelstrom Weapon
  • Wave Sound: InterfaceAddOnsAudiolaser.mp3
    the location is relative to your WoW Folder
  • Aura Count: 5
  • Make Critical

and then „Save Event“


This is all, your sound should now be working, have fun! An example YouTube Video is here: