Macro: Disenchanting, Milling, Prospecting

Myrddin disenchantingMacros are the perfect way to ease mass production of Disenchanting, Milling and Prospecting materials without relying on addons. The best suited macro command for this is /use. Basically always when you get a target cursor, like when you click on disenchant you can set a target with /use item or /use itemid. This one click macro is a great time saver.

The only limit that you should look out for is if you have 1-4 leftover ores or herbs, the macro will get stuck at some point. It will target material you but since the number is lower than 5 it cannot prospect/mill it. To get around this I mail uneven numbers of materials to a different character.



/cast [button:1]Disenchant;[button:2]Enchanting
/use Runecloth Belt
/use White Bandit Mask
/use Avenging Blades
/use Netherweave Bracers
/use Deadly Saronite Dirk
/use Horned Cobalt Helm
/use Bloodstone Band
/use Sun Rock Ring


Actually I have 3 macros for milling, there are too many herbs to fit them into 1 macro.

/cast Milling
/use Felweed
/use Dreaming Glory
/use Netherbloom
/use Lichbloom
/use Icethorn
/use Tiger Lily
/use Deadnettle
/use Goldclover
/use Talandra's Rose
/use Adder's Tongue
/cast Milling
/use Peacebloom
/use Silverleaf
/use Mageroyal
/use Bruiseweed
/use Kingsblood
/use Liferoot
/use Stranglekelp
/use Earthroot
/use Briarthorn
/use Wild Steelbloom
/use Khadgar's Whisker
/use Fadeleaf
/use Goldthorn
/cast Milling
/use Blindweed
/use Arthas' Tears
/use Sungrass
/use Purple Lotus
/use Dreamfoil
/use Plaguebloom
/use Mountain Silversage
/use Golden Sansam


/cast prospecting
/use Titanium Ore
/use Saronite Ore
/use Cobalt Ore
/use Adamantite Ore
/use Fel Iron Ore
/use Thorium Ore
/use Mithril Ore
/use Iron Ore
/use Tin Ore
/use Copper Ore

If you insert a #showtooltip material (for example #showtooltip titanium ore) in the first line, the macro will show the remaining number of that material. This is useful if you only mill/prospect one kind of material.

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