Enhancement Shaman Macros

There is probably not a day where I don’t get a whisper or an email about macros. The big advavntage of using macros is that they increase your focus on the game by covering easy tasks and they let you save those precious slots on action bars. The more and tighter macros you are using the more flexibility you are losing, too. It is your choice how far you want to go.

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Macro: Equip 2 of the same Weapons

Dualwielding macro smallA common problem for dual wielding classes is that they are using 2 weapons with the same name. The normal /equip macros usually bug or place the wrong weapons or don’t change the offhand at all.

Fortunately I stumbled over a neat script sometime somewhere to return an equip itemcode for your current equipped weapons. You can use that for your own macros and it will work flawless for your macros.

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Macro: Disenchanting, Milling, Prospecting

Myrddin disenchantingMacros are the perfect way to ease mass production of Disenchanting, Milling and Prospecting materials without relying on addons. The best suited macro command for this is /use. Basically always when you get a target cursor, like when you click on disenchant you can set a target with /use item or /use itemid. This one click macro is a great time saver.

The only limit that you should look out for is if you have 1-4 leftover ores or herbs, the macro will get stuck at some point. It will target material you but since the number is lower than 5 it cannot prospect/mill it. To get around this I mail uneven numbers of materials to a different character.

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Shadowmourne for Retribution Paladin

Daisan ChaosbaneIn case you did not know, as Retribution Paladin you might consider clicking off the Chaos Bane Buff to increase your dps.

„Your melee attacks have a chance to drain a Soul Fragment granting you 30 Strength. When you have acquired 10 Soul Fragments you will unleash Chaos Bane, dealing 1900 to 2100 Shadow damage split between all enemies within 15 yards and granting you 270 Strength for 10 sec.“

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Recent searches: “disrupt spell earth shock”

Looking through recent search queries I noticed some visitors that were lead here, but probably did not find what they were looking for.

„wow shaman disrupt spell Earth Shock“

Since 3.2 Earth Shock does no longer interrupt spellcasting. Instead it reduces Melee Attack Speed by 10%. Interrupts are now done by Wind Shear, which is off Global Cooldown. It is 1 buton more to use, but overall the better solution.

Since Wind Shear is off the global cooldown you can still use a macro like the one below to fake the old function:

/cast Wind Shear
/cast Earth Shock

You can also change it to Frost Shock for example for PvP.

„how to unmount vehicle wow“

Sometimes Vehicles in WoW bug and you can’t exit them, or some fancy addon prevents the action bar change. Here is a way to get around that:

/run if CanExitVehicle() then VehicleExit() end;

If you haven’t changed the default key bind „NumPad5“ to leave a vehicle then that might be an option for you aswell.

„best enchant for off hand shaman weapon“

current best Enhancement Shaman enchant for Off Hand is Berserking. Unless you mean Weapon imbues, then it would be Flame Tongue.

„Mount unmount Stealth Macro“

The best way to do this is most likely to enable „Auto Dismount in Flight“ in the Interface -> Options -> Control section. Then you can hit the stealth button and it will auto dismount you. If you really want a macro for that then:

/dismount [mounted]
/cast Stealth

If you want to add some mounts to the macro then this should work, too

/use [flyable, nomounted] Blue Wind Rider
/use [noflyable, nomounted] Armored Brown Bear
/dismount [mounted]
/use stealth

I would personally add the [nostealth] condition so I could mash it without becoming visible again:

/use [flyable, nomounted, nostealth] Blue Wind Rider
/use [noflyable, nomounted, nostealth] Armored Brown Bear
/dismount [mounted]
/use stealth

I hope that helped. You are free to add comments below.

Earning Gold: Enchanting Materials (Dust, Essence)

earning gold sold high level mats

Most of my ingame fortune comes from enchanting materials. The best thing about them is that there is no auction fee to put them up.

Using the Auction house as free of charge storage was actually how I got into the Auction House (AH) business. I put up the mats at 3 times the cost. I figured noone would buy stuff at that cost and if they would it would not be all that bad after all.

The odd thing that happened then was that people bought my mats anyhow. I got more mats from the AH and put them up expensive and they sold again.

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Earning Gold: Addons

Some extremely useful addons for mass auctioning are Auctioneer, Auc-Util-BigPicture, Bulkmail2 and Bulkmail2Inbox.


You can get the latest Auctioneer package here. It is a great tool and has a lot of functions.  To keep it as light as possible I am not using all modules. Here is a list of modules I am using:

!Swatter, Auc-Advanced, Auc-Filter-Basic, Auc-ScanData, Auc-Stat-Classic, Auc-Stat-iLevel, Auc-Stat-Simple, Auc-Util-FixAH, Informant, SlideBar, Stubby


AUBP is a great plug-in for Auctioneer. It calculates your total worth by adding cash, inventory, banks contents and auctions and gives out a total amount. For example if your total worth is 100k gold and you just spend 2k gold on infinite dust and you put up those infinite dusts for 5k on AH then AUBP will tell you that your Total is now 100k-2k+5k=103k

You can get this tool here.


If you are going to post thousands of auctions you might like to consider a tool that gets mail out of mailbox convenient. There is currently a limit of 50 items per minute, no addon can get around that. You get a nice big „Take all“-button to your inbox.

You can get BulkMail2Inbox here.


If you are going to split up auctions to multiple chars then BulkMail2 is a great tool to automate this. You can define targets for all kind of materials. For example I have Slanty for glyphs and inks, Vertano for cloth, Finewares for high level Essences and Shards, Daisan for lower level Essences and Shards, Exorials for BoE Items and Recipes, Katya for Herbs and Minerals (including primal, eternals, jewels), Slant for all kind of Reputation items. Wherever I have been farming,  if I return to town I press 1 button and all stuff is being automatically sent to the correct mule.

You can get BulkMail2 here.


Take all mail, place a 60 second countdown bar (DBM, deadly boss mods)

/run CheckInbox();
/click BMI_TakeAllButton
/dbm timer 00:59 Mail

Since I am usually alt-tabbing while waiting for the next batch of mails I have another macro that plays an mp3 with 57 seconds of silence and then a voice reminding me „You have mail“.

/run CheckInbox();
/script PlaySoundFile("InterfaceAddOnsAudiomail.mp3");
/click BMI_TakeAllButton
/dbm timer 00:59 Mail

As you can see, it plays the file „Interface/Audio/mail.mp3“. You can find the Audio files I am using here. Just unzip it in your interface folder and the macro will play the sound. I use the second sound file for Maelstrom Weapon!

Alternatively use your own files and directories. Or this macro here which is using the ingame Stopwatch to produce a „ding“ sound after 60 seconds.

/run CheckInbox();
/click BMI_TakeAllButton
/dbm timer 00:59 Mail
/sw 60
/run Stopwatch_Play()
/sw hide