Macro: Equip 2 of the same Weapons

Dualwielding macro smallA common problem for dual wielding classes is that they are using 2 weapons with the same name. The normal /equip macros usually bug or place the wrong weapons or don’t change the offhand at all.

Fortunately I stumbled over a neat script sometime somewhere to return an equip itemcode for your current equipped weapons. You can use that for your own macros and it will work flawless for your macros.



Here is the script:

/run local function id(s) return strmatch(GetInventoryItemLink("player",s) or "","(item:%d+:%d+):") end for i=16,17 do if id(i) then ChatFrame1:AddMessage("/equipslot "..i.." " end end

It will return something like:

/equipslot 16 item:50737:3789
/equipslot 17 item:50710:3789

Inserted in your own macro it may look like this:

/equipslot [worn:Fishing Poles,combat] 16 item:50737:3789
/equipslot [worn:Fishing Poles,combat] 17 item:50710:3789
/cast [worn:Fishing Poles] Fishing
/stopmacro [worn:Fishing Poles]
/cast Stormstrike

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  1. What if you have the same enchants on both weapons? It returns the exact same ID. Am I just screwed? I’ve been trying to find a fix for this for awhile now.

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