Recent searches: “disrupt spell earth shock”

Looking through recent search queries I noticed some visitors that were lead here, but probably did not find what they were looking for.

„wow shaman disrupt spell Earth Shock“

Since 3.2 Earth Shock does no longer interrupt spellcasting. Instead it reduces Melee Attack Speed by 10%. Interrupts are now done by Wind Shear, which is off Global Cooldown. It is 1 buton more to use, but overall the better solution.

Since Wind Shear is off the global cooldown you can still use a macro like the one below to fake the old function:

/cast Wind Shear
/cast Earth Shock

You can also change it to Frost Shock for example for PvP.

„how to unmount vehicle wow“

Sometimes Vehicles in WoW bug and you can’t exit them, or some fancy addon prevents the action bar change. Here is a way to get around that:

/run if CanExitVehicle() then VehicleExit() end;

If you haven’t changed the default key bind „NumPad5“ to leave a vehicle then that might be an option for you aswell.

„best enchant for off hand shaman weapon“

current best Enhancement Shaman enchant for Off Hand is Berserking. Unless you mean Weapon imbues, then it would be Flame Tongue.

„Mount unmount Stealth Macro“

The best way to do this is most likely to enable „Auto Dismount in Flight“ in the Interface -> Options -> Control section. Then you can hit the stealth button and it will auto dismount you. If you really want a macro for that then:

/dismount [mounted]
/cast Stealth

If you want to add some mounts to the macro then this should work, too

/use [flyable, nomounted] Blue Wind Rider
/use [noflyable, nomounted] Armored Brown Bear
/dismount [mounted]
/use stealth

I would personally add the [nostealth] condition so I could mash it without becoming visible again:

/use [flyable, nomounted, nostealth] Blue Wind Rider
/use [noflyable, nomounted, nostealth] Armored Brown Bear
/dismount [mounted]
/use stealth

I hope that helped. You are free to add comments below.

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