Q & A with Lead Client Engineer Jon Wiesman

Troy „Aether“ Hewitt forced, erm pinched convinced Lead Client Engineer Jon „Underdog“ Wiesman to answer some questions for us at Wildstar Central.

Q & A Session

Aether surprised us over the week-end with a possible Q & A Session with Jon Underdog Wiesman. Topics were limited to User Interface (UI) and related subjects. Troy threatened us with pinching should we ask about beta!

At first Aether started a thread at the WSC Forum, but we were too shy to ask questions right away and then we got started on IRC at #wildstar. You can find the full chatlog at the end of this post. Here is a mix of questions from both sources.

What can we expect of the default UI?

  • Before anyone posts a question, one of the first things I wanted to address was a concern that if we are allowing the UI to be modifiable, then that might mean that we are not giving 100% to making sure that the default UI is worthy of a AAA title. I can assure you that will not be the case. Our lead UI designer is passionate about making the WildStar UI a great UI, and for the people out there who never ever want to install new Addons, we are committed to making the default WildStar UI just as good as the rest of the game.

Why is there even a need for UI Api?

  • I think having a modifiable UI is essential to creating a long-term MMO that people want to play, not just for a few months, but for years. Game studios have long realized that UI design and implementation is not just an afterthought. This stuff matters a lot. Unfortunately when certain types of games dominate an industry for a period of time, they sometimes tend to have a persistent effect on UI design for years afterwards, and studios are reticent about breaking out of established patterns. This is where you guys come in.

Do you have macros and keybindings?

  • Yes, we do have macros in the game, but they are currently much simpler than they are in other games. Part of that is a desire to limit the possibility of botting, and part of that is because other areas of the UI API make macros less important. We will absolutely document all the macro commands. We still need to prevent botting, so our solution to that does mean tying certain kinds of actions to on-screen widgets.
    Keybinding is pretty straightforward, and will allow you to bind most key combinations to any action you want. If you want multiple rows of action bars, you can make that happen. It’s up to you.

Will there be an ingame map?

  • Our map UI will have lots of cool features built in at launch, including features like showing friends, zooming in, highlighting objectives, etc. If it doesn’t do something really cool that you think it should… well, either you or somebody else will fix that soon we expect.

What kind of information you’d expose to the UI Addon API?

  • Honestly, the answer isโ€ฆโ€ฆ.. pretty much EVERYTHING. The in-game UI will be 100% completely modifiable.You can completely recreate the UI to look however YOU want it to look. Seriously. One thing you will love about our API is the ability to create a new Addon based on an existing Carbine Addon, change it, make it your own, and then use it.

How do you deal with possible killer UI addon that you HAVE to use to be competitive are large?

  • I’m not sure that’s true. Honestly, the way I set this up was with these kinds of issues in mind. We’re doing something a little different in terms of API.
    and more via Forum: One concern that is brought up is the invention of a „Superaddon“ or something that basically makes it necessary to have that particular Addon in order to compete at all. I think our API should make that less of a concern, but we will deal with those kinds of things as they come up. We are going to be very much involved in the Addon development community. We won’t be just throwing the API out there and then ignoring everyone. And when we do need to make changes to the API, we will be forthright about the reasons why.

How do you make sure people can properly see the UI elements?

  • We use what is called the „authored resolution“ which sets a minimum virtual resolution for the screen. If you shrink the app so that it would be below that, we start scaling. The biggest challenge with that was with making sure fonts are still readable.

Can you use frames that are independent from gobal scale?

  • Pretty much all the windows (we call them windows, not frames, but essentially the same thing) use the same UI scale. But I think you’ll find it works well. We will probably expose the function for getting absolute app size, so if you wanted to create a window at a specific size you could do that. All our window positioning uses a combination of % from parent edges (or the whole app if no parent) + an offset

Will the user interface allow profiles?

  • Yes, you will be able to switch your UI for characters/realms/accounts. You could load a PvP addon for example only on PvP Realms. I think you should be able to accommodate those needs without reloading the UI

Would I need to set up 2 profiles for fullscreen and windowed mode?

  • The window should adapt to that with no problem.

The UI Addon API is based on XML, why do you use LUA?

  • XML is used for defining forms and other data-ish stuff. Lua is used for logic

How much does the game rely on reasonable latency?

  • Certain aspects of MMO server architecture are just facts of life, for the foreseeable future, and dealing with latency by using strategies like client-side simulation, prediction, and resolution (when you are wrong about the predictions) will always lead to certain expected (and possibly undesirable visual) phenomena on the margins. Some games are better at making this feel more natural than others, but all of them deal with it in one way or another.

These questions are taken from Wildstar Central and the IRC chatlog from #wildstar channel, you can read the sources below. Hope that was interesting for you! Thanks to Troy and Jon for giving us this unexpected Q&A session!



(2012-05-08 23:23:02) starspun: http://wildstar-central.com/index.php?threads/hello-folks-meet-jon-wiesman-lead-client-engineer-at-carbine.593/
(2012-05-08 23:23:43) CosmicDebris: But maybe if it is skedule maybe this problem will not
(2012-05-08 23:23:47) Myrddin: yeah kgpanels, too
(2012-05-08 23:24:31) dpi209: New news have been newsed!
(2012-05-08 23:31:54) News: WildStarCentral: Oh look! A @Carbine_Studios #WildStar developer on WSC @ http://t.co/oJbJgob7 – come say hello, ask a question or two! – ZR – Twitter / WildStarCentral – http://twitter.com/WildStarCentral/statuses/199973753931833344
(2012-05-08 23:33:00) Myrddin: Is noone asking a question, yet? ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-08 23:33:09) Myrddin: Thought you had somehting nice ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-08 23:33:43) starspun: We're shy ๐Ÿ™
(2012-05-08 23:34:57) dpi209: lol
(2012-05-08 23:37:18) Aether [webirc@] hat den Raum betreten.
(2012-05-08 23:37:26) Aether: Tada!
(2012-05-08 23:37:49) Myrddin: Hello Troy!
(2012-05-08 23:38:04) Myrddin: we jsut realized that we are shy!
(2012-05-08 23:38:06) Myrddin: ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-08 23:38:16) dpi209: Har har
(2012-05-08 23:39:04) UnderdogBPL [webirc@] hat den Raum betreten.
(2012-05-08 23:39:20) dpi209: I sense a distinct lack of [CRB] here
(2012-05-08 23:40:28) Myrddin: Hello UnderdogBPL
(2012-05-08 23:40:30) UnderdogBPL: I'm here
(2012-05-08 23:40:40) dpi209: Who's there?
(2012-05-08 23:40:41) Myrddin: welcome ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-08 23:40:45) UnderdogBPL: Thanks!
(2012-05-08 23:40:49) Aether: Dips! I see you!
(2012-05-08 23:40:58) Aether: Jon is UnderdogBPL.
(2012-05-08 23:40:59) ***dpi209 hides behind starspun
(2012-05-08 23:41:05) dpi209: AH!
(2012-05-08 23:41:18) Aether: Starspun! Myrddin! This is like old home week.
(2012-05-08 23:41:27) Myrddin: haha
(2012-05-08 23:41:37) dpi209: Hello Jon, nice to meet you.
(2012-05-08 23:41:43) UnderdogBPL: I hope everyone enjoyed my thrilling tale of programming in Ruby
(2012-05-08 23:41:49) UnderdogBPL: Hi dpi
(2012-05-08 23:41:58) starspun: Heeey you guys!
(2012-05-08 23:42:02) Myrddin: good to have you here!
(2012-05-08 23:42:18) Aether: So ya'll promise to be nice to Jon, right? I have to step away for a quick meeting.
(2012-05-08 23:42:18) Zap-Robo: Argh! Who let them in!
(2012-05-08 23:42:26) dpi209: UnderdogBPL: Yes ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-08 23:42:27) Zap-Robo: lo guys ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-08 23:42:34) starspun: We'll treat him right Aether, don't worry!
(2012-05-08 23:42:49) Modus (+vv Aether UnderdogBPL) von starspun
(2012-05-08 23:42:50) Aether: Also, remember- he is doing this while he is doing other programmery and such.
(2012-05-08 23:43:05) Myrddin: Sure, we will be nice, I suppose there isn’t much that will be worse thanbeing pinched and forced to come here ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-08 23:43:09) UnderdogBPL: So I posted a quick hello in that thread that Aether started
(2012-05-08 23:43:31) starspun: I'm about to post a reply there with some questions I really don't expect to be answered ๐Ÿ˜›
(2012-05-08 23:43:49) UnderdogBPL: Those are my favorite kinds!
(2012-05-08 23:43:57) Zap-Robo: And I've upgraded your account to tag you as a Carbine peep ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-08 23:44:05) UnderdogBPL: YES! I have the power!
(2012-05-08 23:44:10) UnderdogBPL: (Is there any power?)
(2012-05-08 23:44:19) starspun: Your name turns yellow.
(2012-05-08 23:44:20) dpi209: As long as you don't morph…
(2012-05-08 23:44:32) UnderdogBPL: Yellow names are pretty powerful
(2012-05-08 23:44:35) dpi209: Mighty Morphin Carbine Rangers!
(2012-05-08 23:44:39) starspun: Some might even say… gold!
(2012-05-08 23:44:53) Myrddin: We realized that it is not, yet easy to come up with good questions.
(2012-05-08 23:45:12) Zap-Robo: (There might be a hidden forum or two)
(2012-05-08 23:45:26) Zap-Robo: No promises ๐Ÿ˜‰
(2012-05-08 23:45:37) dpi209: Especially when limited to UI addons, not the engine itself
(2012-05-08 23:46:00) UnderdogBPL: Ok, so I guess I will chat in here with you guys for a bit, and then go back and make a post summarizing anything I discussed here?
(2012-05-08 23:46:04) UnderdogBPL: Does that sound good?
(2012-05-08 23:46:23) Zap-Robo: Whatever you like – make yourself at home ๐Ÿ˜‰
(2012-05-08 23:47:11) CosmicDebris: Hello Troy ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-08 23:47:19) UnderdogBPL: *kicking off shoes* cool. Well, Zap asked if there will be Profiles and the answer is sort of. You can tag certain Addons to only load for certain characters/realms/accounts.
(2012-05-08 23:47:33) starspun: Hmm, maybe I'll ask the questions I got from friends here instead, then… ๐Ÿ˜›
(2012-05-08 23:47:40) CosmicDebris: I am writting my questions, but i am long ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-08 23:48:16) UnderdogBPL: so if you have an Addon that deals with PvP (not that I am making any news about PvP) and you only wanted that Addon loaded on PvP servers, you could do that
(2012-05-08 23:50:14) dpi209: *bites his tongue and asks a serious question instead*
(2012-05-08 23:50:37) dpi209: You mentioned you built the UI Addon API on XML – why are you using LUA then?
(2012-05-08 23:51:08) UnderdogBPL: XML is used for defining forms and other data-ish stuff. Lua is used for logic
(2012-05-08 23:52:06) dpi209: I know I'm quite of leaving the grounds of addons, so feel free to decline that question, but…..
(2012-05-08 23:52:24) dpi209: Most pressing issue for me is, UI scaling is a frequent issue in games. Having to deal with resolutions from your stock 19" to a HDTV – how do you make sure people can actually properly see the UI elements?
(2012-05-08 23:52:56) UnderdogBPL: We use what is called the "authored resolution" which sets a minimum virtual resolution for the screen
(2012-05-08 23:53:14) UnderdogBPL: if you shrink the app so that it would be below that, we start scaling
(2012-05-08 23:53:35) CosmicDebris: (Is there a UIparent to refer?)
(2012-05-08 23:53:38) UnderdogBPL: The biggest challenge with that was with making sure fonts are still readable
(2012-05-08 23:53:46) UnderdogBPL: but I think we solved it pretty well
(2012-05-08 23:53:58) dpi209: I'm curious to see ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-08 23:54:18) UnderdogBPL: Cosmic, I don't quite understand that question
(2012-05-08 23:55:17) dpi209: I think he's asking whether there's a parent container UI addons refer to
(2012-05-08 23:55:33) CosmicDebris: UIParent I mean a great frame that can give the global scale and if we ask a frame to anchor it, it depend of its scale, but frames wich have others anchor may be independant
(2012-05-08 23:56:44) CosmicDebris: (sorry it isn't easy for me to explain)
(2012-05-08 23:56:53) Myrddin: I often switch from windowed mode, my normal playing one to full screen for frapsing. Would I need to use 2 profiles for that or will the window adapt?
(2012-05-08 23:58:38) UnderdogBPL: Answering Cosmic: hmmm, interesting. Pretty much all the windows (we call them windows, not frames, but essentially the same thing) use the same UI scale. But I think you'll find it works well
(2012-05-08 23:59:27) UnderdogBPL: We will probably expose the function for getting absolute app size, so if you wanted to create a window at a specific size you could do that
(2012-05-08 23:59:59) UnderdogBPL: Answernig Myrddin: The window should adapt to that with no problem
(2012-05-09 00:00:08) Myrddin: ok, thanks
(2012-05-09 00:00:15) CosmicDebris: So strictly absulute and no in %?
(2012-05-09 00:00:53) UnderdogBPL: All our window positioning uses a combination of % from parent edges (or the whole app if no parent) + an offset
(2012-05-09 00:01:18) CosmicDebris: Ah great ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-09 00:01:28) UnderdogBPL: so you can basically have both. Strictly % if you want (with 0 offset) or absolute if you want
(2012-05-09 00:02:10) dpi209: Have you decided already what kind of information you'd expose to the UI Addon API?
(2012-05-09 00:02:17) UnderdogBPL: Yes.
(2012-05-09 00:02:19) UnderdogBPL: ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-09 00:02:39) CosmicDebris: (<3)
(2012-05-09 00:02:57) UnderdogBPL: Honestly, the answer is…….. pretty much EVERYTHING
(2012-05-09 00:03:12) dpi209: So, chances to get a killer UI addon that you HAVE to use to be competitive are large?
(2012-05-09 00:03:53) Myrddin: (รƒ la decursive on the early wow)
(2012-05-09 00:04:21) UnderdogBPL: I'm not sure that's true. Honestly, the way I set this up was with these kinds of issues in mind
(2012-05-09 00:04:32) Zap-Robo: Right, my working day is done – time to head home ๐Ÿ™‚ Have fun UnderdogBPL – don't be a stranger!
(2012-05-09 00:04:38) UnderdogBPL: We're doing something a little different in terms of API
(2012-05-09 00:04:43) Aether: ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for having us Zap.
(2012-05-09 00:04:48) Myrddin: ah, great to hear
(2012-05-09 00:04:53) CosmicDebris: Thank you Zap ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-09 00:04:59) Zap-Robo hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Quit).
(2012-05-09 00:05:01) UnderdogBPL: By Zap, nice chatting
(2012-05-09 00:05:02) Myrddin: cu later Zap
(2012-05-09 00:05:19) starspun: Posted some questions in the forum thread, I see my last one was pretty much intercepted by Myrddin just now
(2012-05-09 00:05:49) Myrddin: I got your question even more intercepted starspun ๐Ÿ˜€ "Think the question above about the profiles, were more situational than a per realm profile. For instance if you planned to do an instance, that you could use profile 1, when you are done you want to do some crafting and need other skills for that and switch to profile 2 for crafting, or pvp (not that there is pvp, just as example)"
(2012-05-09 00:06:08) starspun: Not THAT question!
(2012-05-09 00:06:36) starspun: Besides, that's what Zap wanted to know, wasn't it :p
(2012-05-09 00:07:00) UnderdogBPL: Well, I think you should be able to accommodate those needs without reloading the UI
(2012-05-09 00:07:05) CosmicDebris: thrully yes :p
(2012-05-09 00:07:13) Myrddin: ok, thanks
(2012-05-09 00:07:59) dpi209: I know this question might be a bit mean, but why is there even a need to have a UI API?
(2012-05-09 00:08:38) UnderdogBPL: that's it, I'm insulted. See ya!
(2012-05-09 00:08:38) UnderdogBPL: kidding!
(2012-05-09 00:08:38) dpi209: -.-
(2012-05-09 00:08:54) UnderdogBPL: I have a wild theory about MMOs and moddable UIs
(2012-05-09 00:09:04) starspun: Careful, dip, we might have to get the chips out
(2012-05-09 00:09:37) UnderdogBPL: I think having a modifiable UI is essential to creating a long-term MMO that people want to play, not just for a few months, but for years
(2012-05-09 00:09:39) dpi209: Once I was an MMO gamer, but then I took an arrow to my knee
(2012-05-09 00:10:42) starspun: I've thought just about the same thing, haha
(2012-05-09 00:10:53) CosmicDebris: And will be possible to bind spells without a visible slot to have a clean UI and in the purpuse to bind all our spells and RP-items/trinkets/vehicle etc..?
(2012-05-09 00:10:54) starspun: It's my #1 theory that WoW is still going strong
(2012-05-09 00:11:05) UnderdogBPL: Yeah, I'm pretty passionate about it. I will go on and on if someone doesn't stop me
(2012-05-09 00:11:18) UnderdogBPL: I agree with you starspun
(2012-05-09 00:11:48) dpi209: Okay, I don't play WoW – could someone explain to me WHY that makes people play WoW?
(2012-05-09 00:12:01) starspun: Playing any MMO with UI elements that are just flat out annoying and completely unchangeable… ugh
(2012-05-09 00:12:09) CosmicDebris: UI addons: D
(2012-05-09 00:12:28) Myrddin: I have some friends that love to set up their ui and spend an awful lot of time with it
(2012-05-09 00:12:41) UnderdogBPL: CosmicDebris: we still need to prevent botting, so our solution to that does mean tying certain kinds of actions to on-screen widgets
(2012-05-09 00:13:08) CosmicDebris: I am one of them and realy, i spent sometimes mote times to work on my UI than play the game
(2012-05-09 00:13:12) starspun: dip, I think it has something to do with the fact that you can make your UI look exactly the way you want to, so you don't have to be annoyed by certain bits and pieces
(2012-05-09 00:13:22) dpi209: Setting up the UI is great, but why don't companies just build a UI that makes people don't need addons?
(2012-05-09 00:13:33) UnderdogBPL: Yeah, so the thing is, everyone is different
(2012-05-09 00:13:35) starspun: People have different things they expect
(2012-05-09 00:13:40) CosmicDebris: (oki ๐Ÿ™‚ )
(2012-05-09 00:13:46) starspun: I guess that's the tl;dr of it, anyway
(2012-05-09 00:13:47) Myrddin: because you can’t make an ui that pleases 10 million players
(2012-05-09 00:14:06) starspun: Exactly :p One person wants one thing, another wants something else, a third wants something entirely different
(2012-05-09 00:14:27) starspun: I'm sure you've seen people arguing over the Skyrim UI, even ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-09 00:14:42) CosmicDebris: and we can see that on swtor, it is realy frustrating
(2012-05-09 00:14:45) starspun: I think it's (mostly) fine, a lot of people go UGH GET THIS THING AWAY FROM ME.
(2012-05-09 00:14:53) UnderdogBPL: yes, and merely allowing people to turn things on/off, move them around, etc, will be okay for maybe 85% of people, but the remaining 15% want MORE
(2012-05-09 00:15:07) dpi209: You got me on the 15%
(2012-05-09 00:15:30) UnderdogBPL: but again, I have some wild theories about this
(2012-05-09 00:16:01) UnderdogBPL: and soon we will see if I am crazy or… slightly less crazy
(2012-05-09 00:16:12) starspun: Soon… soon!
(2012-05-09 00:16:19) UnderdogBPL: soon….ish?
(2012-05-09 00:16:24) dpi209: You are per definition crazy, and it's good that way.
(2012-05-09 00:16:25) starspun: Is that with or without the trademark
(2012-05-09 00:16:35) dpi209: With.
(2012-05-09 00:16:47) dpi209: Game companies NEVER leave out the trademark :p
(2012-05-09 00:17:21) starspun: dpi209รขโ€žยข
(2012-05-09 00:17:31) ***dpi209 bows respectfully
(2012-05-09 00:17:38) dpi209: Thank you, but I'm no game company
(2012-05-09 00:17:55) starspun: Too bad, you're now a trademark
(2012-05-09 00:18:01) starspun: Not registered, but still
(2012-05-09 00:18:10) UnderdogBPL: how many of you guys have written Addons for a game?
(2012-05-09 00:18:26) dpi209: Never felt the need to.
(2012-05-09 00:18:34) starspun: Programming is scary. ๐Ÿ™
(2012-05-09 00:18:38) Myrddin: <- ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-09 00:18:40) dpi209: The most I've written is manuals
(2012-05-09 00:18:55) CosmicDebris: I have to leave, thank you realy for this time and your answers. I hope we will have an overview of all this discuss. See you soon all of you ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-09 00:19:02) Myrddin: but I suck at it, need to find some addon and tweak it to my needs
(2012-05-09 00:19:07) starspun: I think there was a point where I wanted to try, but learning how to was intimidating ๐Ÿ˜›
(2012-05-09 00:19:14) starspun: See you, CosmicDebris!
(2012-05-09 00:19:16) Myrddin: Thaks for joining cosmic
(2012-05-09 00:19:33) dpi209: Bye, CD, see ya
(2012-05-09 00:19:49) dpi209: starspun: Can't be worse than trying to code Ruby on Windoes
(2012-05-09 00:19:51) Myrddin: one whsipered people for missing buffs, and the other one helped with ressing after a wipe
(2012-05-09 00:19:52) dpi209: *Windows
(2012-05-09 00:19:55) UnderdogBPL: So, Myrddin, one thing you will love about our API is the ability to create a new Addon based on an existing Carbine Addon, change it, make it your own, and then use it
(2012-05-09 00:20:06) Myrddin: but I lack the skils to make somehting powerful
(2012-05-09 00:20:23) CosmicDebris: (Oh sorry before leaving: I am bad in programming but I 'm relying for a good initiation with guides^^)
(2012-05-09 00:21:21) starspun: I might have to try with WildStar… maybe. I really would like a decend mount/vehicle randomizer. :p
(2012-05-09 00:21:29) starspun: Also a decent one.
(2012-05-09 00:21:45) Myrddin: that is great, but hard to imagine at the moment. since we do no tknow what kind of addons will come with the game, what kind of helperaddons we’d like to use to improve/make stuff convenient, etc
(2012-05-09 00:23:23) Myrddin: For my needs sophisticated wow macros are all I need. Playing petty much with the default ui. Will there be macros, or can’t you talk about that?
(2012-05-09 00:25:22) UnderdogBPL: we have macros
(2012-05-09 00:25:50) starspun: Will they be crazy unlimited like in Rift? (Please no)
(2012-05-09 00:27:31) UnderdogBPL: I'm not familiar enough with Rift macros
(2012-05-09 00:27:34) starspun: You just ended up with a build compressed into a 1-3 button mash build if you wanted to be an effective player
(2012-05-09 00:27:58) Myrddin: I like macros, anything that helps me to keep the amount of buttons on my screen low ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-09 00:29:41) starspun: You'd just put all your abilities into one macro, arranged by cooldown time, and have at it. A tank with a macro was better than one without, it was… rather sad :
(2012-05-09 00:30:04) dpi209: That is always the danger with macros
(2012-05-09 00:31:39) starspun: Hahaha
(2012-05-09 00:31:41) Aether: THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!
(2012-05-09 00:31:44) Aether: Just kidding. ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-09 00:31:45) starspun: Better go pinch him ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-09 00:31:45) UnderdogBPL: woops, time to update the resume
(2012-05-09 00:31:51) Aether: haha
(2012-05-09 00:31:57) ET`afk [ET@Community.staff.globalgamers.net] hat den Raum betreten.
(2012-05-09 00:31:58) dpi209: I can't believe jon spilled the beans about pvp servers either
(2012-05-09 00:32:45) starspun: Anyway, as far as macro systems go, I prefer WoW's to Rift's :p Really the only two I have any sort of experience with
(2012-05-09 00:33:01) UnderdogBPL: I only spilled hypothetical beans
(2012-05-09 00:33:12) UnderdogBPL: hypothetical beans make a very small mess, if any at all
(2012-05-09 00:33:14) starspun: Beans are pretty gross anyway
(2012-05-09 00:33:32) starspun: Hypothetical or not, I'm completely okay with spilling them :p
(2012-05-09 00:33:44) dpi209: Why can't we spill cucumbers instead?
(2012-05-09 00:33:58) starspun: Why, cucumber is delicious
(2012-05-09 00:34:01) Aether: There were no PvP server beans spilled.
(2012-05-09 00:34:06) UnderdogBPL: The bean lobby is particularly strong
(2012-05-09 00:34:58) starspun: Mr. Bean?
(2012-05-09 00:35:09) UnderdogBPL: I think I've lost control of this chat
(2012-05-09 00:35:10) dpi209: Don't get your pickles in a twist
(2012-05-09 00:35:41) Aether: hahah
(2012-05-09 00:36:21) Aether: Yes, when pickles get involved, things have clearly taken a turn.
(2012-05-09 00:36:39) ***dpi209 hides behind starspun again
(2012-05-09 00:37:11) starspun: You're such a gentleman, dip ๐Ÿ™
(2012-05-09 00:37:32) dpi209: I know, right?
(2012-05-09 00:37:37) dpi209: Just covering your back
(2012-05-09 00:38:57) starspun: Thanks ๐Ÿ™
(2012-05-09 00:39:13) starspun: UnderdogBPL! What is your favorite UI addon? :p
(2012-05-09 00:39:20) Etrigan hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Ping timeout).
(2012-05-09 00:40:02) UnderdogBPL: One of the versions of Gatherer, probably. TBH, it's been a while since I've played WoW
(2012-05-09 00:40:40) starspun: No time anymore or just sick of it? ;D
(2012-05-09 00:40:53) Myrddin: "Aether: There were no PvP server beans spilled." thanks for pointing my nose on it, I almost overlooked it! ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-09 00:41:12) Aquilus: What's all this.
(2012-05-09 00:41:19) Aquilus: People talking? Here?
(2012-05-09 00:41:22) UnderdogBPL: Now, my favorite WildStar Addon would probably be… oh gosh, look at the time
(2012-05-09 00:41:31) Myrddin: yeah gatherer, is nice
(2012-05-09 00:41:34) starspun: People were talking here when I poked you, Aquilus
(2012-05-09 00:41:41) starspun: Jeez, pay attention
(2012-05-09 00:41:48) Aquilus: I was busy levelling! :p
(2012-05-09 00:41:53) starspun: Pfff
(2012-05-09 00:42:14) dpi209: Achievement unlocked.
(2012-05-09 00:42:33) Myrddin: it is kind of nice to see how addonsbuild up on each other, each version a bit more sophisticated than the next
(2012-05-09 00:42:33) dpi209: All right, I'll call it a day.
(2012-05-09 00:42:37) Aquilus: Guess I owe you three pokes.
(2012-05-09 00:42:50) ***starspun pokes Aquilus three times
(2012-05-09 00:42:59) dpi209: Jon, it was nice of you to stop by and answer a few q's, thanks a lot for that.
(2012-05-09 00:43:10) Aquilus: Fine, six then.
(2012-05-09 00:43:14) Myrddin: gatherer, then calculate the perfect routes, drawing them on the minimap, onscreen, etc
(2012-05-09 00:43:19) dpi209: Aether, a drive-by pleasure as always :p
(2012-05-09 00:43:22) ***starspun pokes Aquilus six times
(2012-05-09 00:43:37) Aquilus: I'm starting to sense a pattern here.
(2012-05-09 00:43:41) Aquilus: Are you bored, perhaps? :p
(2012-05-09 00:43:52) starspun: Oh, you said you owe ME pokes
(2012-05-09 00:43:54) dpi209: Good night, folks ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-09 00:43:56) UnderdogBPL: it was fun, I'm sure we'll do it again
(2012-05-09 00:43:59) starspun: Night dip!
(2012-05-09 00:44:43) dpi209 hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Quit).
(2012-05-09 00:45:42) starspun: Aw, if you're heading out as well Jon, I guess the questions I posted on the forums will go unanswered for now ๐Ÿ˜‰ … which really isn't unexpected since they're a little off-topic. *cough*
(2012-05-09 00:46:35) Myrddin: Thanks for joining up, hope the next time you won’t need to be pinched to come by ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-09 00:47:13) starspun: Yes! We appreciate it! ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-09 00:48:37) Aquilus: Oh, that was Jon.
(2012-05-09 00:48:44) Aquilus: I guess that's what I get for not paying attention :p
(2012-05-09 00:49:05) UnderdogBPL: don't worry, I'll write a post summarizing this chat (minus the pickle tangent) and answer some of the questions in there
(2012-05-09 00:49:25) UnderdogBPL: Aquilus, hi.
(2012-05-09 00:49:41) starspun: Awesome. I still don't expect answers to three of my four questions, but awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-09 00:50:00) UnderdogBPL: I'll see what I can do. Some of the questions were, er, loaded.
(2012-05-09 00:50:04) Aquilus: Hi, UnderdogBPL.
(2012-05-09 00:50:20) Aquilus: I wouldn't have known what to ask about either way, so it's fine. Kind of forgot about the game :p
(2012-05-09 00:50:36) starspun: UI addons.
(2012-05-09 00:50:44) Aquilus: This is the one with the bunny girls, right?
(2012-05-09 00:51:02) starspun: You forgot the bunny boys :<
(2012-05-09 00:51:11) Aquilus: That was deliberate.
(2012-05-09 00:51:36) starspun: Tsssh
(2012-05-09 00:51:37) Zap-Robo [zaphod@Zap-Robo.user.globalgamers.net] hat den Raum betreten.
(2012-05-09 00:51:37) Modus (+o Zap-Robo) von ChanServ
(2012-05-09 00:51:39) Myrddin: Pretty sure we will hear much more of Wildstar the coming months
(2012-05-09 00:51:45) Aquilus: But yeah, UI addons is an interesting topic.
(2012-05-09 00:51:50) Zap-Robo: And now, comfy at home
(2012-05-09 00:51:55) Myrddin: welcome home
(2012-05-09 00:51:56) starspun: Shame you're late
(2012-05-09 00:51:57) Aquilus: It's a fine balance, allowing for custom elements without allowing for what is effectively cheating.
(2012-05-09 00:52:12) Zap-Robo: I'm not late – I'm exactly on time (for me!)
(2012-05-09 00:52:21) Aquilus: You're late for us, though.
(2012-05-09 00:52:31) Aquilus: Well, not for me. I'm always here =/
(2012-05-09 00:53:52) UnderdogBPL: It IS a fine balance, and one I hope we are able to achieve. We have a plan, and I think it's a good one.
(2012-05-09 00:54:17) Zap-Robo: Kill them all, and let the gaming gods decide?
(2012-05-09 00:54:25) UnderdogBPL: I'm not going to make any grandiose statements and suggest that we will be perfect, but we are committed to getting it right
(2012-05-09 00:54:40) starspun: There are no gaming gods, only game masters
(2012-05-09 00:57:31) Aquilus: How would you prevent something like Gatherer from WoW, if you're familiar with that?
(2012-05-09 00:58:22) Aquilus: If that's even a concern, I guess.
(2012-05-09 00:58:27) UnderdogBPL: I am familiar with Gatherer; it's one of my favorites
(2012-05-09 00:58:30) starspun: Haha, I guess you didn't see the part where Gatherer is (one of) his favorites ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-09 00:58:35) Myrddin: hehe
(2012-05-09 00:58:35) Aquilus: Ah. Hehe.
(2012-05-09 00:58:44) [1]RedLynk heiรƒลธt jetzt RedLynk
(2012-05-09 00:58:48) RedLynk: Yo yo yo
(2012-05-09 00:58:52) Aquilus: I used it myself, still felt like cheating.
(2012-05-09 00:58:53) ***starspun pinches RedLynk's cheeks
(2012-05-09 00:59:00) RedLynk: MY CHEEKS
(2012-05-09 00:59:01) RedLynk: VIOLATED
(2012-05-09 00:59:10) Aquilus: Oh, pipe down.
(2012-05-09 00:59:14) starspun: If Gatherer felt like cheating, I wonder how you'd have felt about using Recursive back in the Molten Core days
(2012-05-09 00:59:22) Aquilus: I used that.
(2012-05-09 00:59:31) UnderdogBPL: So, the "problem" with Gatherer is not at the UI Addon level, but in the fact that resource nodes are consistent
(2012-05-09 00:59:33) starspun: It was different back then :p
(2012-05-09 00:59:40) UnderdogBPL: it's not a question of API at all
(2012-05-09 00:59:56) Aquilus: I suppose that's right.
(2012-05-09 01:00:22) Aquilus: I have no idea how Recursive even worked. I just vaguely remember it as some sort of magic button that fixed everything.
(2012-05-09 01:00:26) UnderdogBPL: So, I'll just say that if Design wants those kinds of things to be hidden, then it's their job to hide them. *ducks*
(2012-05-09 01:00:50) Myrddin: I am kind of torn, I don’t like bots, but I also like bots … for example in Asheron’s call there were portal bots, basically characters that stood there and made portals if you traded them items/money … loved those, think they are a great idea. But at the same time I hate bots that let you walk around and fight/xp for you.
(2012-05-09 01:01:13) Aquilus: I assume the Explorable stuff is going to be at set places, so I guess people would make map mods for those.
(2012-05-09 01:01:32) Aquilus: But then again, you could just get that from a third party site if you wanted to, so I guess it's not a particularly important concern.
(2012-05-09 01:01:38) starspun: Aquilus, originally you just had Recursive running and it would decurse and stuff for you without having to even press anything
(2012-05-09 01:01:49) Aquilus: I recall having to mash a button.
(2012-05-09 01:02:07) starspun: Yeah, Blizzard changed how it worked because it was ridiculous to have it the way it was
(2012-05-09 01:02:07) Aquilus: For the first boss of molten core, I forget his name.
(2012-05-09 01:02:09) UnderdogBPL: We have ways to prevent that, but it's an arms race you know?
(2012-05-09 01:02:45) Myrddin: Lucifron
(2012-05-09 01:02:45) Aquilus: Guess I have to check up on Wildstar, see if I missed any fun reveals.
(2012-05-09 01:02:51) Aquilus: Yes.
(2012-05-09 01:03:03) Myrddin: and the addon was Decursive (from de-cursing) ๐Ÿ˜€
(2012-05-09 01:03:21) Aquilus: See, that makes more sense.
(2012-05-09 01:03:24) starspun: Yeah I guess that might've been it :p
(2012-05-09 01:03:33) starspun: It's a long time ago, shhh
(2012-05-09 01:03:37) Aquilus: Though I suppose it was more of a recursive decursing.
(2012-05-09 01:03:41) Aquilus: :p
(2012-05-09 01:03:43) UnderdogBPL: The basic Decursive design (from what I remember) would not work in our API
(2012-05-09 01:04:07) ET`afk heiรƒลธt jetzt Etrigan
(2012-05-09 01:04:18) starspun: No automatic "use X if Y is applied"? Excellent
(2012-05-09 01:04:34) UnderdogBPL: Absolutely not
(2012-05-09 01:04:38) Myrddin: do you protect windows in combat? so that they can’t jsut display "clickable" windows over each other n certain events?
(2012-05-09 01:05:14) Aquilus: Did they reveal the races of the other faction yet?
(2012-05-09 01:05:22) Myrddin: for example "boss loses armor debuff" and a button to re-apply that debuf would be displayed
(2012-05-09 01:05:29) UnderdogBPL: Myrddin, yeah. Certain types of windows (and their parents, grandparents, etc) will become locked during combat
(2012-05-09 01:05:37) Myrddin: great, thanks
(2012-05-09 01:05:43) starspun: Not other than humans, Aquilus :p
(2012-05-09 01:05:56) Aquilus: Alright.
(2012-05-09 01:06:05) Aquilus: Anything about server tech?
(2012-05-09 01:06:11) Zap-Robo: There have been race reveals, just not (necessarily) for another faction
(2012-05-09 01:06:21) Aquilus: I don't want to see old-school server selection in an MMO ever again.
(2012-05-09 01:06:38) starspun: Your face is an old-school server selection
(2012-05-09 01:06:40) starspun: Deal with THAT
(2012-05-09 01:06:41) Myrddin: its only about UI Aquilus!
(2012-05-09 01:06:49) Aquilus: Thank you for your thoughtful comment, starspun.
(2012-05-09 01:07:09) starspun: I know you love them so
(2012-05-09 01:07:26) starspun: Almost as much as I love sleep, which I should get to
(2012-05-09 01:07:26) Aquilus: I do.
(2012-05-09 01:07:33) Aquilus: You? sleep?
(2012-05-09 01:07:38) Aquilus: At a reasonable time of day?
(2012-05-09 01:07:40) Aquilus: I don't believe it.
(2012-05-09 01:07:54) starspun: I guess you haven't noticed I've been doing that for… two weeks now?
(2012-05-09 01:07:58) starspun: :p
(2012-05-09 01:07:59) Aquilus: Nope.
(2012-05-09 01:08:10) Aquilus: Guess I'm not that great at stalking =/
(2012-05-09 01:08:17) starspun: This is a good thing
(2012-05-09 01:08:26) Zap-Robo: I'm glad I've finished with my last night shift – although I'm going to be back in the UK next week…
(2012-05-09 01:08:58) Zap-Robo: Anyone ask what the most innovative/favourite new UI feature is? ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-09 01:09:08) Zap-Robo: (To be ontopic for a second!)
(2012-05-09 01:09:57) starspun: I really have no questions and I'll blame it on being dead tired… like I always do ๐Ÿ˜€ Good night, and thanks for your time, UnderdogBPL!
(2012-05-09 01:09:58) UnderdogBPL: Hmmm, I'm not sure if I can answer that
(2012-05-09 01:10:16) Aquilus: Is there an "awesome button"?
(2012-05-09 01:10:17) Zap-Robo: Ah, fair enough ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-09 01:10:21) Aquilus: That sounds like a UI feature.
(2012-05-09 01:10:33) Myrddin: Tell us and we can help you decide!
(2012-05-09 01:10:36) UnderdogBPL: I should make an "AwesomeButton" Addon
(2012-05-09 01:10:40) Zap-Robo: Feel free to be vague, if it helps!
(2012-05-09 01:10:41) UnderdogBPL: put it in the game
(2012-05-09 01:10:49) Aquilus: 14.99 DLC?
(2012-05-09 01:11:02) UnderdogBPL: Or maybe a "Beans" addon with a single button labeled "Spill"
(2012-05-09 01:11:48) UnderdogBPL: Well, I've avoided actual programming for long enough. Thanks guys for hosting me. I'll get a post up soon in that other thread answering some questions and summarizing this chat
(2012-05-09 01:11:52) starspun: That needs to be a mini-game
(2012-05-09 01:12:02) Aquilus: What sort of coding do you allow for when making custom GUIs?
(2012-05-09 01:12:03) starspun: Spill the Beans
(2012-05-09 01:12:14) Aquilus: Alright. Always great to see devs being active in the community. Builds confidence ๐Ÿ˜‰
(2012-05-09 01:12:16) UnderdogBPL: It's all Lua Aq
(2012-05-09 01:12:22) Aquilus: Ooh, fun.
(2012-05-09 01:12:28) Aquilus: I know that, so it suits me alright.
(2012-05-09 01:12:29) Zap-Robo: Pleasure to have you here UnderdogBPL! Feel free to stop by again (in official or unofficial capacity!)
(2012-05-09 01:12:37) Aquilus: Even though the scoping is weird :p
(2012-05-09 01:12:40) UnderdogBPL: ok, thanks everyone!
(2012-05-09 01:13:02) Zap-Robo: (And you Aether – we see you lurking and keeping tabs!)
(2012-05-09 01:13:26) Myrddin: Thanks for joining us
(2012-05-09 01:14:16) Aquilus: Heh, may actually want to make a GUI mod or three for this then.
(2012-05-09 01:14:21) Aquilus: Never done that for an MMO before, only MUDs.
(2012-05-09 01:15:00) UnderdogBPL hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Quit).
(2012-05-09 01:15:12) Aquilus: And yes, you're a MUD, starspun.
(2012-05-09 01:15:46) starspun: But you've never made a GUI mod for me
(2012-05-09 01:16:08) Aquilus: OR HAVE I!?
(2012-05-09 01:16:22) starspun: Also thanks for making that public knowledge, you will be my go-to person for all my addon demands
(2012-05-09 01:16:38) Aquilus: Decursive, for Starspun v0.753
(2012-05-09 01:16:55) starspun: Pff, that's not something I'd demand
(2012-05-09 01:17:09) Aquilus: No, that's the GUI mod for your face.
(2012-05-09 01:17:22) starspun: Well that's just rude ๐Ÿ™
(2012-05-09 01:17:45) Aquilus: It's hard to come up with quality material so late at night.
(2012-05-09 01:17:49) Aquilus: Better get some sleep I suppose.
(2012-05-09 01:18:14) starspun: Oh god Aquilus
(2012-05-09 01:18:21) starspun: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1675907842/699266310?token=8687d29d
(2012-05-09 01:18:49) Aquilus: Hmm.
(2012-05-09 01:19:48) Aquilus: It's too late, better look at it tomorrow.
(2012-05-09 01:20:38) Aquilus: But if it gets the game made, I'm all for it.
(2012-05-09 01:21:25) starspun: I want to throw my money at them
(2012-05-09 01:21:27) starspun: All my money
(2012-05-09 01:22:04) starspun: But I'm not sure I'll throw my money at this :p
(2012-05-09 01:26:01) Aquilus: How'd you find that anyway?
(2012-05-09 01:26:34) starspun: Massively
(2012-05-09 01:27:26) Myrddin: since brian fargo had that success with wastelands 2, kickstarter projects are all over the news
(2012-05-09 01:27:45) Myrddin: I mean, I grew up with his games, bar’S tales was my first rpg
(2012-05-09 01:28:01) Myrddin: bard’S tale, but now he needs to deliver
(2012-05-09 01:28:26) starspun: The one comment on the Massively article is just… facepalm to the max
(2012-05-09 01:28:27) Myrddin: can only hope that wastelands 2 will be worth it
(2012-05-09 01:28:32) Zap-Robo: The one Kickstarter I supported raised 1.2mil
(2012-05-09 01:28:34) Aquilus: Haha, yeah.
(2012-05-09 01:28:34) starspun: "wow you have to pay 1000 to get into beta?! Remember the more money you pay the more important you are to the games community…"
(2012-05-09 01:28:51) starspun: Not beta, alpha. And you don't have to. :p
(2012-05-09 01:29:01) Zap-Robo: Speaking of betas, time to log into one! Catch you all later!
(2012-05-09 01:29:07) Myrddin: wastelands 2 got 2.9 million form kickstarter and 100k via paypal
(2012-05-09 01:29:13) starspun: HMM
(2012-05-09 01:29:17) Zap-Robo hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Quit).
(2012-05-09 01:29:21) Myrddin: hf zap
(2012-05-09 01:29:23) starspun: I'm going to beta test this new sleep thing I've heard of
(2012-05-09 01:29:31) Myrddin: haha
(2012-05-09 01:29:31) starspun: Good night… like I said earlier :p
(2012-05-09 01:29:35) Myrddin: nighty
(2012-05-09 01:29:41) Myrddin: I am heading to bed, too
(2012-05-09 01:29:51) Myrddin: glad that the carbne guys came by ๐Ÿ™‚
(2012-05-09 02:45:22) Aether: Especially that Aether guy!
(2012-05-09 02:46:08) RedLynk: Oi
(2012-05-09 02:46:22) RedLynk: Maybe
(2012-05-09 02:47:59) Aether hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Quit).

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