MoP BETA: Glyph of (large) Spectral Wolf

Last night we got a new (surprise) Build – 15689. Main reason behind this build was to re-enable the 64-bit client that got bugged last week. Sadly since the shaman changes are scarce so there isn’t much to show, even this build has only some minor tweaks to glyphs. One of them being a new Ghost Wolf appearance, the large Spectral Wolf.


As stated above here is the new Ghost Wold glyph in action. As you can see the new form looks exactly like Feral Spirit.

Another glyph that got changed was Chain Heal, you can make the look more watery than ever. The first thought that came to my mind was „the drowned god would like that“ if you can relate that to the Song of Ice and Fire („Game of Thrones“). It looks really watery, almost as if you were standing on top of a water hydrant. Forgot to make a video of that hence the 2 screenshots below.

Chain Heal Cast

Chain Heal Beam

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  1. Kind of silly with no Beta changes, for us. There is nothing really to show then.
    About the glyph I’d personally prefer if it would make me a SMALLER 😀 Also this look is kind of overused … the hunter pets, feral spirit … ah well … enough about the only change in 4 weeks 😀

  2. hey yeah… FIRST! Ha… douche move. Anyway, I love the look of it but if they made it smaller that would be awesome so it looked like it ran at the correct pace. Enhance is looking good but I’m not sure if it will ever be viable in PVP and not overly loved in PVE. I’ve played enhance for 4 years now (not long to many) and it’s never been as good as the face roll hunter or warrior that joins the same raid etc.

  3. Haha, I know what you mean, Enhancement is the only class and spec I find fun to play and I am always overly nervous when it comes to changes.
    In Vanilla and early TBC we were kind of ovp, could kill a player with windfury and devs are afraid that it would come back tot hat again I suppose. Heals and DPS is quite a strong combo as you can see in the soloing videos, difficult to balance.

  4. Yeah i watched your solo of KT the other day, was a great watch! Enhance is fun now and if played well can be a hard fight in PVP. I’ve held my end in raids too, granted i’ve never been in a heroic raiding guild but it’s always been myself and our warrior that have topped DPS. Must say though, i’m looking forward to Mists. Time for a change. The Asendence (spelling) talent is looking pretty awesome too.

  5. Indeed, can’t wait for the number tuning to start. Hard to judge how we look dps wise atm with other classes too good and we lacking buffs, talents.

  6. No doubt we’ll get destroyed in the dps charts again =P
    There was word of Shamans getting buffs like a lot of other classes do in replacement of buff totems. Do you know anything about that in the beta? I’ve seen your videos about the new totems and they look awesome.

  7. As I said, we get destroyed atm, due to the removal of all our dps talents, nerf of stormstrike, lava lash … BUT the number tuning has not even begun, this state of beta just hit us harder than other specs and it will be fixed once they are done with out game mechanics.

  8. They nerfed SS and LL? well that blows lol.
    Hoping that it all gets fixed up when it goes live and we end up being awesome again, even if its only for 1 season =P

  9. It’s a much better version of what we have now, turning us into a NR wolf. I gave up on the beta. I don’t know if it’s my comp, or the client, but I’m still crashing like crazy.

  10. The recent builds / realm code caused a lot of crashes … well up to thsi build, no crash only 1-2 timeouts. Maybe you should give it another shot?

  11. I remember the times when our enemies thought this:“Oh god! An enhancement with the stormherald is coming to me, i must ran away“. Nowadays they think:“ah… a mosquito is coming“. Fortunately mosquitos used to be really annoying. We lost that threat. I mean, a healer is being trained by a DK and im sure he is telling his teammates:“WTF are you doing guys? take off this nightmare ASAP!“

    1. @Humakt
      My personal theory is that we ganked some Blizzard devs … you know the old style … windfury, proccing windfury … one-shot 😀 Since then they try to keep up underpowered 😀 They fear us!

  12. My favourite is the actual model we have now, don’t like the worg or the wotlk wolf, but others do. It would be nice with some more options.

      1. Rofl ^^ Meant talents as well 😉
        I’m pretty sure you choose a spec at level 10 though. Then you get like stormstrike and lava lash as enhancement. 🙂

        1. @Haggil
          There will be 6 tiers of 3 talents … but it won’t matter what we choose, it is only personal preference. I like stone bulwark totem, healing tide totem, frozen power, echo of the elements at least.

  13. I hope Blizzard take a look at enhancement shamans. I dont like many things, mechanics, talents, utilities. If they dont have a good work on us, I´m afraid i gonna reroll to windwalker as look like really nice every with every patch… Omg, they can remove snares and roots just using roll, chi torpedo, flying serpent kick (as pvp bonus set).

    Blizzard said: „Monks are intended to have good mobility, but be a bit less good at locking targets down“, so what´s intended for enhs? as we dont lock targets down so good either….

  14. Yeah even for pve there are no changes. But pve used to be adressed. Today, GC said they are trying to fix the use of haste for enhs. Their concept of balance seems to be only applicable to pve. So I wouldnt be so much worried about it. But pvp is another issue. They are able to let enhs to be really bad during a full expansion as they did with Cata.

      1. Yeah, I read it today. What a waste of time to write a post like that. He said nothing, just blah blah blah. Fortunately we got a new patch today with a fix to ascendance toolpit. AWESOME. I´m /dancing now. !

  15. Hey Myrddin, do you happen to know if elemental blast works in conjunction with the 5 stacks of maelstrom weapon? even if it doesnt do you think that elemental blast would be a viable talent choice?

    thanks for the videos!

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