Wildstar Friends and Family Video

The past weeks I have totally been sucked into Diablo, driving back his forces to hell. Nothing has been able to get me away from the game so far, even my World of Warcraft subscription ran out (finally). But this week I got a mail from Carbine with a preview of todays Wildstar Wednesday and I was totally blown away. If you recall my rant about Wildstar Wednesdays and suggestions on how to improve them you will realize that this week they show how I always imagined them!

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Account-wide Mounts on Beta!

A feature we (at least me) have been waiting for a long time is account wide mounts. One of the few remaining really rare old epic mounts. The vanilla epic mounts did not look epic enough for Blizzard so they decided to add armor and stuff to it. Most people turned their mounts into the new ones which made them really really rare these days.
Since Myrddin was born in TBC he had no possibility to get the awesome old Black Saber and always envied Slant for this beauty. Now I can ride it, hooray!

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State of Enhancement Shamans – Beta Build 15662

The last few builds did not have any major changes for Enhancement Shamans, nothing worthy a full post at least. But after 3 builds without comment I decided to share some of the experiences. The Beta Realms have been quite unstable. Crashes, lag-spikes, timeouts in minute intervals. Its slowly affecting motivation of experienced beta testers. Usually Blizzard is quite fast on fixing such builds, hence the delay on this post.

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Ascendance Model

Sorry about the delay! It wasn’t in my hands, the stability of the European Beta Realm crossed my plans of presenting Ascendance as soon as possible. The most recent build 15589 caused severe issues and the realm crashed in 5-10 minute intervals, followed by unresponsive login servers. But finally all these issues have been overcome and I was able to level to 87 and here it is, the Ascendant of Air!

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Guildwars 2 closed Beta Signup

This came just over Twitter: „The #GuildWars2 beta sign-up page is live! It will be open for 48 hours, so sign-up for a chance to get in! http://cot.ag/A7jwF7

I suggest you head asap over to sign-up for the closed beta. Hopefully we get lucky and can provide some proper in-game footage for you.