Account-wide Mounts on Beta!

A feature we (at least me) have been waiting for a long time is account wide mounts. One of the few remaining really rare old epic mounts. The vanilla epic mounts did not look epic enough for Blizzard so they decided to add armor and stuff to it. Most people turned their mounts into the new ones which made them really really rare these days.
Since Myrddin was born in TBC he had no possibility to get the awesome old Black Saber and always envied Slant for this beauty. Now I can ride it, hooray!

Invincible on Alt

Here is a screenshot with my old-school Rogue Slant, Level 75, riding Invincible.

Notice the funny icon in the top left corner of the moun-ui? 😀

Mount Farming

This is great news for mount farmers, you can finally start farming mounts especially in raid instances on more than 1 character. For the always elusive Karazhan Mount 😀

Beta Bugs

When I first played the new build I lost all my mounts which seems to be related to zoning before you log out. I can imagine that it works like macros/action bars, those get saved once you log out. If you want to avoid all issues do this:

  • log all chars
  • before you do anything (especially zone) log out again

I was able to restore the missing mounts by copying my characters once more from live realms.


Blizzard posted:

There is a display issue, you haven’t lost your mounts. Logging in and out and switching between characters seems to resolve the issue temporarily. We’ll be researching this further to get this resolved soon.

Mounts set randomly to 0, but repeatedly zoning helps

Faction Mounts

It appears that faction based mounts are not account wide. That means, we won’t see allies riding wolves or horde on tigers.

Rewarded Mounts

Mounts that are rewarded via achievements, quests, drops appear to be shared over all factions/characters at the moment. For example:

  • Invincible
  • Plague Proto Drake
  • Swift Razashi Raptor
  • Swift Zulian Tiger
  • Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth
  • Violet Proto Drake

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