Ascendance Model

Sorry about the delay! It wasn’t in my hands, the stability of the European Beta Realm crossed my plans of presenting Ascendance as soon as possible. The most recent build 15589 caused severe issues and the realm crashed in 5-10 minute intervals, followed by unresponsive login servers. But finally all these issues have been overcome and I was able to level to 87 and here it is, the Ascendant of Air!

Ascendance Spell

We have been waiting for this a long time! Ascendance is the new Level 87 ability for Shamans. Depending on your spec you can transform into an Acendance, a powerful Elemental, of an Element. Elemental turns to Flame, Restoration to Water and Enhancement into an Air Ascendant. Let us take a look at the spell:


5.2% of base mana
Instant 3 min cooldown

The Shaman surrenders his physical form to the power of the elements, transforming into a being of raw elemental energy for 15 sec.


While in the form of a Flame Ascendant, Lava Burst has no cooldown and Chain Lightning is empowered to become Lava Beam.


While in the form of an Air Ascendant, auto-attacks and Stormstrike deal pure Nature damage and have a 30-yard range.


While in the form of a Water Ascendant, all healing done is duplicated and distributed evenly among nearby allies.

At first it does not seem like such a big thing. But if you take a closer look you will see that our Stormstrike and Melee damage is mitigated by Armor. So basically by converting these attacks to nature damage it is like fighting an unarmored target and getting full benefit from mastery, ~ easily +50% extra damage, even with bad gear.

The combat log shows Stormstrike as Stormblast and Autoattacks as Wind Lash. (See a sample log here)


And here is what you most likely came for! A short video featuring the Model and showing Ascendance in action.

53 Antworten auf „Ascendance Model“

  1. btw make a resto and ele spec jsut once to show, there are different forms
    and specs, like elemental, show us the lava beam and no cd lava burst 🙂

  2. NP, glad I can finally deliver. 😀 Just for interest, it is not possible to
    change specs atm on Beta, hasn’t been from the start. Tried it for you 1
    minute ago 😀

  3. did u see elemental shaman spamming 75k crits? at least we get alot of 7k
    auto attacks at distance. can you please make a MOP post about these issues?

  4. Nope, they are unrelated. Echo of the elements does seem to proc only
    casts, not procs or other automatic damage (flame tongue, lightning shield,
    static shock)

  5. They are the models of the Twilight Hammer Ascendants…and look awesome! I
    love how the models hovers over the floor for a quick moment at the end of
    a cast, it looks even better for Elemental and Resto

  6. So hoping they change the model of it, that’s just butt ugly and it doesn’t
    have any shaman vibes going for it (other than some Cata elemental bosses
    looked like that) I’d rather look like Earth Elemental from our totem or
    anything else.

  7. I’d love to look like the old elite model from vanilla, the kind that is
    still in molten core, the molten destroyers/giants. Just a „air“ version of

  8. Thanks for the feedback. I am German and my spoken English is even worse than my written English 😉 Not sure if it would really be an improvement.

  9. You can’t judge anything right now. Enhancement looks weak, but so do monks and other classes. We have lost a ton of buffs, abilities, talents with nothing to make up for it. Other classes haven’t been hit by this, especially casters. Just like we appear weaker than we will be, the other classes appear right now stronger than they will be. don’t trust anyone saying this or that class will be powerful, strong, best because noone knows. Play what you like best, any patch can switch the fotm class.

  10. Could you perhaps try ascendance with a 2H? Just to see how much stormstrike (blast) is hitting for ? 🙂

    Much appreciated !

  11. Ok seriously is this going to be allowed in arena there is noway they can ele most of all would be auto win almost wait for the healer to trinket put him in a 8sec cc ans stun your main target so get cant los and go home its over holy shit

  12. From my tests vs other classes it seems quite powerful, waiting for the right moment, then use ascendance and stormlash and we have insane burst.

  13. the thing is there are quite a few agility staffs in the game and the legendary weapon for this expansion will probably be a 2h agility staff that would provide way more burst than dual wielding,with no lava lash and a bit slower maelstorm stacks but in some duels where you fight people trying to kite you, 2 handers are better
    and since there you dont have to change your spec for them,not having 2 one handed weapons,1 shield and a 2hander would be stupid in mop

  14. In my opinion the form looks horrible. I was expecting one of the bad ass elementals they added in cataclysm. Not these fat bastards… I guess I didn’t have to expect much from blizzard after seeing our spirit wolves. The warcraft III spirit wolves looks so much better.

  15. Yeah and i know this retard… It was nerfed there fore it is completely useless, i shit on retards like you who think they’re „old school“ l2p nub

  16. Ok this is bull. Have you seen the damage ele can push out of their Ascendance? This is nothing. This isnt even half of the damage they can do.

  17. I was talking about Elemental mainly you should re read my comment. And i also play enhance and im very aware of how fucked weve been in cata, and are in dire need of some buffs. Mind you the buffs that we need are not for damage either it was mainly for defense are damage is competitive as is but hopefully astral shift will help.

  18. 1 ability isn’t important in all situations,all the way till woltk you were supposed to have a 2h weapon for weapon switching in pvp if you wanted to maximize damage in some situations:) i wasn’t talking about them being viable to use as your main weapon, you’ve proved to be a noob so shut up now

  19. whats ur feelings about enh shammy chances in pvp? as u said ascendance seems to be really powerful, finally some range spell for enhancement shaman – on other hand, totems got nerfed..

  20. I don’t know what your taking about enhance shams are really good in Cata PvP ATM if you think their nerfed you just don’t know how to play you class I’ve seen enhance shammies kick ass against frost mages and lol OP to be able to purge frost barrier. I play warrior and pally and I think shams are pretty well rounded and at least shams aren’t were warriors are we been shitted on for the past 3 to 4 years the only time which it was good to be a warrior was TBC or before, now if we don’t have a p

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