Villains of Algoroc

Last week Carbine Studios introduced the Zone Algoroc to us and now gives us a closer look at the hostile parties that will oppose our presence on Nexus. Atreid hands us data on the „Deadstar Marauders“, „The Darkspur Cartel“ and „THE CROWE GANG“. Their history, races, latest activities and other intel.

Rogue Parties

The Exiles mining parties have trouble on multiple fronts at once. Being outcast for a good thousand years the Deadstar Marauders had to to survive on their own, pillaging freighters and eventually turned into the ruthless band of cutthroats they are now. The force on Nexus is lead by Captain Thokov who is after profits and hostages close to Tremor Ridge.

Morek Throg a krogg enforcer and head of the local band of The Darkspur Cartel took charge of the town of Gallow by removing the town’s peacekeepers. Currently they are gaining control over the local mines and prepare for arrival of the lawman Judge Kain.

The Crowe Gang has allied with the Darkspur Cartel and took hold north of Gallow where they brew slush, a strong liqor. This Alliance protects the Crowe from law enforcement, however they are uneasy about the imminent arrival of Judge Kain.

You can find further details and screenshots at Wildstar Online.


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