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The past weeks I have totally been sucked into Diablo, driving back his forces to hell. Nothing has been able to get me away from the game so far, even my World of Warcraft subscription ran out (finally). But this week I got a mail from Carbine with a preview of todays Wildstar Wednesday and I was totally blown away. If you recall my rant about Wildstar Wednesdays and suggestions on how to improve them you will realize that this week they show how I always imagined them!


Last saturday I got a mail from Loic who wanted an opinion about a video Carbine Studios was preparing for todays Wildstar Wednesday. While I was waiting for the processing I was a bit ambivalent about what to expect. Wondered if they’d announce the Dominion races, talk about Beta but feared it might be something not so great at all.
But all those doubts were swept away instantly by the video Carbine supplied. This is the best Wildstar Wednesday we had – and what it would look like if I was in charge (hire me, haha). Jeremy Gaffneys does a great job commenting Wildstar ingame footage. Some old stuff has been shwon but the majority of the video is new stuff, the kind of stuff he have been patiently waiting for.
I asked Loic why they come out with this video now, but got no reply, yet. I’ll assume they want to get some attention for Wildstar before gamescom. Hence the introduction impression on the video, maybe they do this more often now and focus on various details the next weeks. But, I could be wrong.


Anyway let us look at the Video


The first thing that came to my mind was like „WHY AM I NOT IN FRIENDS AND FAMILY ALPHA???!! WTF!“ and seriously wondered if changing my facebook status to „married to Troy Hewitt“ would get me in! It was really all I could think of the first time I saw it. Even wrote Loic a mail asking why I was not in ūüėÄ But he insisted that it was for business partners and apparently writing about Wildstar does not make me one, awwwwwww. I was sad!!
But hell, at least we got to see some cool stuff and some of my worries were swept away. Here is what I noticed:

    • friends and family beta is running
    • 45 hours of content were shown
    • Char Customization
      • human male hair colors, moustache
      • aurin cat and bunny ears
    • Combat
      • free form targeting
      • combat with Cyan for friendly and red for hostile actions
    • double jump
    • stealth classes do exist
    • eldan technology
    • Paths
      • Soldier and Explorer as shown before
      • Scientists become stronger by examining stuff
      • Settlers can build e.g. houses, vendors, taxi system
    • Environment
      • Loftite
      • Big dug up Robot Boss
      • Eldan Technology
      • Gallows, level 10-20 Zone
      • Battlefield
      • Puzzles
      • Traps
      • Different visual styles, dark and colorful

Amazing video, Thanks Carbine!


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  1. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for not having some cheesy guy from the dev team who
    is trying to sound stoked and psyched and full of energy, because lately
    game demos have started to sound more like bad tv commercials, all thanks
    to Paul from Warhammer Online I think, his natural enthusiasm seemed to
    create a trend that other game makers have been trying to emulate with
    their narrators. Just talk to us like normal human beings,… thank you
    very much.

  2. Double jumping looks like so much fun too in an MMO world. I always wished
    WOW had double jumping as a racial or something. I would love to see a
    depth of field camera effect in this game, akin to 38 Studios‘ Copernicus.
    That camera effect made the game look even more like a movie.

  3. Sorry, dude, action-style combat is the trend right now. Everybody’s doing
    it: GW2, TSW, Neverwinter and now Wildstar. The Elder Scrolls Online folks
    have already talked about having a limited size skill bar, and I expect
    before too long they’ll make the change to action combat as well. Hotbars
    filled with 40 skills and rotations you need spreadsheets for are a thing
    of the past. If you actually enjoyed that, my condolences I guess.

  4. Take all of my money. I am fan since I first saw you guys at Gamescom last
    year and everything I see just hypes me more and more. Your visual style is
    awesome and yeah, reminds me of pixar and others, which is a pretty good
    thing. Also the combat looks interesting. Has it changed much since
    gamescom? It looks more dynamic now, more like GW 2 and less like WoW for
    example. Anyway, please continue and grant us sooner or later a beta
    access. <3

  5. Speaking as the dev guy who did the VO, we agree. We do love our game/are
    passionate about it, but we’re devs and gamers, not infomercial hosts.
    Thanks for noticing.

  6. They think that a „Roll or Dodge“ equates to more skillful. I play
    Vindictus(Yes an Evie and yes because he’s OP haha) where you can do all of
    that. That type of combat gets really old. It’s very cool at 1st though.

  7. Wonderful art direction, but I don’t see why it has to be an MMO, from what was shown here it looks like it’d be much more suited to be a singleplayer console game.

  8. Action style combat is not a trend. It is the natural evolution of MMO design, and has been something most developers have wanted to have in their games since the 90s. They were limited by server and engine technology and by the fact that most people used 56k dial up connections until recently. There will always be a time and place for the tab target RPG turn based combat, but for the most part it was just a necessity trying to pretend to feel like action combat. We’re finally breaking free!

  9. have you actually played them? I don’t see how you can claim they are less coordinated or strategic when you have to actually worry about where you are standing and where you are pointing as well as chaining a number of abilities in combinations.

  10. You are most welcome. Your game looks special and the art style is exactly my cup of tea. I’m getting a little verklempt now that you’ve graced me with your youtube comment, this infamous den of vile villainy.

  11. I haven’t done any dungeons in GW2 yet, but as I understand it takes a lot of skill – relying on rez surging won’t last long since your gear breaks.

    As for raids, you might have noticed no game has actually had them since SWTOR? And even they reduced the size of raids – I mean 8 players, that was the size of a normal group in CoH.

  12. I was backing you up, not disagreeing with you. I just wanted to note that the word trend carries with it connotations I feel degrade this development in gaming. People act like it’s just some fad, I’ve been sitting here for over 15 years counting the days to when we could see this kind of combat in an MMO.

  13. Knowing that you have a walk toggle in game, I really hope you guys don’t put up invisible walls around the terrain, when I see for example the copse of pine trees along the slope of a mountain behind the edge of the trail in some footage of Wildstar, I want to be able to walk there under the shade of those pine trees, as long as it’s not too steep to stand on. I’m hoping to see the legs of your character models react to elevation, where the legs bend and move over rocks etc too.

  14. You have to pay attention in any game of any dram where there’s combat or die:) Just because you roll out of stupid instead of walk out of it doesn’t make it more or less skillful:) I won’t make assumptions about whether or not it’s better. I am just going based on what that style of combat seemed like to me. also, i’m a healer by trade. I’ve done it for 7 years. Al this „No Trinity“ talk is not good for business:)

  15. How can you call something most developers have been waiting to be able to do for over a decade that is only now capable of happening in games with MMO sized world and populations a gimmick? That is like calling color or sound in games a gimmick. It’s something MMO sized games could never do, now they can, and now it’s going to be a norm.

  16. teras combat isnt good either. its too slow and u dont have to actually aim because if u start a spell when they are in ur cross hairs, and they move out before it finnishes, the projectile will follow them. if u wanna know what good combat is like go play orcs must die.

  17. I am a hardcore gamer that has been completely avoiding MMOs such as WoW because of the sheer amount of time that my friends have poored into them, also i am a little intimidated by the size of the games and their interfaces. I play everything from console RPGs to action adventures like Mario or Ratchet and Clank. This game looks like something that I could actually get into, from the intuitive combat, environment differentiation and art style this all looks very interesting.

  18. was this uploaded because i asked for a 1080p version? Whatever the reason, thanks! It makes sense to get these previews in as high a quality as possible i think, if the user can’t view it yt scales automatically these days.

  19. I thought the VO was very well done too — i liked how much info it gave me without any canned spam. When do we get to hear about the floating islands?

  20. It was! It was an easy upload for us, and when I saw your request, it made all kinds of sense. Thanks for the suggestion, you win 10,000 internets.

  21. Actually we had Free Form targetting in MMO’s last Milennium in Asheron’s Call already ūüėÄ Very awesome game, still runs profitable as subscription based MMO after 13 years ūüėČ

  22. i know it probably hasn’t been released yet but does anyone know when the beta might come out? I really feel like this is going to change mmos for the better

  23. I’m not sure where to put this, but I just want to raise this concern as a possible future gamer of this MMO:
    That the graphs that display the path of an incomming attack – seem alright to me, in the LOW LEVELS. however, once you’ve learned that attacks come at you at different paces and such, the telegraphs should be removed imo – otherwise it’s about looking at dots at the ground, and not actually caring about the animation of your opponent.

  24. 2nd concern, some attacks commit a unit to following through with 2-3 seconds of hitting in a certain direction, I think this looks fine. BUT if the unit isn’t hitting anything, then it looks awefully stupid and wrong, that the unit keeps it attacking going and going.
    It gives a completely wrong feel of the game, as if the units you’re fighting aren’t even aware that they are missing and just feels bad overall.

  25. I love the devs working on this game. I love the concepts! The art direction is stunning. You guys have a great great chance here with Wildstar. Please don’t mess it up. This MAY be the game that pulls me away from WoW. I hope the crafting system is not shallow like WoW’s though.

  26. I saw a distinctly male kitty cat character in one of the videos, there fore you can feel free to kawaii desu across the gender spectrum.

  27. –∂—É—ā–ļ–ĺ –Ĺ–į –≤–ĺ–≤ –Ņ–ĺ—Ö–ĺ–∂–Ķ –Ĺ–į—Ö—É–Ļ —ā–į–ļ –∂–ł—ā—Ć

  28. Wow this game was had so much thought to it! Every experience will be different! I’m looking forward to it! I’m glad they care about the fans and the adventure they want us to have =D

  29. Love the look of the game so far. Excited for launch. I made the mistake with GW2 of being too impatient. I won’t mind if these guys wait another 6-9 months if they have to. Just make sure it’s done well.

    I do hope they change the right facing strafe animation for launch though. Most of these videos show a moonwalk. GW2 did it too & it drove me nuts. Would be nice if they tweaked that to mirror left strafe so the character isn’t backpedaling when it should just be turned to the right.

  30. This, exactly this…. this is why I don’t get why the current „MOBA“ games.. like LoL use click based attacks and auto-attacking instead of using wasd and „skillshots“ for everything. everything! I mean i get why.. it’s because they were copying DOTA which was a mod of an RTS… but it’s really because they couldn’t be innovative on their own.. they just copied another game that had a bad model which was designed that way strictly based on restrictions…. -sigh-

  31. I *really* hate being ignored, it’s very rude not to answer someone when they ask you a question, so answer this! So, what happened to the Beta applications we filled out in late 2011/early 2012…now that you’ve brought out „new“ apps?!

  32. rotations are mind-numbingly dull when you think about it:
    1,2,3,1,2,3 (blow Cooldown) 4,4,4,4,4,4,4,1,2,3,1,2,3, etc.
    it’s just the same thing over and over and over.

  33. I’m sill gonna check this out. I also believe that time will tell that the traditional UI is best for healing There’s a reason these type of games usually have like 2 healing classes while traditional MMOs have like 6. They can duplicate the DPS part. It’s hard to duplicate the „flavor“ of traditional MMORPG healing in an action environment.

  34. It’s going to be different. Every other roles gets to feel less restricted. Healers are going to feel very restricted. I have healed in 3 action style MMOs: Vindictus, Raiderz and recently NW:O. It’s ironic that healing feels more like „free targeting“ in traditional MMOs. In traditional you are restricted by range, resource and line of sight. In the „action mmos“ you are restricted by range, line of sight, position, (RNG by way of bosses putting crap on your crap) resource. Read: more stress

  35. 1) Strawman
    2) RTS control styles are good for RTS, bad for controlling a single unit in precise combat
    3) I would like to see an RTS where multiple people can be on one team and you can take over the units through some mechanism (there’s several ways to design this with different rule sets) and when you take over a unit, you control it using an action-combat oriented control scheme.

    DotA is a real time game with action combat. It just has a poor control scheme for that type of combat.

  36. Also, I’m curious… is this a troll post? I mean… I have never met an MMO player that said they like the concept of hotkey rotation in combat. They just agreed that it was a necessary evil due to lack of technology. hotkey rotation doesn’t take any strategy or skill… you really just… learn the rotation.. and then let a bot do it for you.

  37. Well smite uses an action-style combat system, were u control with WASD and the mouse, and it’s just not as fun as the traditional Moba style.

    I for one play a lot of classic rpgs, Fallout, BG and TOEE as examples, and I like the top-down-view, click to walk controls.

    Take a game like Diablo 2 (Or 3 if u’re of the new generation) that wouldn’t be as fun if u controlled with WASD

    About ‚3‘ there is a RTS called MOW were u can directly control a unit using WASD and mouse.

  38. This isn’t a troll post the healing with the traditional UI is better imo. The only role that improves to a certain degree is DPS. Hitting stuff is pretty damn awesome in the action RPGs. Healing is more restrictive thus less enjoyable for me personally. I actually had someone say to me „Rift has become a haven for those of us who don’t like action RPGs“(I explained to her that she’s right because I currently play Rift). The action style is just an alternative not a new standard.

  39. P.S. I have god knows how many post on here. You should know that I’m looking from a healing perspective. I’m just not sold on the healing in these types of games at this time. Healing drove encounter designs in the Traditional MMORPGs.

  40. Well, being able to dodge doesn’t mean that it has to be skill-less. If it was designed like Dark Souls or Monster Hunter, that takes a significant amount of skill. It just needs to be designed right. However, my favorite sword combat in any game I’ve played so far is Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

  41. /Agree
    I don’t get why people don’t understand this. However, I understand the idea of not wanting a game to be fast paced or to have skill in the combat. That’s called a pure tactical or strategic game. However, that’s not what older MMOs are… since they’re mostly about gear and simple ability rotations that don’t require any real tactics or strategy.

  42. Also, all RPGs are based on Dungeons and Dragons. D&D used dice rolls and what not to determine the outcome of combat, because there was no feasible way to introduce real skill. However, in D&D you have the ability to use your imagination to overcome a conflict… attempting to do something that isn’t directly written into the rules as a specific interaction you can do. Video games have a limitation there. So… most MMOs just fail on both ends. The combat is stale AND there’s no imagination.

  43. Agreed. Also, I wish TERA’s gear/level scaling didn’t rape the combat so hard. Oh, you have a few gear levels over me, then I can’t hurt you… awesome. Or… in end game…. if everyone is geared perfectly.. everyone 1-2 shots everyone else.. lol… I just wish they balanced that more carefully… I’d probably love the hell out of the game then. Also, I wish the enemies were more about.. being hard to avoid/hit then just having lots of health and damage (or being too weak). It could be awesome.

  44. I started out with PSO and Monster Hunter. Which is why I don’t see the big deal is about mechanics I did back in 1999/2000 or whatever lol. It’s already old to me. Anyway, people try to equate roll/dodge buttons with being more skillful and I find it ridiculous. Even the most basic MMOs have mechanics that must be avoided. They also have a keybind for it. Your „Q“ or „E“ Keys lol(usually the strafe buttons)

  45. Definitely a troll.

    1) They’re not old mechanics to mmo. mmos have never had skill/timing based combat, because of networking limitations. Clear troll tactic.

    2) Strafing doesn’t allow dodging if the attacks lock on and hit you through walls like they do in most MMOs

    The game doesn’t need doubletap dodge to be skillful, no. However, it needs to allow you to move out of the way and need to actually aim your attacks. Otherwise it’s just 12312312344445.

    Have fun with that.

  46. Shut up with the troll you don’t get to decide what I decide is enjoyable jesus christ just stop sending me messages if you think I’m a troll. I hope you enjoy WildStar. It doesn’t matter how enjoyable you personally find it! There are people who will not why is that so fucking hard to believe? Your Strafing comment is based on PVP mechanics! You can strafe plenty Boss mechanics! go to keenandgraeve and look for dull vs annoying. Read the comments. It’s not just me.

  47. Also, Action Game Play is old M.Hunter is a MMO! It’s new to you! Not to me. If Action MMORPGs are the evolution/revolution we’ve been waiting on why does WoW have so many subs still? Why did someone tell me „Rift has become a haven for people like me and my guild who don’t like action combat“?
    Don’t give me it’s because it sucke! People still won’t shut up about Guild Wars 2 and Tera. So why haven’t they stolen WoW’s base? Why is Rift Growing when there’s 2 popular action options that are F2P?

  48. Do you know what an MMO is? Monster Hunter is and has always been an MMO. This is my last bit of correspondence with you. You’re clearly the Troll here. Well Played. Troll..

  49. Explain to me how a singleplayer/small scale coop game with no persistent world or master server that stores your character is an MMO?

    Do you know what an MMO is? Either you don’t.. neither technically nor gameplay mechanic wise… or you’re a troll.

    Please tell me how Monster Hunter is an MMO?

  50. PSO is an MMO. Monster Hunter is the same as PSO. Thus, Monster Hunter is a fucking MMO. A persistent world has dick to do with whether a game is a MMO or not. Heck raids don’t even determine that these days or GW2, NWO could not be considered MMOs.

  51. You’re wrong, actually. An MMO is a genre and must fit in with a few
    guidelines. Just because your game is multiplayer and many can play at the
    same time doesn’t make it an MMO. An example of genre not meaning exactly
    what it says on the box is MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). You
    could argue that any multiplayer game can be called a MOBA, but it’s not.
    It’s a genre with a misleading name. Monster Hunter is Action RPG.

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