Wildstar Q&A with Jeremy Gaffneys on Reddit

Jeremy Gafneys hosts a Q&A at reddit. There are many interesting questions and answers. It seems that Wildstar is slowly starting to talk about new stuff and ideas.


You should read a the whole, Q&A over at reddit.
Just an excerpt of questions that are covered there:

  • What about WildStar is going to set it apart from other MMOs on the market? What will make it unique?
  • That said, what are some features that you think other games have done exceedingly well?
  • As a long ago player of AC1 (for 4 years or so) the most amazing part of that game was the constant monthly content patches, which no one does any more.
  • I’ve noticed in some of the screenshots you’ve released so far is the alphabet on various signs and such, and I am dying to know – will we be able to translate these?
  • What if anything can you tell about character customization?

And many more, there are really some excellent questions and answers!


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