Enhancement Shaman Changes for the latest MOP Beta Build 15544

There haven’t been many changes so far in the new Easter Build. A few bug fixes, improved mana situation and and insane Buff to healing. Feral Spirit’s new ability Spirit Strike was something I was looking forward a lot.

BETA Build 15544 Changes

As afore mentioned Stormstrike and Lava Lash have been mostly fixed. Their mana costs were lowered (Stormstrike down from 2800 to 2200 Mana) and they can both proc Primal Wisdom now. Stormstrike can proc it even twice. This makes the mana situation so much better already. In general we still use a bit too much mana now but we aren’t totally starved 24/7 now.
Stormstrike and Lava Lash still proc Flame Tongue, Stormstrike however does still not proc Windfury (Bug!)

Fire Elemental

The Fire elemental Glyph has been fixed. It does really lower CD and Duration of Fire Elemental, booo. I kind of hoped it was intended to be reduce CD and increase its duration as incentive to use it more often 😀 and to make the Level 90 Talents a bit more useful.


Healing has been buffed across all classes I hear … for Enhancement Healing Surge was buffed from 8000 to 13000 and now to 21000 per cast … with Healing Storm we are getting 40000 Health per cast which is almost too good to be true. Should that be intended we have no longer and soloing issues.
Healing Rain, Healing Stream Totem and Healing Tide Totem were buffed a lot aswell
Healing Rain’s first tick was fixed for Enhancement, with Healing Storm glyph it does full healing from the start.
Constructs get no longer the „immune“ when Healing Tide Totem is dropped next to them!

Feral Spirit

Feral Spirit got last patch an ability called Spirit Strike. Its tooltip said 16000-18000 damage, but the wolves did only 900 damage with it. This spirit Strike has now been renamed to Spirit Bite and the Damage tooltip was replaced with „5 seconds cooldown“, the damage stayed at 900-1000, so it is not really turning our wolves into a DPS cooldown … no clue what they are meant to be at the moment sadly.
Bug: Spirit Bite is also cast only by 1 of our 2 summoned wolves.


Anyway here is a Video of these changes, not much to see, but sometimes it helps to get the visuals.

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  1. I never found myself OOM except when I spam heals on myself.so I don’t get why Bliz bothers to do things about the mana and healing, are they trying to make enhancement able to be used in pvp? or do they want us to heal in raid? both to me seems useless, I know shaman’s a hybrid class, but enhance is for dps, and then it should be meant to do dps, not all the healing or mana saving, only few raid leaders really see the benefit of it anyway, and they ask u to respec resto.

  2. On Beta you have been oom all the time. I have been boosting a monk friend through tbc and wotlk instances and hardly had any mana to cast any spell.

    Your raid healer may not think that it is important, I know I have had my share of heals that saved us a wipe or enabled us to go with fewer healers if both our enh shamans provided healing on bursty situations.

    Always loved to be the one to make a difference in certain situations, if I was purely about dps I would reroll to a dps class 😉

  3. my usual dps rotation for my enh shaman for pvp is to use lightning bolt. would you say now that using chain lightning would be more effective since it procs echo of the elementas much more often?

  4. btw why is lava lashes damage so small? also what are your thoughts on echo of elements getting to proc lava burst for ele but not lava lash or storm strike for enh? its starting to look like we are not scaling very well especially since stone bulwark is only a 18k shield which is minimal even for cataclysm

  5. Apparently Echo of the Elements seems to be able to proc the spell per target it hits … hence it would be no different using LB or CL on a single target. However CL probably races ahead once you have more than 1 or 2 targets around you.

  6. Lava Lash on live realms has a ton of modifiers, around 720% if I remember correctly … Lava Lash damage has been reduced before the many amplifiers have been added and on top of that I am not sure if the Set Boni T12 (whcih is wha tI am using to get 130k Lava Lashes on Live realms work properly on beta. We also have a ton less AP and due to my Level 86 the stat decay reducing my mastery value (the rating stays the same) a lot, hence crippling the damage of Lava Lash.

  7. Oh forgot … Don’t underestimate Bulwark Totem … 18k and 6k each 5 seconds for 30 seconds so its pretty decent … way better than the current Stoneclaw Glyph.

  8. God, I hope the healing stays the same. We need something strong, been shafted all expansion really. Looking forward to MoP though, easier totem management, hopefully lots of utility in the form of strong healing (as long as they don’t nerf it), and good damage. Time to feel like a true hybrid again instead of a wet noodle. lol

    I check in here almost every day so enjoying the updates, keep it up man!

    1. @Necroya
      Thanks for the Feedback! Yeah the healing is very strong, was able to oneshot Kel’Thuzad with it. I think Ghostcrawler mentioned that the healing changes were not accidently but intended due to the larger health pools.

      P.S. I should add that we completed a big audit of heals (for all classes) recently, and concluded that the mana costs were reasonable for the most part but that the heals were much too small for the Mists health pools. We buffed all of the heals quite a bit. We want mana to be less painful than it was at the start of Cataclysm, but we want it to matter more than it did at the end of Cataclysm. We want the slope of the line to be less steep — your higher throughput and regen in later patches will still make heals more efficient overall, just less so than they became in Dragon Soul. The static mana pool helps a lot with that.

  9. i fear this strong healing. what if it stays that way, we make up for lowish dps with highish healing, this might make us useful for soloing and special fights, but useless for dps checks. and by that maybe raids will choose to not bring me and force me to play mage :O

    1. @Konglatomi
      Nah, no need to fear it. They buffed healing for all classes … Healing Touch for my Feral was 60k 😀 Flash of Light crits for 90k … I had a 97k Healing surge Crit 😀
      The only thing I am concerned with is if the healing will stay as it is now for us „DPS/Tank“ specs, the quote above was from a pure healing PoV.

  10. so then whats the point of taking echo of the elements as enhancement? to be off healers with a 7% chance of doing a double heal on myself or an ally? yet elemental gets triple lava bursts?? or even quadruple if 2 things proc at the same time

  11. Can only say that I like the proc a lot. Maybe the other talents of the tier are more after your taste. It seems to proc more often than 7%, at least to me.

  12. Hey guys, excuse my english. As a pvp enh shaman my main concern is to give the enh an unique utility group to make us specials and desirable by other players to play with. Because, whats the point to bring an enh shaman to 3vs or RBG? Purge? any shaman can purge; tremor totem? any shaman can drop it; range interrupt? any shaman can use windshear.

    During s5 and s6, enh shaman had the talent that gave a „mini freedom“ removing all snares and 5 secs inmunity to snares each tick from the earthbind totem. That ability was greatly appreciated by other classes. But nowadays the enh shaman is a dmg dealer with the main class skills shared with resto shaman and elemental. Resto shaman will be able to cast frost root in the next exp.

    About the healing, dont worry guys, it works as intended. I remember when i was lvl 80 and at the beginning of Cataclysm, our healing surge – GHW were awesome too. So i think when we reach lvl 90, it will be balanced as those heals wont scale so much.

    Myrddin, thx a lot for your videos, love it!


    1. I think we will be excellent at stopping enemies, I have played around with a Pandaren Monk, which have amazing mobility. but with Frostbrand, Unleash Frost, Frost Shock + Frozen Power (roots regardless of distance, Spirit Walk as separate Ability and our new Level 90 Talents, the Empowered Unleash that will give you -40% damage taken and a short sprint(each unleash!) … add decent healing it looks much better than people are actually aware.
      I was reluctant to see the benefits at first, but after having played around with it, I think we have good tools … Healing Surge = 20k heal, Healing Surge + Healing Storm = 40k heal, Healing Surge + Healing Storm crit = 80k, Healing Surge + Healing Storm + Echo of the Elements = 100k. Echo of the Elements procs quite often, too.
      Then take additionally in account our new Bulwark Totem (shield), Shamanistic Rage, Capacitor Totem (Stun), Storm Lash Totem (Group dps burst) and not to forget Ascendance.

      But then I must admit, I am not a pvper 😀

    2. And yeah other classes get amazing abilities, too … Resto Shaman + Druid Symbiosis = Stealth 😀 As Enhancement you get Solar Beam, pretty disappointing, but yeah …. 😀 Ferals get our Feral Spirit.

  13. Well, ive got 3 gladiator titles playing as enhancement (reaching 2,8k+ rating several times), so i think ive a good idea about the enh shaman at high lvl in pvp, specially in 3s.

    Imo, damage and survivability is ok nowadays. It seems it will be better in MoP. But our ability to reduce damage when needed is really poor. For example, your opponents change focus to your healer, we dont have good CC to stop damage. We are a support class, but not enough good.

    Notice that in MoP there will be a lot of roots effects and the dispell has 8 secs cd. So, im afraid our movility will be not enough good despite the sprints we can get from unleash frost.

    So all shamans have the same tools but the resto and the elemental that have their own good tools. Resto shaman have Spirit link totem and the elemental have Thunderstorm (this is skill is a PITA in some Arenas and BG) and an awesome burst dmg (which is great for pvp). So, why to pick enh over elemental or resto?

    At lvl 85 the healing will be awesome when MoP starts, but when we reach lvl 90, it will be similar at 85. And Solar Beam is really amazing in pvp :).

    So, i feel we need something more that define the characterize the enhancement. You think in a rogue and think: smoke bomb, stuns, cloak of shadows, shadowstep, etc. You think about a DK and remember the Necrotic touch, death grip. Think about mages – warlocks ….and….you think lots of good things about them. But you think about enh and i dont know what to think, spirit wolves?? cough cough!!! Yeah, enhancements can snare, purge, shocks and tremor… as elemental and resto do.

    1. Yeah, as I said I when I gank PvP, then its world PvP and while not having played boring Arena at superhigh level I still do have some expertise (1050+ days played). The thing is that we can slow others while getting mpvement boosts ourselves. Unleash Rockbiter = -40% damage taken, +Absorb Totem (over 40 sec reduction in spiking dps, Healing Stream = Stronger Smart Heal, + Double Healing Tide (cd reset talent) as 5 man smart heal, usage of Elementals in PvP (incl searing stacks) Echo of the Elements, AoE Stun, Stormlash Totem and Ascendance are all abilities that we are missing right now.
      Just saying a lot of details have been changed, while they aren’t breathtaking steps by themselves they may be quite powerful in combination.

  14. Yeah, all u said is good, but my complain is that all the skills u mention can be done for all shamans.
    Regarding pve, yeah, is really nice for 5 man, but for high end pve 25 man raids… u cant stop doing dps to offheal the raid. Our damage is good, but not the best nowadays… So, whats the point to bring en enh to raids when other dps can do better?

    Btw, i love ascendance´s mechanics for pvp. Mages blinking and u can hurt them with that skill is priceless.! But i keep the same idea, we need something extra that characterize the enhs imho.

    1. @Humakt
      Some classes are getting out of hand due to legendary weapon and others through tentacle procs. If you normalize that I am pretty sure we come out top, also we are by far the best AoE Melee class atm with Fire Nova, if adds do not die too fast. Yo yeah, it is as it has always been we aren’t a bursty class, but we have constant good dps … first 30 seconds others race past us but then we catch up and surpass them towards the 2 min mark. There will always be fights where one class surpasses all others, but event he next patch can change that.
      The good thing about our heals is that we don’t have to sacrifice all our dps to save the day. Can’t count the moments where a GHW has saved the day for us.
      Don’t know why you play shaman, but I play it because I love enhancement and I have been with it through good and bad days. At the moment we are in a much better position than we have been entire wotlk and if you look at our abilities you’ll see that blizzard gave us some nice additional tools so I won’t complain right now. Especially since we do not know what blizzard has in mind for us. As beta commences we will get a clearer view of things.
      Don’t get me wrong, I think you are a great player and like that you give me/us feedback. From youth on I learnt that even if people look at the same thing, they will see something different. At first glance I have been a bit underwhelmed by our changes, but after having played and experienced first hand how our tools play out I am kind of positively surprised how even the sucky translocator totem can work out much better in action. Anyway base of a good discussion is to accept tha tothers have a different opinion and tha tin such a scenario noone may be „right“ or „false“. I see your points I just weigh them a bit different 🙂

  15. Dont get wrong dude, i love enh shaman (i dont think i can play other class but the enh), but i feel disappointed with his performance during Cataclysm (pvp). I dont know well how enh is doing at pve, but ive read we are an average class.

    Im not talking about to be the best class/tree, i picked enh for the support we gave to the party/raid. I remember 4 -5 years ago when the wf totem gave wf to everyone in the party, and everybody wanted to be with us in the party. I dont feel this way nowadays. I dont feel im neccesary!. This is why ive made a break until MoP.

    1. @Humakt
      People often get offended if you have another point of view, so I made sure that you know that I find it fun to discuss the different povs.
      Well, TBC times where the best, we were the second best melee class (I was ranking in the top 40 of all dps classes across all encounters on wwscoreboard – the wol of the time) and you could really shine out if you were skilled. But the idea of being a support class has been removed from the game and it won’t (sadly) come back.
      That doesn’t mean you cannot make a difference as a player though, we are a well rounded class in PvE, have a few nice tools to use and personally I find it fun to play. That is really all I am expecting of the game. Maybe it is not primarily the dps that gives an enh shaman a raid spot, but a raid leader who can’t see the advantages of having 1 or 2 of us can’t be helped.
      The same argument works for every other class, no class has anything unique anymore that you need in a raid … so unless you are the top dps class of the month every class can argue „I am not competitive, why bring me!?!?“. Stacking classes like Paragon won’t make you the Nr. 1 guild.

  16. I agree with you, bring the player nor the class is the way to go in pve. Enhs is the funniest class to play. Thats why i play it over other classes. I think pve enhs are ok during the current expansion.

    But pvp is another thing, i need to play with very very good players to reach 2,6k as i did last season. But ive got lucky because i was the most experienced enh pvp shaman in my BG. So find good players used not to be really hard. But what about average enh pvp shamans?
    They have troubles to find players to play with, even worse players them!.

    Last season ive found4 -6 enhs shamans over 2,5k in all BGs. And this not means enhs is a bad class, just other classes are too good. Yeah, i think enh shaman is a good pvp class during Cataclysm, but not enough good to be as competitives as other classes.

    So, MoP is coming and i dont see a great improvement for pvp. Atm, my best hope is ascendance. The mechanic of this ability for enh shaman is awesome.

    Id be really happy if enhs shamans gets Windwalk Totem as a base ability. It would nt be OP, but it´d helps a lot.
    Thx for your replay and to keep this discussion up. It seems i dont feel so negative about the future of the enhs in MoP, but i still missing s6 – s7 – s8 times:

    (3 mins arena during s6 playing ret – disc – enh. 2,7k mmr. Dont look the tactic, we should focused the retri instead rogue)

    1. @Humakt

      Yes, it is kind of sad to see that of 2 current Enhancement Talents we can keep only 1. Frozen Power or Windwalk/Earthbind, it is a tough choice.
      Everyone always says „lol, play arena … its balanced, everyone starts with the same options“, but imo its far from the truth. There is always a class or combo that is way more powerful than the rest. For sure it is hard to balance and frankly I never understood why they did not use 2 damage / healing models separating PvE and PvP, which would all that make easier to balance and 1 aspect would not need to get nerfed for the other. Asheron’s Call was so much better designed, even though it is may years older. MoP steps a bit in this direction with PvP Power/Resilience and giving base Resilience to players, etc … my 50k Stormstrikes as Ascendant hit only for 20ish on a non resilience target 😀
      Well atm, Enhancement still looks quite weak compared to other specs/classes and I hope we get out number tuning soon. Would ahve loved to watch the video, but the GEMA in Germany has a lawsuit with Youtube and we can’t see half the content 😀

      „Unfortunately, this SME-music-content is not available in Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights.“

      With all coming changes I am curious how Enhancement feels for you once, you played it 🙂

  17. What a pity u cant watch the arena, it was an awesome arena.

    Have u seen this movie from the beta?


    That enh is a bit brainless, he started to use searing totem around the 11th second, but it seems our burst (without ascendance) is a bit frustrating. I think i can burst him within the first 12 seconds… but , omfg, afliction warlocks bursting him in the first 7 secs…? really? I can expect that feat from retris, MM, warriors, etc… but afliction, OMFG

    1. @Humakt
      Nah, I haven’t checked these videos. Numbers mean nothing right now, some classes are completely out of whack. As you have seen warlock can dot you up and then use his new ability to detonate all the damage as burst.

  18. Whats up Myrddin!

    I´ve got another concern. I stopped playing WoW 5 month ago where a shaman could have around 10k attack power unbuffed, 12k ap with unleashed rage and around 15,5k ap full SELF buffed. So in MoP, we´ll loose around 30% ap. Are we lacking of dps in MoP?


    1. @Humakt,
      Hello, thanks for coming back to us. The numbers on beta are not tweaked, this usually happens towards the end when all skills/talents/zones etc are implemented. But yes, atm we do not perform very well. I got pretty much oneshot by an 85 hunter today (I am 87), since he used a bug to summon 15 zillion pets 😀 This is just an example, beta atm has no indication to what we will end up at. Don’t forget that the Blues mentioned something along these lines „we want you to be equally powerful“ once mop goes live“. Right now they are far off, we lost a whole bunch of abilities and buffs without compensation so far. Hope it will be addressed soon.

    1. @Humakt
      Indeed, and stormtrike, too. But the wording of Echo of the Elements suggests that it procs only from actual casts and not from melee abilities. The other 2 talents of the same tier seem to be tailored towards Elemental and Resto, this is why I’d love to see Echo of the Elements tailored a bit for us.

  19. I think Echo of the Elements cant proc for SS and LL. 1) It will be OP. 2) More Rng? I dont think we need more rng.
    Btw, Echo of The Elements MUST be redesigned for enh shamans. But now i think… many talents must be redesigned. I dont like many of them. For example, Totemic restoration, Elemental Blast and all lvl 90 talents (cant have worse talents for a lvl 6 tier).

    I dont care about damage, they will fix for sure. But totems seems to be focused for pvp. Dont like at all.

    Also, stormlash totem for all shamans? That totem should be for ele or enh, not for resto. I imagine the wizards cleaves (mage lock shaman) with that totem. Resto shamans have their unique totem, spirit link, so enh and elementals must have an unique totem too.

  20. Every comparison vid I’ve seen, Enhance dps looks to be the lowest of all specs in game so far… incredibly poor.

    Very unimpressed with Enhance so far. Well, not that it wasn’t the most buggy spec in Cata, and somewhat unimpressive and impractical in a lot of situations, but it felt viable, and was fun in my opinion.

    Being the lowest dps spec imaginable by a good amount doesn’t sound very fun.

  21. Would be nice if you guys could come down. It is still early beta and there was no number tuning, yet. We lost of ton of abilities, buffs and that needs to be adapted, and it will be.

  22. im playing beta right now and they totally screwed with the enhancement shaman… Everything seems so simple yet its confusing to me why im missing almost all my totems and spells.. Why am i forced to spend talents in shit that i don’t really need. We have 5 talent points to spend wtf is that all about im not 10yrs old.. I went into elemental spec and they are forced to spend a talent in healing wtf!! They totally fucked up the game its been simplified so a retard could play.

  23. all the 5 talent points you get to spend feel like your being forced to spend them some talents are clearly pvp others seem like they are all the same crap just worded different. I have 3 ways to shield myself so i take less dmg ooooooooooh but you have no choice its one talent point and you get 3 options and they all are shields or reduce dmg taken… Then you got one for totems if they get dmg or destroyed you can relocate them or they magicall reappear bunch of bullshit!!!!!

  24. i’ve been playing enh for a couple of months now and i admit it is fun but the dps suck we r the lowest on the totem poll
    i think throw us a bone or get rid of the enh. honestly there is no need to have a toon of the caliber other then for other
    to harvest kills on us. give us something so we can compete. we are the least played class at this time lets give them a reason
    to come back to the shammies……………………………..

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