Conducting Wildstar Music

Back when Lineage II was released I recall how the music impressed me. They used a real orchestra to record their score and it had so much atmosphere. Why am I writing about this? Carbine presents a video featuring the recording of the Wildstar orchestral score by Jeff Kurtenacker at the Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Bros studio.


For me it makes a huge difference to have a good score for a game and especially if it comes from a real orchestra. This video shows Jeff Kurtenacker in action, enjoy!

Carbine Studios has 2 sample tracks for you to listen and download here, 2 more here (at the bottom), and the earliest pieces here.


Found quite a bit of Jeff Kurtenacker here!


19 Antworten auf „Conducting Wildstar Music“

  1. OMG, lmao! This music is freakin‘ amazing. This game is rather unique. But
    for some reason I get a little bit of Firefly from it and THAT is not a bad
    thing. It looks like a Western Science Fiction with mega monsters. 1:49
    really fits that so well! This game is looking amazing.

  2. Woot, It was my drive to hear more of your work Jason, that led me to
    discovering this game in the first place. You work in Vanilla WOW was the
    reason I was/am so addicted to immersive atmospheres in not only WOW but
    games in general. And music places such a massive role in that. Props to
    you and keep up the great work.

  3. I continue to be impressed by the quality of creative assets for this game,
    including the music. The compositions and the musicians both are amazing.

  4. one of the first things i do in an mmo is turn the music off, after
    watching this i will most likely leave it on in this game.

  5. They should interview some of the players and see what they think about
    game music, if it’s something they are passionate about or do it to pay the
    bills 🙂 Seems like they are really engaged, must be awesome to be part of
    such a group.

  6. so cool! love knowing theres an orchestra playing the music I will be
    listening to in wildstar when I buy it in spring when you guys release
    it! 😀 so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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