Wildstar (Mini-)Bosses!

This weeks Wildstar Wednesday shows 3 different minibosses from the starter area. Frost Giant, Xenobite Queen and the Zones bad-ass ULTRABOT. If you saw the video presentation then you have most likely already seen the Frost Giant and Ultrabot. The Xenobite Queen has been shown in an uncommented video, I’ll see if I can add it 🙂
But lets look at what Atreid has to say.

More Dangers!

Last week Atreid reported dangers of the Northern Wilds wildlife to us. But even these foes get bested by this week creatures, the Minibosses you have already seen in various videos. Reading over their special attacks, abilities I recalled hearing that these minibosses scale ingame with the amount of players in vicinity. This sounds like an interesting feature and I’d like to hear more about that.

Read more about Deathrays, hair styles and bite sized chunks of meat at the Wildstar Website.


Here is a gameplay video featuring all the Minibosses – Frost Giant at 1:59; Xenobite Queen at 5:12 and Ultrabot at 8:07


26 Antworten auf „Wildstar (Mini-)Bosses!“

  1. @Vire70 There are plenty of MMOs out there that don’t use a cartoony
    aesthetic. In example, 2 out of 3 of the upcoming powerhouse MMOs
    don’t(TERA, GW2). I like the way the game looks, its aesthetic reminds me
    greatly of Jak and Daxter for the PS2. Going to be keeping an eye on this

  2. @crusader8463 UI is usually overhauled several times during the development
    process and having a bad one can really turn people off the game. So that
    is why you usually won’t see the UI enabled in these early videos.

  3. How is it that one of the mmo-king World of Warcraft’s biggest faults is
    its dated graphics, yet new mmos trying to compete like this one dont even
    update their graphical capabilities past that of WoW which came out in 2005.

  4. @Flackon No, I’m just appalled that they’re touting this game as some new,
    original MMO that will be anything other than a copy of the existing MMOs.
    It looks like the same cooky cutter shit as ever. They even copied, down to
    the color, the quest icons on NPCs. Why can’t I be angry? I’m a gamer, I
    play games, I look forward to new games, and I’m disappointed when I see
    bullshit like this. I don’t need to ignore it, I’m just expressing my
    opinion. You’re the one getting defensive.

  5. @Flackon Well, fair enough. I don’t mind developers hyping their games; I
    dislike it when they state things that are blatantly untrue. I mean,
    there’s a difference between building hype and spreading outright lies. And
    I agree, Bioshit did suck. Never understood why anyone liked that game at
    all. Though at least its graphics weren’t puke-tastic.

  6. @Vire70 guild wars 2 may be for you… it changes almost everything… no
    tank, dps, healers, no quests, no standing around pressing button combat
    (you have to evade, and stay mobile) and really really large scale server
    vs. server vs server pvp

  7. @crusader8463 there’s a walk through video on gametrailers that shows UI,
    i’d say it looks pretty good and that walk through explains quite a bit
    about how the game works

  8. I honestly like this style of art. Looks great ingame. Cool skills, Cool
    armor, the works! But i’d def choose Guild wars 2 over this any day. The
    generic gameplay isn’t appealing anymore and artstyle just won’t cut it.

  9. looks quite nice imo, however if its shoehorning you into rabbit girl-mage
    bloke- pistols rock dude- sword i’m gonna give it a miss, unless its ftp,
    prolly have a look see then

  10. I just don’t think they want to give everything away. UI is really
    important, and it’s nice to have a few surprises once it actually comes out.

  11. The game looks great, but it looks like it’s being targeted to a ‚Saturday
    Morning Cartoon‘ crowd. I still don’t see the ‚Future of Mmorpg‘ element…
    just a simplified combat system with insanely fun storytelling. Either way,
    I really want to play this game.

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