First look at Enhancement MOP BETA

This post will be updated regularly as I gather the changes, please check back. You will find Enhancement Shaman changes that are tied to the Mists of Pandaria Beta Phase.

Enhancement Shaman Changes for the MoP Beta

This is a list of compiled changes for Enhancement Shamans for the upcoming World of Warcraft Expansion Mists of Pandaria in a nutshell.

Updated for Build 15544:


  • Lava Lash – damage reduced to 200%, +40% if offhand is imbued with Flame Tongue
  • Stormstrike – +25% spell crit with nature spells
  • Spirit Walk – sprint, removes snares/roots 2 min cd, formerly from Feral Spirit
  • Feral Spirit – Wolves are no longer controllable and attack like searing totem, new ability Spirit Bite
  • Lightning Shield – duration 60 minutes!
  • Flame Shock – duration 24 seconds
  • Greater Healing Wave – Resto only
  • Healing Wave – Resto only
  • Earthliving Weapon – Resto only
  • Cleanse Spirit – removes all curses, 8sec cd
  • Water Breathing – removed
  • Water Walking – no more reagents required
  • Ascendance – 3 min cd, duration 15 seconds, while in the form of an Air Ascendant, auto-attacks and Stormstrike deal pure Nature damage and have a 30-yard range.

Passive Abilities

  • Grace of Air – 5 mastery to nearby raid members
  • Burning Wrath – 10% spell power to nearby raid Members
  • Echo of the Elements – chance to duplicate a spell, can crit separately
  • 15% Movement Speed – removed
  • Unleashed Rage – removed (+20% AP)


  • Healing Stream Totem – 30 sec cd, 15 sec duration – single target
  • Fire Elemental Totem – 5 min cd, 1 min Duration
  • Fire Elemental Totem – creates Searing Totem stacks!
  • Earth Elemental Totem – 5 min cd, 1 min Duration
  • Earth and Fire Elemental Totem – can’t use both at the same time, 1 min cd on the other on activation
  • Capacitor Totem – NEW 5 Sec AoE stun, 8 yards, 45 sec CD
  • Stormlash Totem – New 1ß sec duration, 5 min CD; spells and attacks will deal additional Nature damage
  • Strength of Earth – removed (+550 AGI/STR)
  • Mana Stream Totem – removed
  • Windfury Totem – removed
  • Elemental Resistance Totem – removed


  • Feral Spirit – no more damage increase, Wolves heal for 40% more
  • Glyph of Lightning Shield – now a minor glyph, it does still exist

Echo of the Elements

This is what I have seen Echo of the Elements proc

  • Lightning Bolt
  • Chain Lightning
  • Lava Burst
  • Flame Shock
  • Earth Shock
  • Frost Shock
  • Fire Nova
  • Iceblast, Flameblast (Nokaled)
  • Healing Surge

This is what I have not seen Echo of the Elements proc

  • Melee Attacks
  • Stormstrike
  • Lava Lash
  • Static Shock – should proc this one
  • Flame Tongue – should proc this one


These are the bugs I came across so far – updated for the latest build. Would be nice if you could bump this thread, so they don’t go live:

  • Healing Storm – does not work on Healing Stream Totem, Healing Tide, Gift of the Naaru
  • Static Shock – does not proc from Echo of the Elements
  • Flame Tongue – does not proc from Echo of the Elements (could be related to the hyldnir axe fix from early wotlk)
  • Feral Spirit – Spirit Bite … Combatlog tooltip said in previous build ~16-18k, but the actual damage is at 900, 2000 crit
  • Feral Spirit – Spirit Bite … 2 Wolves are summoned, but only 1 Wolf casts Spirit Bite
  • Stormlash Totem – Spirit Wolf unaffected, Earth Elemental unaffected
  • Windfury Weapon – buffing the weapon gives a green gfx, should be grey? (assuming flame tongue = red, frost brand = bluewhite, earthliving = green)
  • Fire Nova – possibly unaffected by Mental Quickness


These are all my Mists of Pandaria Beta Videos, convenient as playlist.

Build 15544: Video 1/1

Here are the Changes I found so far for the new Beta Build 15544.

  • Stormstrike
  • Echo of the Elements
  • Healing
  • Feral Spirit – Spirit Bite

Videos from previous builds

The site looked overloaded and started to load slow with all the following videos embedded. But you can still watch them by following the links below.

Build 15464: Video 1/2

This video shows visuals of the currently available Shaman Talents. I find it rather boring, but players asked for it.

Tier 1 Talents:

  • Natures Guardian, Stone Bulwark Totem, Astral Shift

Tier 2 Talents:

  • Frozen Power, Earthgrab Totem, Windwalk Totem

Tier 3 Talents:

  • Call of the Elements, Totemic Restoration (no visible Effect), Totemic Projection

Tier 4 Talents:

  • Elemental Mastery, Ancestral Swiftness, Echo of the Elements

Tier 5 Talents:

  • Healing Tide Totem, Ancestral Guidance (no visible Effect, no gcd),

Build 15464: Video 2/2

This video shows the following abilities in action:

  • Stormlash Totem – 10 sec duration, 5 min cd; allies do additional electrical damage on melee hits and spells
  • Feral Spirit – Spirit Bite, 16,500-18,500 damage, don’t know what triggers it, saw 0-3 procs per summon
  • Healing Surge – increased healing
  • Healing Storm Glyph – Healing Surge + Healing Rain (+20% healing per charge of msw)
  • Lava Lash – still spreads Flame Shock

Build 15464: Video 1/3

  • Lightning Capacitor, 5 sec charge, 8y 5 sec aoe STUN Totem
  • Stone Bulwark Totem, 18k shield, +6k each 10 seconds
  • Healing Stream Totem, single target, 15 sec, 30 sec cd heal on lowest target
  • aoe Looting (not shaman specific, yeah but nice nevertheless)
  • normal heals vs Healing Storm glyphed heals (+20% healing per charge of msw)
  • Echo of the Elements procs – Healing, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt

Build 15464: Video 2/3

  • Imbues and Lightning Shield with new duration!
  • Feral Spirit (no Pet Bar), Wind Walk (new ability separate from Feral Spirit)
  • Glyph of Totemic Encirclement, Totemic Projection
  • Conductivity Talent
  • Ancestral_Guidance
  • Echo of the Elements procs on AoE

  • Soloing Archavon the Stonewatcher in MoP Beta (showing the new Talents) – Video – Build 15464 3/3

Other Stuff

  • Enchant Weapon, Windsong (550) – when dealing damage 1500 haste/crit/mastery rating for 12 sec (Etheral Shard 3, Spirit dust 3)
  • Enchant Weapon, Dancing Steel (600) – when dealing damage +1650 Agi/Str (Sha Crystal 10, Spirit Dust 6)
  • Enchant Chest, Glorius Stats (575) – all stats +80

118 Antworten auf „First look at Enhancement MOP BETA“

  1. oh!!! this isnt enought, i want all the information, now!! and from the looks of it, have we just been nerfed?? was blizz sick of us being average? and want to make us shit instead?

  2. i know i know, yelling nerf is too early. and im probably gonna comment this post about 500 times throughout the updates, but that greater healing wave thing just made my heart drop too the floor. if that stays, our soloing is pretty much done for : / and from what ive read about blizzaards opinion on soloing, they dont seem to care too much about that part of the game.

    1. Well there is a „healing storm“-glyph which increases our healing by 20% per application of maelstrom weapon … then there is the new healing stream totems, healing 8 times for 2,5k … then there is healing tide, healing 6k for a few ticks, shamanistic rage, then bulwark totem that absorbs 16k, then 8k for a few ticks … sure its not as extreme as it is now on live, but we will see how it turns out. Atm our damage is pretty horrible … but we are not finished yet. So better be a bit patient.

  3. Hey Myrddin!
    Gz on the beta invite, still waiting myself..
    On the changes you have reported about this one perked my interrest.. Echo of the Elements!
    Can it only proc of spells such as earth shock, lighning bolt etc.. or can i proc of lava lash too? Wich is kinda a mix och melee and spell?
    Kind regards Diddy

    1. I till have to test that out. As you can see in the video it can proc from Spells at least, suppose even Lightning Shield or Fire Nova. It is kind of difficult to track the ability since the combat log does not say „hahaha, yeah duplicated the spell for gazillion damage!“ but just casts a second spell with close time stamp.

  4. great video, from what ive seen around the web, it looks like ele and resto have gotten really good, while enhance not so much, im guessing its just a tweaking problem, since were a hybrid based on casting. i would find it very interesting if you posted a recount of some sorts, just to see how the damage per ability is looking now. also, they said that they were gonna nerf all melee abilities to buff weapon damage, does this mean that they are planning on tweaking all melee weapons, or just the MoP ones?

    1. Yeah, as I mentioned in the video description it is too early to worry about numbers. We kind of lost the 20% ap buff and also our SoE Totem … with the 13500 AP I have on MOP atm that is around 4200 AP lost … a huge blow to all our abilities. Also we lost the expertise from unleshed rage, meaning in future we wil need to spend even more item budget on it, if it does not get tweaked.
      We also lost all the cool synergy from our abilities … spell crit to elemental devastation to melee crit to flurry, etc … so yeah, going to be interesting how they tweak that.
      The good news is that our pass has not even come, the beta is still in early phase and we can only hope that this time we will get the uper end of it 😀

  5. what’s the new duration of weapon imbues? i saw that it was >30 minutes.
    Could you make a video on like the talents and what’s best (i know that
    they haven’t comeout with the90 talents yet) but could you show examples of
    all the changes made so far? thanks very much! Enhance for life!

  6. I had to try often to get these procs, probably spent a good 30 min on
    those 😀 But it appears they come more often as you use multiple spells,
    meaning normal combat. When I was trying AoE procs with fire Nova I got an
    extra proc nearly each time.

  7. I’d like to but I have never played elemental or resto and don’t have gear
    for it … ENHANCEMENT FOR LIFE! Pretty sure videos will start to show up
    soon. Read through the MMO-Champion Thread and got some suggestions what to
    fraps next.

  8. Sooo say you use Echo of Elements and Ancestral guidance, and you self
    healed yourself with 5 stacks of maelstrom with the glyph. Intense healing?
    Kinda reminds me of frenzy regen, awesome!

  9. yea that would be way better/easier for pvp. would be like having an
    instant AoE ranged root or stun, so i see why it is the way it is lol too
    op otherwise. but it still seems very good.

  10. This is the first beta build, we did not even have our level 90 pass, yet … We lost SoE and 20% ap … even windfury (10 % haste) … so yeah … numbers will be tweaked
    I have explained this in the Info section where it say „READ HERE BEFORE COMMENTING“ 😀

    1. Yeah, it is the low level enchant though … considering that we get a lot more dps from agi than from mastery I suppose this will stay the „budget“ enchant for alts.

        1. hmmm thought it would be more, but with the healing storm it then heals for 27k amirite? and thats pretty much the same as the GHW. yay more soloing :D.

  11. Greetings. Just read on MMO abit and can say i got abit dissapointed:

    Lava Lash: No longer spreads your Flame Shock from the target to up to four enemies within 12 yards.

    What are your feelings about this?

      1. I hope this is a mistake in the tool tip and they mean that the Lava Lash will spread the FS to all enemies in 12 yards, not completely removing the FS spreading.

  12. Is ele gonna go down or up in MOP? And if anyone knows for cata right now
    is ele or enhancement is better for pve please let me know

  13. You can’t realyl expect this kind of answer at this stage of the beta. Beta
    is going to go on for months and tons of stuff will be changed … Shamans
    did not even have their pass, yet.

  14. We no longer have any healing aside Healing Surge, Chain Heal and Healing
    Rain in Mists of Pandaria. So enlighten me Mr. SupraSham, which spell would
    you have used your MSW for? Maybe you come to realize who is the real
    nublet of us 2, I’d be embarrassed if I was you 😀

  15. Myrddin i saw all of your videos and i can see that enhancement is getting
    better and more fun to play :). Great job man, i would really apreciate if
    you could tell me the song u used for intro. Keep it up!

  16. Well. For everyone saying “ Its too early to say nerf etc“ Not really. I am in the beta myself. 1st wave. Let me tell you the goods and the bads.

    Good stuff for Enhancement –

    *The get a totally sick tier 6 talent that enhances your U.E Spells. Basically it lets your Auto attack be able to Staic stock the target for 8 secs and you also cause 25% more damage with lighting bolt and Lava burst for 10 sec.
    *Mastery has now been clearly named the best stats for us.
    * The level 90 skill we get turns us into ranged attackers and makes our attacks deal nuture damage so think how big a part mastery will play for that. awesome counter for hunters and mages in Pvp.
    *Lava burst now hits like a Truck for us and you can spec into so it crits without flameshocks dot. Making it beast for an opener/finisher in PvP.
    *Frost shock now roots no matter how far or near the target you are.

    The bad news –

    *We lost 9% crit from talents
    *We lost 15% run speed
    *Lava burst is your most powerful attack.. so every 8 secs you have to hardcast it.
    *Our healing is shit
    *You cant place 4 totems like you used to… you have to tab choose them 1 by 1………….

    Hopefully they fix some stuff.. Not bicthing cause some stuff we get is just sexy.

    1. Thanks for the feedback!

      Don’t know why they removed the totem bar for us … if nothing else it is a convenient way to place them. Since Totems are more on use abilities than static stuff they do not need to be placed 4 at a time, even though earthgrab and capacitator is a nice combo I suppose 😀

      We are still being tweaked, so yeah .. I am not too concerned about everything else. HAve t see 87 and 90 in action before I can judge it.

  17. backup? nope … all or nothing … the initial problem of being the jack of all trades and master at nothing bites us into our shamanbut everywhere … I’d hate to be mediocre at another task, yet … I’d prefer if we got back up where we belong int he normal areas 😀

  18. In my opinion you cans pend time there before it ceases to exist 😀
    For Videos Theramore is nice, there are usually not 15 zillion other character classes trying their stuff. ITs about shaman stuff and not about „didyousethatovplockinthebackwhatisthisabilitypaladinsrockcantyouseeoopswhatwasthisvideoabout“ 😀

  19. I know for sure that people will love my windlash totem 😀 Enhancement Shamans, just as for example DPS Monks are quite weak compared atm. But numbertuning hasn’t even started, yet. It is still start of beta.

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  21. Back in Vanilla a Shaman was a decently popular tank. If they could do it back then and manage still being good at the rest, I’m sure it could be handled now. Just my thoughts. 😛

  22. hmm i do not know if the removal of the GHW is all that good of a thing, now to get the same effect we NEED to have 5 maelstorm stacks to have the same healing effect as the regular GHW hard casting.

  23. This is an early beta video, healing has been buffed a ton. HS heals now ~20k, 40k crit … or with Healing Storm 40k, and 80k crit. Check the Kel’Thuzad video in my channel.

  24. Good catch, I think you might be right.
    In that case, the bash was removed sadly, on the other hand we got the 5 sec AoE Stun totem instead.

  25. does echo of elements work for enhancement shamans windfury proc???? if so does this mean 2H windfury is a possibility in MoP ?????

  26. NIce vid ill subscribe check out my channel im gunna b posting a video on the 85-87 dung plus amazing ele/enhan shaman pvp 😛 i will also show the spells talents whats good and whats not pluss.. the amazing ascendant spell and how op it is.

  27. Enchancement is too much fun to give up. I hope we get something to help us combat frost mages better. I really hate that match up.

  28. I’m still ganna be playing Enhancement in MoP.. Love the specc & class, only thing is that I hope they don’t slack in Dps. My Dps now is insane I top everyone in Raids or Dungeons (sometimes) and to see them drop to last in dps, would be a total let down..

    Enhancement Shaman FTW! 😀

  29. Hey Mirddin. I am a loyal follower since cata came, and i have seen your videos from MoP aswell. I just have 1 question atm. What do you think is better for an enhancement shaman, taking the unleash fury talent or the elemental blast? Cause i have got a dillemma here. The unleash fury grants you more damage for LB and makes your auto attacks proc static shock for 8 seconds, but doesn’t the elemental blast do more damage and isn’t it better cause of the 3.5k mastery boost? It only has a 12 sec CD so not sure what’s the best one to choose here. If you could help me it would make things more clear to me. Thanks.

    1. @Xramør
      Give me a bit to look into it, they just changed numbers a lot and I haven’t tested it. Personally I am more a fan of Unleash Fury since it doesn’t cost another button to press and I like these passive buffs. Also they nerfed the Echo of the Elements proc rate on Elemental Blast which was the real reason it was a bit too good for enhancement (from 30% to 6%).

  30. Yeah but i heard that for pve and for a more agressive playstyle the elemental blast better is, okay, the you do more damage with LB and have more change for static shock with the unleash fury, but i dont think you can compare that damage with elemental blast, since elemantal blas will do more (i think) and even if it is around the same damage, i think that the blast will grant us more dps, since mastery is our main stat and it grants us 3.5k mastery. And it goes with Maelstrom too, so can be instant cast aswell. Look into it, and give me a shout back, thanks mate ;).

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