Guildwars 2 closed Beta Signup

This came just over Twitter: „The #GuildWars2 beta sign-up page is live! It will be open for 48 hours, so sign-up for a chance to get in!

I suggest you head asap over to sign-up for the closed beta. Hopefully we get lucky and can provide some proper in-game footage for you.

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    1. @Dov
      Indeed, I was more interested in Wildstar MMO, but they do not seem to be willing to release „interesting“ news these days. Was actually hoping (wildstar central hinted at it) that they’d post more interesting stuff start of this year. But their latest news indicate that we won’t see much new stuff till Gamescom.
      To make a long story short; I am interested in GW2, just had the expectation that it would collide with Wildstar. Overall the NC Soft team makes a great job at posting interesting information and I’d like to post some stuff for our audience, too. With limited beta spots it appears that sharing game experiences plays a big role.

    1. @Batim
      Best of luck to you 🙂 Let us know if you get selected.
      Make sure that you get a confirmation mail, those might take a while. Pretty sure their mail servers are under heavy load 😀

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