Myrddin solos Anub’Rekhan 10m

Previous tries did not work so well and I haven’t tried for a long time. Always thought with a bit better gear and some rng it would be possible at some point. This reset Anub’Rekhan, first boss of the Naxxramas Spiderwing was overdue. This was a messy kill and halfway through I was certain to die, ran towards the entrance to wipe. Next week I’ll give you a better kill.


The fight is a bit extreme, especially when the add joins the fight. The add will place a dot on you, hurting a lot once it stacks up. The way I’ll kill him next reset is to start off with shamanistic rage (maybe it is wiser to wait with that until the wolves run out) and pop wolves as soon as the add spawns and to kill him asap. I’d save heroism for that point, too.
The rest of the fight is about RNG a dodge/parry might make the difference. Make good use of Stoneclaw Totem (glyphed).


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