Myrddin solos Anub’Rekhan 10m

Previous tries did not work so well and I haven’t tried for a long time. Always thought with a bit better gear and some rng it would be possible at some point. This reset Anub’Rekhan, first boss of the Naxxramas Spiderwing was overdue. This was a messy kill and halfway through I was certain to die, ran towards the entrance to wipe. Next week I’ll give you a better kill.

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Myrddin solos Razorscale 10m

This kill is was actually much harder than expected. Initially I thought this was a walk-through, slash some adds, kill pinned down dragon that won’t even fight until 50% … but then he hits really hard around 20k per hit. Wanted to wait for some better gear since I am still in FL gear mostly, only have 2 Nokaled’s from Dragonsoul 😀 But yeah, I haven’t had much luck with loot.
Your requests for more kills encouraged me to try those bosses and here is how I ended up with a kill.

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Myrddin receives Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

I had spent weeks camping one of his spawn spots but never had the luck to get him to spawn for me. during the time I have been able to take down Vyragosa (rumors are that the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is a rare spawn of Vyragosa) a good 12-15 times but it was always others who ended up finding the Proto-Drake. Christmas however seemed like the perfect opportunity to camp Storm Peaks. Indeed noona had been online 24th-25th at night and I was able to get him.

Myrddin receives Ashes of Al’ar

Countless kills were needed, but finally Ashes of Al’ar dropped! We have been duoing TK with FS for quite some time when we finally got lucky – me a bit more than FS 😀 In all the years since TBC it was only the second mount that dropped for us. First one went to Nhiha, on his first and only run since TBC 😀

Enhancement Shaman solos Gruul’s Lair

There have been quite a number of suggestions where I should try to solo High King Maulgar and Gruul in Gruul’s Lair, Blades Edge Mountains. Yes, I am aware it has been done before and it is not the biggest challenge, but it isn’t super easy either. I think I tried last winter but failed and did not have much motivation to develop a strategy for it, when there were so many more interesting encounters to do 😀 Current gear level makes this encounter rather easy though.

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