Myrddin solos XT-002 Deconstructor 10m

You have been asking me to try soloing more stuff and I have managed a few new kills. One of them, XT-002 Deconstructor in Ulduar was actually not that hard. It was the first pull that ended up in a kill, while I actually wanted to test the encounter first. So yeah, the kill is not „perfect“.


Ideally you start up with Stoneclaw Totem (glyphed shield), Shamanistic Rage, then after 15 seconds use Feral Spirit + Heroism/Bloodlust to get to 70% fast and make sure you stay alive. Then Phase 2 will begin and you will need to burst the Heart (but do not kill it), you will outheal the Scrapbot’s repairs.

Damage you do in this phase will also hurt the main hit points of XT. If you remove 100% of the heart’s hitpoints you will remove ~25% of XT’s total hit points. This means you can practically chain the different phase 2 and thus avoid him hitting you.


Your reward will be ~180 gold and 2 epics.
Check the log here

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