Love is in the Air Farming (Lovely Charm)

The holiday event „Love is in the Air“ started last night. You can now complete Achievements and purchase old and newly added items. Those however require a sh.. big load of Love token. There are a couple of of ways to get these. The event boss will drop 6-10 Love Token once a day, then there is the usual daily quest grind and you can purchase love token with Charm Bracelets. These can be farmed!

Lovely Charm farming

Before you start make sure you have a „Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit„. With this item in Inventory you have a chance to get a Lovely Charm, when you kill a Monster of appropriate Level (green+). If you have 10 Lovely Charms you can convert these into a Charm Bracelet, which can be used to purchase a Love token.
The Big Question is „Where is the best Spot to farm Lovely Charms?“


West of Ymirheim and south of the Shadow Vault (around 40.0|50.0) is an area where Converted Heroes spawn quite fast in packs of ~8 Mobs. If you have the luxury of having a feral druid with PvP Set you can gather Lovely Charms quite fast. Instant Flight Form, snare removal via shifting and swipe are amazing tools.

Throne of the Tides

You can use the normal version of the instance and need to clear up to the last boss – basically you need to kill Lady Naz’jar to get access. The tunnel that leads to Ozumat is the home of Tainted Sentries and Unstable Corruptions. You clear the 2 first 2 Tainted Sentries, but keep the last 2 ones alive. Now an unlimited number of Unstable Corruptions will spawn, roughly 15 each 15-20 seconds.

Killing these will reward you with Lovely Charms. This spot is good for 700-800 Lovely Charms per hour. As you can see I was able to get 6×40 ~ 240 charms in 20 minutes.


But even with these tips it will take a while until you receive the 270 Charm Bracelets for the mount. Good luck farming!

Farming Tips!

  • wait for all mobs to repspawn after you cleared the 2 elite roamers
  • gather the Unstable Corruptions in 2 groups
  • the ones at the entrance & at the pool of water in the center as first group
  • the remaining ones that gather towards the boss as second group

Mobs will respawn in relation to when they have been killed. By seperating them you will get them to gather more convenient and faster, kill them faster and thus last but not least respawn faster overall.

27 Antworten auf „Love is in the Air Farming (Lovely Charm)“

  1. @mk9beast
    The videos are part of the website, usually I go a bit more into detail there. And you are right they are not tutorials, but simply videos that they have been killed with a possible strategy. The fun is to go and kill them yourself imo 🙂

  2. i think quite a number of classes can solo the first boss (with some good gear of course), as the melee guy is snare-able, casters can easily kite or cc it while kill the caster mobs fast, i’m happily solo farming on my elem shaman lol.

    while farming those little elems i switch to resto, keep dropping magma, and heal once a while, don’t even need to look at the screen lol

  3. So… came for the charms and stayed for the music. Thanks for the vid and now I am off to farm my little heart out to my new favorite song, ^_^

    1. @Gryzzla
      Yes, that is another good spot. All in all throne of Tides is a bit better though, less damage taken, less hp on mobs and a ton more of them. But Halls of Lightning Slack Pit is defintiely a good place.

  4. There is a hint in the Video. Something like „You need to kill the first Boss in the Instance“, after her you can activate the defense system which drives the tentacles away. This can also be read on at the link above.

  5. you can afk farm as a hunter just stand at the beginning of the hallway and let your pet kill the handful of elementals that come. it will probably take you twice as long to get enough for a mount but you dont have to be by your computer. just make sure to push the space bar every 30 or so so you dont AFK. this is the bast way to farm them because you done have to do anything lol

  6. The Halls of Lightning filed seems very good spot for raming. I’ve made a simple macro for AutoHotkey for my combat rogue, but the question is if this will be threaded as hack ? For Feral druid the macro is more simple.

    1. @Murlyo
      Yes you are right, Halls of Lightning are a good farming spot. Doubt that this is seen as hacking, they have been quick to hotfix stuff like this in the past and these spots were all overthe forums anyhow.

  7. seems like it doesn’t work anymore. I was killing stuff for 20 min and not a single lovely charm dropped. and yes I have a charm collector kit

  8. Hey guys, check out my Channel, I have a really good place to farm lovely charms and not many people know about it! Hurry up for the chance to get loads of them!

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