Myrddin solos Razorscale 10m

This kill is was actually much harder than expected. Initially I thought this was a walk-through, slash some adds, kill pinned down dragon that won’t even fight until 50% … but then he hits really hard around 20k per hit. Wanted to wait for some better gear since I am still in FL gear mostly, only have 2 Nokaled’s from Dragonsoul 😀 But yeah, I haven’t had much luck with loot.
Your requests for more kills encouraged me to try those bosses and here is how I ended up with a kill.


Razorscale flies above the raid and shoots fireballs at raid members, read: YOU! Those hit for ~5k and are not much of a threat, especially if you make good use of Stoneclaw Totem, Shamanistic Rage and such.
There are also adds that will spawn, they can be quickly killed and do not hurt much more than the average normal Level 85 NPC.
Close to the entrance are 2 harpoons that you can activate roughly after 1 minute into the fight. This will pin Razorscale down for Phase 2.

There is nothing special here for soloing, Razorscale will take increased damage, but you want to save your cooldowns for the last phase. Use this phase instead to get your mana back up and to heal you up. This phase ends after some time and Razorscale will throw you in the air and then Phase 1 starts over again until you bring Razorscale to 50%.

Razorscale will break free from the harpoons and start whacking you good … hits for 20k in addition to remaining alive adds (hopefully you cleared those up) … but if you were a good boy and saved your cooldowns you can burst him down before he can kill you …


Your reward will be ~180 gold and 2 epics.
Check the log here

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