Enhancement Shaman solos Gruul’s Lair

There have been quite a number of suggestions where I should try to solo High King Maulgar and Gruul in Gruul’s Lair, Blades Edge Mountains. Yes, I am aware it has been done before and it is not the biggest challenge, but it isn’t super easy either. I think I tried last winter but failed and did not have much motivation to develop a strategy for it, when there were so many more interesting encounters to do 😀 Current gear level makes this encounter rather easy though.


The adds have roughly 250k hp, and hit for less than the average level 85 mob, but the amount of mobs and their abilities can still make this fight a little challenge. Basically the encounter features a moonkin, a healer, the boss, a warlock + felhunter and a mage.

At first I’d go for the priest „Blindeye the Seer“ and interrupt his heal, his heal can heal up quite a chunk of health and thus slow the remaining kills down. As second I’d go for the warlock „Olm the Summoner“ and his pet, since he casts a nasty death coil every few seconds.

The third add I’d put to rest is Krosh Firehand, he casts nasty fire balls and has a spellshield which reduced magical damage taken. You used to have a mage tanking him, who had to spellsteal the buff to be able to take the huge hits (they hurt at level 70 when you had like 12k hp). So don’t forget to purge his shield.

The remaining add and Maulgar himself are pretty straightforward and easy. Just kill them, don’t forget to use Tremor Totem to get out of Maulgar’s Fear.

If you look at the video I tried to have Grounding totem up, but with all the casters it is just gone to fast to be useful, you are probably better off using windfury.

Gruul is kind of easy, you can kill him way before his Hurtful Strike becomes a problem and the other major killer ability is his shatter, but with no one else around not even that will become an issue.

Good Luck!