Enhancement Shaman solos Sapphiron

Kapténx commented on the Enhancement Soloable Bosses Post that Sapphironw as missing on the list and indeed, I hadn’t even tried him, forgot about being able to port up to him before killing any other boss now. I gave it a try today!

Magical Damage

Since there is a lot of magical damage, frost and shadow, it makes sense to have Drums of Kings and Prismatic Elixir as buff, it will help a lot staying alive. Other than that I had the typical PvE DPS spec.

Avoid Blizzard

As you can see I ran in with no plan and just dps’d him down, at first I stood inside the blizzard, while it is smarter to circle around sapphiron. This way you can basically avoid the blizzard damage completely and just have the frost dot, dragon and drain life to deal with. You can also drop drain life with glyphed shamanistic rage, but I did not do that in the video.

Anyway here is the video

Sapphiron will drop ~170g and also 2 epics and the key to 10 man malygos, Key to the Focusing Iris.

Thanks Kapténx for the hint!

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