Elder Scrolls Announcement Trailer

Following the Elder Scrolls Online Announcement Bethesda released trailer.


Following yesterday’s long-awaited reveal of The Elder Scrolls Online, we have just released the game’s announcement trailer. In development at ZeniMax Online Studios, this epic MMO is the first Elder Scrolls game to allow players to explore the series‘ universe with others.


Sadly the feedback is not all positive. Over 24 hours this video got 5000 comments, ranging from enthusiasm to rejection and even hostility. On one hand this is good, since it shows that players aren’t indifferent to their elder scrolls universe, but also a little weird with the lack of trust towards Bethesdas ability to deliver another great game of the franchise. No reason to get upset, yet … let us first see what the game is about, maybe they’ll surprise us!


27 Antworten auf „Elder Scrolls Announcement Trailer“

  1. Why is everyone hating on subscriptions? Literally EVERY other mmo that
    isn’t free to play uses subscriptions. Though I do feel bad for those on
    Xbox One… $500 console + xbox live + $60 game + $15 a month… This is a
    perfect example of how PC gaming is short-term expensive, long-term

  2. I wish they kept the theme from this trailer as the main theme of the game
    because I think this is much better than the one they have now.

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