Earning Gold: Enchanting Materials (Dust, Essence)

earning gold sold high level mats

Most of my ingame fortune comes from enchanting materials. The best thing about them is that there is no auction fee to put them up.

Using the Auction house as free of charge storage was actually how I got into the Auction House (AH) business. I put up the mats at 3 times the cost. I figured noone would buy stuff at that cost and if they would it would not be all that bad after all.

The odd thing that happened then was that people bought my mats anyhow. I got more mats from the AH and put them up expensive and they sold again.


A friend and me had this crazy idea to spend all our gold and dominate the Arcane Dust market, we nearly got broke doing this but when the stocks were emptied there were only our dusts left and people started buying our expensive dusts.

Rather quickly we were able to expand to other materials and learnt a lot about how the auction house worked.


Dusts are excellent, because they are really easy to get and as said above they cost no fee to put up. Tailoring and disenchanting can get you most dusts fast, easy and cheap.

A handy macro for disenchanting is here:

/cast Disenchant
/use Runecloth Belt
/use White Bandit Mask
/use Avenging Blades
/use Netherweave Bracers
/use Netherweave Belt

The Dusts that I listed above are essential to level up enchanting. Every enchanter will need a lot of those when leveling up, so keep them up expensive. For all these Dusts I recommend stack sizes of 5,10,20.

20 will most likely be too expensive for the average enchanter and they will buy them in stacks of 5 or 10  as few as possible. Since most players seem to level up their professions in raid free time I’d recommend having those up on AH from friday to tuesday.

Infinite Dust, as it provides the best enchants, sell all the time I strongly suggest having Infinite Dust up all days. However Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday/Monday are the best days to sell those.

Players are lazy, they do not like to buy and retrieve single dusts and if they buy too many they have no idea what to use them for. This is were we make our profit. It seems that palyers rather buy 8 dusts for 42g than 20 for 60g. Most enchants require stacks of 2/4/6/8/10/12 Infinite Dust so you should supply plenty of those.


Essences are similar to Dusts, but some related tipps here:

I am putting up lesser essences in stacks of 10 only and greater essences in stacks of 1,5,10

For Greater Cosmic Essences I recommend stack sizes of 1/2/4/6/8/10.

Btw, Greater Eternal Essences turn into Lesser Eternal Essences (yes, I felt this was necessary to say). I am selling lesser Eternal Essences for 9g each while there are often Greater Eternal Essences up for 9g. The recipes below 300 require Leser Eternal Esences and it seems when leveling up enchanting, that people take the recipes too literally.

And here is what it looks like, when you collect your income (50 mails limit):


Don’t sell your stuff too cheap, you can have the materials on ah forever at no cost and eventually they will sell.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your sales!


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