It has been a blast!

You probably wondered why I haven’t posted about World of Warcraft in a while. The simple truth is that my motivation has been steadily declining with the lack of updates and content. Just do the math, from November ’11 to Sept’12 that is 10 months and fees without new content …

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Crazy Sales

I know people are always doubting if my business model in wow really works. What I am doing it to keep stuff at a high price at the auction house and never undercut anyone. In fact my prices are often 5-8 times higher than normal and people often write me nice mails that I am crazy … but what can I say … it works!

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Total Gold Acquired: February 2011, 2 000 000 Gold

Lots of Gold!

Lately I have been repeatedly asked if I already breached the 2 million total gold acquired mark. As you may know I specialize in overpricing stuff and prefer to sell 1 auction for 100 gold, than 2 for 50 gold. It is not the quick sale I am aiming at, but the lazy, unprepared customer who doesn’t care a lot what he pays for and wants item xy right NOW.
The launch of Cataclysm has given my price model a huge boost, even expensive materials do not seem expensive compared to some of the normal prices we see these days, at least on Ravencrest.

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Total Gold Acquired: October 2010, 1 400 000 Gold

Lots of Gold!Happy Birthday Achievement System! It has been introduced exactly 2 years ago with the Pre-Wrath of the Lich King Patch. Aside new talents the new Achievements were highly anticipated. Countless achievements, have popped up since then.

A rather interesting feature is the statistics tab under achievements. It is a fine summary on your character’s stats and makes it very easy to track your gold flow.

People know that I made a lot of gold andare curious about the amount of gold I currently have. It is not as easy to say and thus I sum up the grand total once in a while.

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Total Gold Acquired: August 2010

Lots of Gold!It has been a while since the last summary. Concedingly I slacked with auctions, lost mats worth a 100-200k in expired mails on Magtheridon and Ravencrest. In addition there was the Lich King progression, soccer championship, hot summer, etc. Once you get to a point where gold becomes pointless it is becoming increasingly difficult to be motivated to have auctions up, etc 😀

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Total Gold Acquired: March 2010

Lots of Gold!It has been a while since the last report and as you can easily see, I slacked. There is no real use for anymore gold and it doesn’t make much sense to use so much time on the auction house.

I have cut down massively posting glyphs and enchanting mats, sparing me 3000 auctions per 48 hours. On the other hand it means that even doing only minimal AH Business it is merely impossible to not gain masses of gold these days. Often I am even to lazy to relog alts to send materials and rather buy them expensive on the auction house.

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Total Gold Acquired: November 09

It has been a little over 1 year that wotlk and the achievement system came live now. With all the 10 raids instances a week on 2 characters cost a lot of time, the summary is a little late this month, but here is the 2 monthly Total Gold Acquired overview.

cash_200911(note: the picture is quite big, give it some moments to load)

Summary November 2009:

  • Total gold acquired: 800713 g
  • Average gold earned each day: 2149 g
  • Gold looted: 80222 g
  • Gold from Quest rewards: 56708 g
  • Gold earned from auctions: 660548 g
  • Auctions posted: 377604

I shifted my sales a bit, as you can see from the previous post

Here are the changes since the last post:

  • Daisan: +72655 g
  • Exorial: +18730 g
  • Slanty: +1722 g
  • Gregorius: + 49650 g
  • Myrddin: + 100530g
  • Finewares: +15433 g
  • Myrddin, V2: + 25552 g

As you can see I mainly focused on Daisan and Gregorius for income, basically only enchanting Materials. glyphs are a nice income, but it just takes too much time to put all the glyphs up all the time. Also parking my alts in instances for BRD and Scarlet Monastery summons did not really boost sales. I logged my Myrddin (the orc shaman) on Magtheridon only 3-4 times the past few months, it is really too easy to make gold there.

Even now, with the recent disenchanting changes, there is still lots of profit to make with Infnite Dust and other enchanting materials. The buy cheap, sell expensive tactic is still working like a charm.

Earning Gold: Blues, Epic

Generally I like to avoid selling Blues and Epics, because I find it rather difficult to find the balance between making most profit and getting people to buy my auctions. Also the pure profit is usually much lower than selling for example Glyphs.

Basically the same principle I am using for Enchanting Materials and Gylphs works on Blues/Epics/Gems aswell. I don’t ever undercut people, since their auctions will sell and then I am selling mine for much more profit.

But putting up 5000 Blue Items of the same kind doesn’t really make sense to me. Lets look at an example here:


Some Seller has 18 Auctions of Runed Scarlet Rubies up and is by far more expensive than the others above him. Each ruby has a 2.7g auction fee, summing up 48.6 gold. so each 48 hours he loses 1 of his rubies just to finance his auctions. Imo it makes no sense, to put that much rubies on AH, they are expensive and most people most likely use epic gems now anyhow.

By putting up up only 4-5 of these he will sell as much and cut his costs effectively thus raising his profits.

The strategy I am working on my other Auctions, to put up many expensive auctions doesn’t really work well with anything that costs a high auction fee. You can sell stuff expensive, but you have to watch competition a bit closer.

  • For example you can add competitors to your friend list and wait till they put something on ah, then check their pricing.
  • Put up smaller amounts and check more frequently to resupply.

Blue and epic shoulders, chests and weapons will hardly sell as good as they did before heirloom items.  People that buy these items now are most likely new players on your realm and they hardly have tons of gold to spend.

Plate items in general sell quite well, most likely due to the huge amount of paladins/dk’s we see this expansion. Those classes are looking especially for Strength/Crit Items, which makes „of the Soldier“ greens and blues quite valuable.

Mail and Leather „of the Bandit“ Items are used by Feral Druid, Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, Hunter. These are usually better itemized than the Quest rewards you run across. Especially since quest rewards do not get changed even if classes get major changes (Shamans and Retribution Paladins for example)

Total Gold Acquired: September 09

As each 2 months it is time for the Total Gold Acquired (tga) summary. I’ll list up the Characters and the niches they are earning gold with.

Total Gold Acquired: September 2009, 516441g

Daisan, Level 80 Paladin

This one started out as Alternate char to farm old instances (mostly to farm Zul’Gurub for Mounts). For that reason she has „high looted gold“ (considering she is a newb Level 80).
Daisan is also selling old enchanting materials (Dream Dust, Illusion Dust, Greater Eternal Essences, Large Brilliant Shards and lower), popular glyphs, cooking recipes and the like.

TGA: 54127g

Exorial, Level 80 retired DK

This char was planned to become what Daisan is now. An alt to farm zg, etc … But I found DK’s realyl unflexible and not fun to play, so I retired her as soon as she hit 80.
Exorial is selling epics, blues, profession recipes, basically everything that costs high ah fees.

TGA: 80350g

Slanty, retired Mace Rogue

Slanty is my Scribe. He is selling nothing but glyphs ( 34.50g bid & 39.50g buyout) and all inks ( 5.25g & 5.75g).

TGA: 77418g

Gregorius, paused Warlock

Arcane Dusts and Infinite Dusts are his only business.

TGA: 69015G

Myrddin, World’s Best Enhancement Shaman (just kidding!)

As you can easily see Myrddin is my Main Char. With 46000 g looted and more dailies than on the other characters. We used to farm Kazzak, Doomwalker, Magtheridon, Outdoor Dragons, Zul’Gurub, Ahn’Qiraj, Onyxia, Karazhan and the like to get our looted gold up fast.

TGA: 80945g


Finewares was my original sales character. I prefer to have sales on other characters than my main to avoid the whispers of players that want you to sell stuff cheaper, etc. But at one time Finewares just had no more capacity for all the materials. right now he sells only Greater Planar Essences and Greater Cosmic Essences.

TGA: 90131g

Myrddin, V2!

Magtheridon seems to be a pretty good sales test environment. High Population PvE, highly PvE advanced Realm. I started this Orc Shaman about 1.5 years ago. Secretly I would like to reroll another Shaman as the old Myrddin gets somewhat old, but I’d never leave Borked Guild, the best Guild in the world! So he ended up as Test Char for crazy AH Tests. I hardly pla yhim anymore though, so there is hardly any profit worth mentioning. He sells everything mentioned above, enchanting materials + glyphs.

TGA: 64455g

Summary:  At September 09 I am at roughly 516 441 total gold acquired since the introduction of the achievement system. This is roughly 120 000g more since July. Don’t forget 300 000 auctions posted since 3.0 translate into 100 hours spent alone to retrieve mail in the best possible case, due to the 50 mail per 60 seconds limit.

There are several posts about the strategies used to get this done in the earning gold category. More posts to cover all aspects of my moneymaking will follow as I have time to write things down. I am sure you’ll find some useful advice or some tipps for your own auctions!

Earning Gold: Enchanting Materials (Dust, Essence)

earning gold sold high level mats

Most of my ingame fortune comes from enchanting materials. The best thing about them is that there is no auction fee to put them up.

Using the Auction house as free of charge storage was actually how I got into the Auction House (AH) business. I put up the mats at 3 times the cost. I figured noone would buy stuff at that cost and if they would it would not be all that bad after all.

The odd thing that happened then was that people bought my mats anyhow. I got more mats from the AH and put them up expensive and they sold again.

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