Total Gold Acquired: October 2010, 1 400 000 Gold

Lots of Gold!Happy Birthday Achievement System! It has been introduced exactly 2 years ago with the Pre-Wrath of the Lich King Patch. Aside new talents the new Achievements were highly anticipated. Countless achievements, have popped up since then.

A rather interesting feature is the statistics tab under achievements. It is a fine summary on your character’s stats and makes it very easy to track your gold flow.

People know that I made a lot of gold andare curious about the amount of gold I currently have. It is not as easy to say and thus I sum up the grand total once in a while.


2 Year Breakdown

This seems like the perfect day for some math. As you may know, half the blog is about gold and farming. I enjoy making gold, not that I really need any more gold, I actually enjoy the process. It keeps me motivated to run Molten Core even for the 100th time or makes me idle in idle in Zul’Gurub or SMV waiting for Doomwalker to spawn.

As half- messy I hardly ever throw stuff away and at some point I find someone needing the items I gathered little by little and can make a huge pile of gold. If you are persistent enough you can make most things more valuable than most players expect.

Zul’Gurub Coins and Bijous for example, gathered them one by one each run and stockpiled 70-90 bijous of each color and 200+ coins. While  I usually prefer to keep those things because one day I NEED them, the announcement of ZG removal turned them into pure gold.

As you can see I split up the sales to different characters, nothing is worse than getting whispers by people that do not want to pay your price and even isnult you when you don’t want to give them free stuff. Also it is not really an advantage if you suddenly have 5000 expiring auctions while raiding 😀

Summary 2010 10 15

Total Gold Acquired

  • Myrddin: 270 732 Gold
  • Daisan: 446 946 Gold
  • Gregorius: 154 691 Gold
  • Finewares: 154 838 Gold
  • Exorial: 115 165 Gold
  • Slanty: 116 760 Gold
  • Katya: 7 032 Gold
  • Myrddin (Magtheridon): 101 849 Gold
  • Stormfront: 33 336 Gold

Total: 1 401 349 Gold acquired

As you can see Myrddin has negative statistic and Daisan is back to positive values now. Once you breach 214k gold and you earn 1 gold more the number changes to -214k gold. Each additional gold gain you rise up to 0 and then again to positve values. You can check Daisan int eh previous Total Gold Acquired Posts, he was at -34k the last time.


Daisan 18946 G + 214 000 + 214 000 = 446 946 Gold

In December 2009 I started a new test with Stormfront, basically starting gaining gold with no outside help on a new realm. After having gained 30 000 gold ina  few weeks I pretty much abandonded the project though, with that much pocket money you can start nearly everything.

Anyway here is the Statistic Breakdown

  • Average gold earned per day: 2 080 G
  • Gold looted: 176 266 G
  • Gold from quest rewards: 76 734 G
  • Gold earned from auctions: 1 138 800 G
  • Auctions posted: 655979

If you consider that it takes 60 seconds at least toretrieve 50 mails, then you’ll realize that there is much persistence involved.

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