Patch 4.0.1 Feedback

Enhancement DPS SaurfangIt has been a good 2 resets that we could test the new 4.0 content and one thing has become clear. Enhancement DPS definitely went down. During the first reset I was a bit disappointed to see, despite the new abilities and the new hard hitting Lava Lash, tha tI lost a good 1-2k DPS. At first I blamed screwed up rotaion and similar silly mistakes for it, but with this weeks reset and a lot more practice it has become evident that we indeed lost a good chunk of dps.

I recall Blizzard promises when they first announced the changes for 4.0 – „Your DPS will NOT GO DOWN“, but in fact all Melee classes took a big hit the first 1-2 days.
We had our Warriors, who did 18-20k DPS prepatch, doing less 10k dps and then 1 day later after a massive uproar in the Forum were back to their prepatch dps, maybe even a bit higher. This Fix also gave Retribution Paladins and Feral Cats, who are at 22-23k DPS in their BIS gear now btw, some buffs. Leaving us pretty alone at the lower end of the DPS Meter.

Not enough Feedback

Unfortunately they pretty much kiled the European Shaman Forums a while back and there was little to no complaints about the matter. Even on other Forums it is rather quiet and you need to be actively looking for more information on the subject. This makes it highly unlike that we will see any kind of buff soon and Blizzard si probably very content that they finally got the whiny shaman crowd quiet 😀

I have once more cancled my Account, like I always do when I am not content with Shaman Buffs. I am pretty sure the European Team sends a cancled account summary each week. Unfortunately $$$ is the only thing Blizzard understands since Bobby K. took this project into his greedy claws. It is no problem to reactivate your account if you see fit, like I’ll do in 1 month 😀 It nevertheless sends out a sign to Blizzard.

Other than that I really like the 4.0 Patch, the class is more fluent to play – don’t forget we will get unleash weapon to fill gaps. Unleash Wind on Beta stacks up MSW pretty fast for us, then adding the damage the ability does it does indeed look better at 85.

Patch 4.0.3, Level 85

We raided Twilight Bastion on Beta last night, the first 2 Bosses. On the first boss I did relatively low damage, mostly due to the massive whirlwind and the „AoE“ Phase though. Also offhealing and a healing rain here or there (each heal costs about 15-20k damage, that I can’t cast) paid its tribute. Lets see if I can find a recount Screenshot.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker Enhancement Shaman DPS

As you can see, I did lowest dps, but more due to the nature of the fight. Searing Totem did a nice 2600 dps 😀

Bear in mind, the wonderful Blizzard Guy who decided to give Enhancement Shamans Strength Weapons (no joke!!!!) did his part to bork the meter aswell.  It is a typical sign on how much Blizazrd people are even aware of Shaman needs 😀 Also I just used standard available enchants (haste instead of ap for weapons e.g.) and other quick and dirty fixes to get the raid going asap.

The second fight is a Single Target fight – only 1 of 2 Dragons is up at the same time and I performed much better there. Ghost Wolf is really nice to escape „Void Zone“-like effects and searing totem stacks up charges when you are kiting so you can lava lash the dragon as you get back to it. Also being able to unleash weapon and shock while running from stuff is definitely a nice advantage.

Theralion Valiona

Don’t have a recount from the encounter, but I did pretty well. Too bad that we killed the dragon while he was flying over the Lava. The doors did not open and we could not go on :-/

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