Total Gold Acquired: February 2011, 2 000 000 Gold

Lots of Gold!

Lately I have been repeatedly asked if I already breached the 2 million total gold acquired mark. As you may know I specialize in overpricing stuff and prefer to sell 1 auction for 100 gold, than 2 for 50 gold. It is not the quick sale I am aiming at, but the lazy, unprepared customer who doesn’t care a lot what he pays for and wants item xy right NOW.
The launch of Cataclysm has given my price model a huge boost, even expensive materials do not seem expensive compared to some of the normal prices we see these days, at least on Ravencrest.

Total Gold Acquired February 2011

As you can see at the Summary below, the new solo abilities of my Enhancement Shaman provide a great income. At times I ahve 6500 gold looted per 7 days. Doomwalker, Kazzak, Black Temple, Magtheridon, Serpentshrine Cavers, Tempest Keep, Molten Core, Zul Aman, Karazhan provide a huge source of Gold looted for relatively small effort. Add in a few epics to vendor and the occasionl recipe (have one on ah for 30k gold atm) makes it quite worth the effort!

Another thing I have been doing regularly is daily quests for guild xp and gold as side effect.

Also I find it kind of interesting to see that Glyphs sell much better still than I could ever have imagined with the 4.0 Glyph System. Of course Blackfallow Ink is expensive, but I made all my Glyphs before the change and still earn a good 5k a week jsut by selling my old stocks. Illusion Dusts / Greater Eternal essences seem to have turned into decent money makers and the market seems to be pretty much dry at all times.

My 11000 remaining Infinite dusts haven’t sold that well, yet. But I suppose I’ll be able to sell them „soon“ as their price combined with cosmic essences and dream shard is slowly starting to rise.

Anyway enough for that, here are the updated stats. don’t forget Daisan and Myrddin breached the 214748 g mark, after which the gold amount turns to -214748g and slowly rises up to 0 and then displays as normal. Myrddin is listed at 170307 total gold acquired, meaning 214748 + 214748+ 170307 = 599803g, from previous posts you can easily verify that. The same goes for Daisan who adds up having 534885 total gold acquired. Finewares, my original sales alt, is 700g short from breaking the display, too.

Total gold acquired per character

  • Myrddin: 599 803 g
  • Daisan: 534 885 g
  • Gregorius: 180 858 g
  • Slanty:  157949 g
  • Katya: 31 835 g
  • Exorial: 121 781 g
  • Finewares:  214 002 g
  • Myrddin – Magtheridon, Horde: 103 707 g
  • Stormfront – Ravencrest, Horde: 53 825 g

Total gold acquired: 1 998 645 g

By the time I finished polishing up this post I probably breached the 2 million 😀  Also you’ll notice some chars missing, Pathfinder for example my 85 druid alt, since he earned only 12k  and is below the 30k gold threshold. Also I was busy in playing the auction house before the achievement system came live.

Here is a screenshot statistic tabs:

Statistic Breakdown

  • Total gold acquired: 1 998 645 g
  • Average gold earned per day: 2 469 g
  • Gold looted: 217 310 g
  • Gold from quest rewards: 102 858 g
  • Gold from auctions: 1 667 167 g
  • Total auctions posted: 750 051

The last summary has been done on october 15th, 128 days ago and I made 597 296 gold isnce then, 4666g/day on average.

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