Earning Gold: Blues, Epic

Generally I like to avoid selling Blues and Epics, because I find it rather difficult to find the balance between making most profit and getting people to buy my auctions. Also the pure profit is usually much lower than selling for example Glyphs.

Basically the same principle I am using for Enchanting Materials and Gylphs works on Blues/Epics/Gems aswell. I don’t ever undercut people, since their auctions will sell and then I am selling mine for much more profit.

But putting up 5000 Blue Items of the same kind doesn’t really make sense to me. Lets look at an example here:


Some Seller has 18 Auctions of Runed Scarlet Rubies up and is by far more expensive than the others above him. Each ruby has a 2.7g auction fee, summing up 48.6 gold. so each 48 hours he loses 1 of his rubies just to finance his auctions. Imo it makes no sense, to put that much rubies on AH, they are expensive and most people most likely use epic gems now anyhow.

By putting up up only 4-5 of these he will sell as much and cut his costs effectively thus raising his profits.

The strategy I am working on my other Auctions, to put up many expensive auctions doesn’t really work well with anything that costs a high auction fee. You can sell stuff expensive, but you have to watch competition a bit closer.

  • For example you can add competitors to your friend list and wait till they put something on ah, then check their pricing.
  • Put up smaller amounts and check more frequently to resupply.

Blue and epic shoulders, chests and weapons will hardly sell as good as they did before heirloom items.  People that buy these items now are most likely new players on your realm and they hardly have tons of gold to spend.

Plate items in general sell quite well, most likely due to the huge amount of paladins/dk’s we see this expansion. Those classes are looking especially for Strength/Crit Items, which makes „of the Soldier“ greens and blues quite valuable.

Mail and Leather „of the Bandit“ Items are used by Feral Druid, Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, Hunter. These are usually better itemized than the Quest rewards you run across. Especially since quest rewards do not get changed even if classes get major changes (Shamans and Retribution Paladins for example)

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