Call of the Crusade, Pirate Day and Brewfest!

The past weeks I haven’t been very actively updating since the heroic modes of Call of the Crusade became available. Basically we farm Ulduar 10/25, VoA 10/25, ToC 10/25 normal on Alt and Main Characters.

The bright side of it all that we get, including the Heroic Daily, 79 Emblem of  Triumph per reset and most of us have the T9 4 piece bonus now and we can hopefully get Anub’arak on 25 (heroic) soon.

Pirate Day has started so you might like to visit Booty Bay and talk to Captain Demeza next to the Horde Flight Point on top of the Booty BayBank for „The Captain’s Booty“ which is required for „What a long, strange Trip it’s been!„. You’ll get a 12 hour Buff to look like a pirate!


Also tonight the Brewfest will start. There are lots of Achievements and dailies to do, especially to farm the mount in BRD. If you want to do me a special service do a /spit on Ipfelkofer Ironkeg at the Ironforge Brewfest, trust me he deserves it!

If you want a full sumamry of dailies and things to do at the Brewfest you might like to check out WoWhead. In any case don’t forget to move your alts to BRD to farm Coren Direbrew over and over for his mount! I’ll give more information tonight, when we started. Last Year’s farming looked like this:

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