Total Gold Acquired: August 2010

Lots of Gold!It has been a while since the last summary. Concedingly I slacked with auctions, lost mats worth a 100-200k in expired mails on Magtheridon and Ravencrest. In addition there was the Lich King progression, soccer championship, hot summer, etc. Once you get to a point where gold becomes pointless it is becoming increasingly difficult to be motivated to have auctions up, etc 😀


Ok, how much is it?

As you can see Myrddin and Daisan have negative statistic values now. Once you breach 214k gold and you earn 1 gold more the number changes to -214k gold
Then each gold increased the number back to 0.

If you look at Daisan he gained 214k and then from -214k to -34k = 394k gold.

Here is a screenshot of the latest sales:

Summary August 2010:

  • Total gold acquired: 1 289 315g (old 966109g)
  • Average gold earned each day: 2 045g (old 1964g)
  • Gold looted: 162 266g(old 112020g)
  • Gold from Quest rewards: 74 324g (old 65175g)
  • Gold earned from auctions: 958 821g (old 783381g)
  • Auctions posted: 551 410 (old 463689)

As you can see I mostly improved on looting gold. I kind of got tired of all the spam in Dalaran, so I decided to camp in SMV, and just look out for Doomwalker, Kazzak and Azuregos.

I have completely abandonded Glyphs since it just takes forever to put them up and retrieve the mails. Likewise I started to slack with Infinite Dust since it takes equally long to auction them.
The amount of gold I have now makes it kind of pointless to put a lot of effort in earning more and I focus on lucrative stuff only.

You can find the summary for March here.

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