Some Preparations for the Launch

Stood in the FireCataclysm will be launched within a few hours, most players wait with anticipation for midnight. But what can you do till then?


Stood in the Fire!

Seems like deathwing has a thing for Wetlands and Plaguelands, the past 4 days he hit wetlands each day on Ravencrest. If you are going to idle anyhow, try to do it there and you might get a shot at the Achievement!

Fix your macros!

Weapon Imbues

Windfury on leftclick; Flametongue on rightclick

/cast [mod:shift][btn:2]Flametongue Weapon;[nomod]Windfury Weapon;[mod:alt]Frostbrand Weapon;[mod:ctrl]Earthliving Weapon

Feral Spirit and DBM

If you have Deadly Boss Mods installed you can get a nice timer bar for your wolves with this macro. A rightclick will cast Spirit Hunt.

/cast Feral Spirit
/cast [button:2] Spirit Walk
/dbm timer 00:29 Feral-Spirit End!
/dbm timer 01:59 Feral-Spirit CD

Shamanistic Rage and DBM

Nice bars for Shamanistic Rage if you have deadly boss mods installed. You can leave out the /use Trinket1 part.

#showtooltip Shamanistic Rage
/cast [nobtn:2] Shamanistic Rage
/dbm timer 00:15 Shamanistic Rage End!
/dbm timer 00:59 Shamanistic Rage CD
/use Trinket1

Ghostwolf and Mounts

  • left click: Ghost Wolf
  • right click: mount, depending on conditions
  • right click + ctrl: Mekgineer’s Chopper (for these special moments!)
  • right click + alt: Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth (if you need a repair!)
  • right click + shift: force flying mount (for wintergrasp, which is tagged as noflyable)
#show Ghost Wolf
/use [noform,nomounted,nobtn:2]Ghost Wolf
/cancelform [form]
/dismount [mounted]
/userandom [mod:ctrl]Mekgineer's Chopper;[mod:alt]Traveler's Tundra Mammoth;[flyable][mod:shift]Mimiron's Head;Crimson Deathcharger,Invincible,Raven Lord

Flame Shock & Earth Shock

This will cycle Flame Shock, Earth Shock, Earth Shock when I am in spec 1 and Frost Shock in spec 2 (guess which is my pvp spec). In addition it will cast wind shear on the current target.

/castsequence [spec:1] reset=target12 Flame Shock,Earth Shock,Earth Shock;[spec:2] Frost Shock
/cast Wind Shear

Fishing and Stormstrike

For these moments when you get ganked while fishing peacefully 😀 If you get into combat and have a fishing pole equipped then this will equip your weapons and cast stormstrike and toggle autoattacks. The itemid can be used aswell as the actual name of a weapon.

/equipslot [worn:Fishing Poles,combat] 16 Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings
/equipslot [worn:Fishing Poles,combat] 17 item:50737:3789
/cast [worn:Fishing Poles] Fishing
/stopmacro [worn:Fishing Poles]
/cast Stormstrike

Discover the entrance to blackrock caverns

Go to blackrock mountain and discover the entrance to BRC, which lies right below Blackrock Spire/Blackwing Lair and you will be able to queue for it right away.


As posted here you can get 26 quests to cash in right away when cataclysm goes live!

Flasks, Food, Gems, Enchants

Leveling will go much smoother if you use up those consumables you banked away. The Cataclysm consumables will be so much better that the remaining flasks will be useless 😀

Also in Deepholm you will start to replace your items and weapons . Having some replacement gems and enchants will make them even better.

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