State of Enhancement!

Shaman Healing Rain UtilityDon’t you love Enhancement Shaman now? The past weeks before Cataclysm were pretty much a downer for us. Very low dps – compared to other classes – and lots of breaks ibetween abilities. I saw a good bunch of players abandon the class, despite pinting out that Unleash Elements would give us a lot more of the TBC glory back.


<3 Enhancement!

At least for now I totally enjoy Enhancement Shaman, can’t really say with certainy if we aren’t a bit overpowered, but looking at dps in normal and especially heroic instances we seem to have arrived in the upper parts of damage meters.

Right now we can play out our abilities as hybrid better than ever, being able to sacrifice some dps to help heal a player or even place an aoe heal in tricky phases seems to be a big plus. We can cc, interrupt, place that winning heal, use our cd in heavy damage phases, give proper heroism (honestly did you meet a mage yet that did not cast heroism at the worst possible occasions?) and do not totally suck on meters!

This patch made me a happy goat so far! The only thing I feel sorry about are the players that abandonded the class a tiny bit too early.

Myrddin Real First Shaman

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    1. Not really, but I do up to 15-16k DPS on Bosses in heroics and 12k average over the instance (even while offhealing). I tried to avoid numbers since I am not sure how much they mean at the moment. Could just be a bit better gear or better scaling, but at the moment it looks really nice.

    1. I couldn’t play dwarf, if it was the ebst race in the game. Always found them annoying in books, movies, etc 😀
      While the ability to get rid of poisons and diseases is nice, especially after the nerf, and also the expertise using some weapons, I think that the general +hit from draenei is nice, too. don’t thinkt he difference is that big to actually make a big diference.

  1. Just a question about your rotation:

    With different cooldowns on Unleash Elements and the time Flame Shock is up, at one point in a long fight you’d either have to leave the target with no flameshock for a while or do a flameshock without the +20% fire dmg.

    Which do you choose or how do you deal with that? thanks.

  2. So what’s your priority list now?
    Unleash Element (as you are approaching mob)
    Flameshock (as you are approaching mob)
    drop totems

    (In combat)
    Flame shock/ Earthshock
    Unleash Elements
    Feral Spirit

    1. Yep, that is pretty much it. I’d rate Unleash a lot higher though, sinc eit brings so much haste and increases the flame shock damage by 20%. So you’d like it at least above shocks.

  3. If you can flame shock use UE. LL with searing flames seems to be our hardest hitter otherwise so I would prioritize it over stormstrike and MW. Then MW, then Ss, then ES.

    1. As said before, if you use Lava Lash over Stormstrike and both are off CD then they will clip each other again due to different cd’s. Hence I’d use SS over LL in that scenario.

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