Cataclysm: Peparation, 25 Dailies to boost XP

cataclysm prep questmapIf you plan to  get to Level 85 as fast as possible you will most likely want to stock up quests to turn in. Once the XP gain is activated on December 7th you will be able to have a nice bunch of xp waiting for you.

A lot of things changed on the PTR, quests like „Sealed Vial of Poison“, „Damaged Necklace“, „XXX  Must Die!“ weekly raid quest no longer yield XP.

These selected quests will bring you roughly 35%-40% into Level 80 with minimal travel time.

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Burning Crusade approaching

Well now its the last days before the Burning Crusade. Blizzard states that You may want to reactivate Your Accounts before the January 16th 2007, because it is most likely that the Account Management Servers will be unreachable with all the players that want to upgrade their Account to Burning Crusade.

Here in Germany I see no big hype about the coming of the expansion. The Markets seem well prepared, most players I know preordered the game online and hope for a fast delivery on the 16th. Since I somehow failed to preorder I started checking the local stores for the Expansion Burning Crusade. A big chain of German Electronic Stores "Media Markt" here in Mainz ordered 800 copies. You can already buy a packacge of the Expansion now and then change it on the 16th for the real Box.

I have failed to find, yet a store around Mainz, Bad Kreuznach, Bingen, Wiesbaden (the German Area where I live) that will offer a midnight sale for WoW, or a store that will let me have the box on the 15th, like that great Store in Duesseldorf that helped me at the launch of World of Warcraft.

Another issue is, that I am still lacking Internet. I just got my new login information and password, the hardware but the line is not, yet connected. This is the reason I am writing here now. Currently I am surfing via Cell Phone, but its much too unstable to actually play World of Warcraft. There is a lot of packet loss and interruptions and I am giving the UMTS Card away today.

I hope I will be back at the 16th with a stable, working Deutsche Telekom connection and a brandnew copy of Burning Crusade in my hands. Take care and good luck with your own copy.