Brewfest Ram Racing

ram racing walkthroughTo get the most out of the daily Brewfest Ram Racing you need to ride at full speed all the time. If you haven’t noticed there are these Apple Kegs at certain Points that will remove your fatigue. So basically you can ride full speed all the timeand each time you complete your delivery you get 30 seconds bonus time. If you follow the path below you will use 40 seconds for delivery, so you can do basically around 24 rounds = 48 Brewfest Prize Token.


Alliance Ram Racing

Just use the first Apple Keg left of the bridge to reset your fatigue:


It will reset your fatigue to 0 and you can keep riding at full speed. When you reach the Keg turn towards the hill the arrow points to, if you ride the direct way you’ll reach Keg #2 with 90-95 fatigue.


As I said, straight over the hill.


There is no need to ride all the way to the guy, he will throw the item to you right when you enter the marked area, and you will see a „received“ message in your chat. Turn around and continue at full speed to Keg #2.


When you reach the Keg #2, your fatigue will reset and you can go on with full speed to turn in. On the way back just take Keg #3 to be save!


Now go on full speed to deliver! As before there is no need to ride all the way back, you can turn around where I drew the line below.


Then just do the same as above. As you can see it is really easy to do this full speed and get many many coins. Good luck 🙂

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